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Why I Can No Longer Support “Citizen Sarah”

It would be difficult to dispute the fact that “Citizen Sarah” Palin is one of the most effective voices in conservatism today…the evidence speaks for itself.

On issue after issue…from healthcare to national security to quantitative easing, Citizen Sarah has “led from the front”, presenting a stark contrast between herself and media proclaimed frontrunners such as Romney or Pawlenty.

For the midterm elections, Rick Santorum rightly conceded she was THE endorsement candidates craved. And for good reason.  Her tireless resolve and fundraising heft resulted in an impressive list of wins on her electoral scorecard.

And she did it all without a title next to her name.

Yes…Citizen Sarah has been a powerful influence, a solid voice, a bold warrior and a centering presence for those of us who yearn for a smaller, smarter government that works for us.  Citizen Sarah inspired me (and no doubt countless others…an “army of Davids”) that I didn’t need to hold any kind of office to make a difference.  I didn’t need to have a title to work with my local tea party and lobby our representatives effectively.  I didn’t need to be anything other than who I was…an American who loves this Republic with everything in her…to effect positive change.

All that said, it is becoming increasingly clear that the time of Citizen Sarah is rapidly drawing to a close.

You see…while Citizen Sarah can make…and has made a difference, Citizen Sarah cannot affect public policy.

Citizen Sarah cannot cut the federal budget and dismantle the outrageous, intrusive regulatory scheme.

Citizen Sarah cannot shut down the offices of the long stream of Czars who work outside the scope of the Constitution.

Citizen Sarah cannot nominate Supreme Court Justices who will honor the original intent of the Constitution as opposed to revisionism and leftist theory.

Citizen Sarah cannot ensure our troops are being sent on missions with clear objectives for the right reasons.

Citizen Sarah cannot demonstrate to the world that we will stand by our friends and allies, nor can she make it clear to our enemies that we will not back down in the face of their intimidation.

Citizen Sarah cannot allay the concerns of freedom loving people around the world that they will find a friend in the United States.

Citizen Sarah cannot cut Obamacare off at the knees.

As we look at the challenges we face as a nation, both domestically and internationally, we can only conclude that Citizen Sarah does not have the ability to do what we need.

And so…I can no longer support Citizen Sarah Palin.

The time has come for a new face to take Citizen Sarah’s place…someone who can do all of the above and more… who will, with a healthy dose of reluctance yet with a fire in her belly, accept the call of leadership with a servant’s heart.

The time has come for President Palin to grace the stage.


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  • Dan C

    President Palin sounds great to me!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, this post gave me chills. Very well done!

  • Thesunshinequeen

    I agree, very well said.. in deed!!

  • Ray Smith

    Yes, we need her now more than we ever have needed anyone. And I know in my heart if we all stand together that we can send her to Pennsylvania Ave in January 2013.

  • Mary Beth Frey

    What a beautiful post! I pray that this finds its way to Sarah.
    Let me share something else that inspired me this week. This is what I was reading in preparation for my Bible study class.
    “Sarah is the most prominent woman in the Old Testament. She is called “Mother of God’s Chosen People,” Mother of the Faithful,” and “Mother of All Believers.” The New Testament points to Sarah as a shining example of faith and as a role model for Christian women.”
    I believe I know a present day Sarah who is also a shining example of faith and a role model for Christian women. God bless Sarah Palin.

    • Mary Beth House

      That’s beautiful, Mary Beth.

      And let me just add, I’m crazy about your name. ;)

  • Ax D WhiteMan

    The ball is in her court, it’s up to her to take the shot. I don’t think she’s going to do it, but only she knows for sure. Like I say, “She’s got the Whole World in Her Hands”

  • Anonymous

    Well written. And exactly right, too.

  • Danny Kelso

    I would love for Sarah Palin to become president. I’ve wanted America to disappear for a long time now. Watching it crumble with an imbecile at it’s helm would be… Simply divine.

    • Mary Beth House

      We already have an imbecile for a President. A complete incompetent. Unless you think he’s deliberately destroying our economy and standing in the world.

      Of course it could be both…that he’s deliberately destroying our republic AND is a complete moron.

    • Jsbell

      If Sarah does not win in 2012, you might get your wish.

  • Anonymous

    Amen !

  • Glenn

    I don’t doubt you mean well, but do you really think you know better than Sarah as to when she should declare? She’s been running for three years in the eyes of those of us who see her as the only conservative standard-bearer. I trust HER to formally announce when she perceives the time is right. And, equally, am totally confident she WILL! But, on HER and her family’s terms, not on the basis of some seeming “or else”. Otherwise, this is a beautifully written piece and simply and clearly states in no uncertain terms why we want Sarah to be our next President. Oh, and let’s surround her with a conservative House and Senate, too!

    • Mary Beth House

      No I agree with you. My article is in response to both Governor Palin, who’s said she doesn’t need a title to make a difference…and to various “conservative” commentators who think she should stay in the same role she’s been in for two years.

      The reality is that in order for her to affect the change we desperately need in order to restore our Republic, she will require a title. Citizen patriots can only go so far.

      So…when I’m talking about this being the time for her to transition from Citizen Sarah to something more, I’m talking about accepting the idea of taking on the role of President in the first place.

      The actual timeline…ie, whether it be this week or a month or two from now…is wholly in her hands and I’ll trust her to make the announcement when the time is right for her.

      • Glenn

        All points very well taken, Mary Beth – gosh, I’m so “protective” of the Clan Palin..I can’t bear the thought of losing that “shining city on a hill”.

    • Anonymous

      That is not what the person is saying. They are just anxious as are we all!!!

  • Anonymous

    great article. It would make a great speech. thanks for the rousing word that we all have a part to play as citizens. Also that Sarah has the executive skills to hold the highest office in America and in that place she could use her skills and economic common sense to keep America fro imploding like the Twin Towers.

  • Sthomasw317

    You’re crazy,Sarah can and WILL win she is a great American Patriot and the country needs her.No one will listen to this liberal jive!

    • Mary Beth House

      Hey Sthomas317…

      Did you read the article?

  • Jimmy Z Zulz

    Oh good God. Ms. Palin isn’t going to run. Do you think they’d like that bubbledheaded nitwit daughter of hers put out her trailer-trash book of yarns if she was going to run for PRESIDENT? Come on, you Palin-bots have got to start THINKING. And before you condemn me, I’m 100% conservative. I’m more conservative than even Palin herself – I would NEVER support John McCain.

    • Mary Beth House

      Your “concern” is noted.

      And why would anyone condemn you? Obviously you’re here for meaningful dialog, thus your use of the derogatory “Palinbot”.

      Can’t imagine why anyone would take offense at that.

    • Ron Brown

      Well Mr. Zulz… obviously to are a 100% conservative. You are just like all the other conservatives I know who use derogatory terms in personal attacks against others. “SARCASM”
      Good grief… Mr. Zulz. If you are going to try to make these types of cases you need to use a better disguised tactic.

    • Ron Brown

      Well Mr. Zulz… obviously to are a 100% conservative. You are just like all the other conservatives I know who use derogatory terms in personal attacks against others. “SARCASM”
      Good grief… Mr. Zulz. If you are going to try to make these types of cases you need to use a better disguised tactic.

    • Joe in Springfield

      Keep whistling past that graveyard, Jimmy. Lot of good it’ll do. And, BTW, since you’ve made such a big deal about being a big ol’ Christian (in other contexts – I keep my ear to the ground), how does your litany of name-calling fit in with the teaching of Jesus? Lotsa love, I can feel it man, you are the very image of Christ on earth, trash-talking brothers & sisters in Christ. Oh wait, er …

    • Nana55

      Bless your heart, you haven’t seen The Undefeated yet, have you Jimmy? :)

  • the truth teller

    sarah palin a true american patriot,australia had a shining political truth teller and in the election to stop her.labor and liberal gave each other preferences.first and only time in history.sarah palin .hold head up are not one of them.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, thank you for a great article

  • Carol Bishop


  • ComelyFederalist

    Nice article but she’s got to hurry. Bachmann is making me like her more than unimportant Palin.

    And this is from a minority who greatly admires and respects what she does; even claiming to vote for her if she decides to run [for months]. But I’m sorry, she’s not showing me anything to declare that she really wants to and is only making herself look self-centered when the rules don’t apply to her. She needs goals in her life and should start her own radio talk show host. There’s always room for conservative commentators.

    I’m sorry but that’s too much for me to accept. You either are born a leader, or you are born an American. And there’s not many who can lead in this world; let alone our country.

    PS: Bachmann ain’t afraid, RINO’s ain’t afraid, heck, even Herman Cain is not afraid. Is Sarah is? And from the looks of it, Gov Perry is definitely not afraid. Show me what you got, become a leader, not a cheerleader. At least do what you were destine to do. Don’t waste time. Sorry. God bless you and our country.

    “Vanity backbites more than Malice.”-Ben Franklin

    • Mary Beth House

      Palin delaying entry has nothing to do with fear and has everything to do with timing.

      Anyone who knows even the most basic information about Palin’s career knows she’s fearless.

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  • O.p. Ditch

    I too think it is time for President Palin to take the stage.

  • Jeannie Thayer




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