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Special thanks to Susan & Ray from O4P-CA’s essexandorange1773 for this fantastic new FREE download poster.

Now is the time to buckle down, keep your eye on the prize, register new O4P volunteers, show The Undefeated to everyone, and Keep Your Powder Dry.

(oh and GOOGLE: “Operation Fortitude“…Shhhhh)

Thomas S Schmitz

California State Coordinator Organize4Palin

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  • Anonymous

    So, Thomas, I googled Operation Fortitude two Sundays ago (10/2) and it made me think,”Hmm okay, wonder what that could be? I’ll wait patiently, keep my powder dry, etc.” And then on the evening of Oct 5th I thought, what about that tweet I got from O4P (TwoLegsGood) on Sunday? As you posted it I thought I might ask: Was that post conjecture or is that what all of this is about?

    I’m the General’s supporter all the way. The foot soldiers on the blogs are all out of sorts: now what?…all kinds of comments mostly trying to figure out what really happened…most don’t take the explanation @ face value. Are we still waiting for the real D-Day or has it come and gone on Oct 5th and OF was a speculation?



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