SarahNET Radio Interviews Steel-Spined Daria Novak for CT-2

This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: A woman fighting for us in Connecticut! Conservative candidate Daria Novak is here to talk about her run for Congress! Plus Bristol Palin and Todd Palin make a splash on reality TV, Ted Cruz mentions Sarah Palin during the Texas Senate debate, and Governor Palin’s Father’s Day wishes! Plus, Jerry Sandusky is convicted. We look back at Palin’s take on the Penn State predator. SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!

Novak said Connecticut is one of three states that have both a convention and a primary system, and she is currently in the primary. In 2010, she won the state convention, but lost the primaries by 20 votes per town, so she is making another run. “As you know, sometimes conservatives have to run again. I believe former President Reagan did that and he did just fine,” she said.

In 2010, the Republican Party endorsed Novak, but they have not endorsed her for 2012. Scholla said that not being endorsed by the GOP carries the downside of no access to GOP monies, but the most “Palinesque” candidates tend to run outside the party establishment, and thus do not have the endorsement.

Strong Conservative by Irreversible Core Values — Not a Political Position

“Well, you hit the nail right on the head. Here in Connecticut, we have party regulars [who] are trying to find ‘Party Lite’ and I’m not ‘Republican Lite.’ I’m a strong conservative and I’ve always have been. It’s not a political position. If I’m willing to bend and become liberal, sure I’d have their support, but the good thing is I have the support of the people of my district, and we’re seeing that in polls I’m doing extremely well.

As a matter of fact, in 2010 our gubernatorial candidate in this Congressional District won the vote….we have the votes here. And, now I’m seeing the people coming out of the woodwork. They’re just tired of what’s going on, and they’re telling me, ‘enough is enough. We don’t care if you’re the endorsed candidate or whether you’re ‘primarying.’ We’re supporting you.’ That’s what I need: the passion of the people.”

The Frederick Douglass Foundation is helping her campaign and, New Generation PAC has endorsed her. Novak is filling out forms with other conservative organizations to seek their endorsements.

A Strong Palin Supporter

Novak has been a Team Sarah member since early 2009 and has a Connecticut State group within Team Sarah. “We haven’t stopped. We believe in a conservative message here in Connecticut. We’re traditional New England, but the difference is: we are silent no more.” Sholla noted that Team Sarah always speaks highly of Novak from the Tweets and comments. “She and I agree on ideas. I mean one day my goal is to meet her. I’d love to interview her on the radio show that I have,” Novak said.

Novak said jobs and over-regulation of business are the over-arching issues in Connecticut.

“We’re finally coming awake and realizing that big government and over-regulation are putting a strangle-hold on the nation. The only way to do something about it is to stand up, come out, vote, volunteer, donate, or run for office. And, we’re seeing a resurgence of conservative candidates coming out in Connecticut, which is really good I think for the party, because now we can offer a different solution than what the Democrats have been offering us….which is more of the same and we’re rejecting it,” she said.

Scholla noted that electoral results for conservative Tea Party candidates have been mixed. Jamie Radke, Virginia and Greg Sowards, New Mexico lost their races. Others such as Anna Little in New Jersey, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, and “countless others” have won their primaries. Scholla asked Novak what the differences were between the successful and the failed candidates and if simply getting out and talking to voters was a factor.

“I think one of the differences, at least here in Eastern Connecticut is that we have a nuclear sub base in Groton, and the national defense industry here. In addition, as you move inland you have traditional industry and farming. It’s regular America. And what happens is, I have 64 towns in my district. I go out and walk with the people in my district. I go and talk to them. I sit in their living rooms. They’re tired of being fed lines and the one thing everybody always tells me is, ‘it is refreshing to hear you because you tell the truth.’ And, I’m not afraid to speak out. One radio host told me, ‘that within 30 seconds he knew what I was all about, because I would actually give him an answer.’ I think that’s what people in America are looking for today. Someone who is not afraid, not worried about whether they get elected but worried about what effects [the change they make] when they get in office.”

Novak is a fiscal conservative, pro-life, and pro-Constitution. “I read those three things on your Twitter page,” Scholla said, “and I say, ‘this is somebody we want to showcase and somebody we want to talk to.’” Novak has attended rallies for religious freedom, and pro-life summits. She stated again that this is “not a political position,” but part of who she is. Novak does not even write political speeches. She just speaks. “I tell my two teenagers, ‘if you don’t lie, you don’t have to worry about remembering the lie,’” she said. “I just tell the truth. I say the same thing in public and on the radio as I do at home and in private.” Her campaign manager presented Novak with red, white and blue boxing gloves for her 55th birthday. “There’s not a war on women. We’re women at war to save this country,” she said.

“These are the types of people we need to send to Washington, not these lifetime politicians who go there to use the perks for [themselves],” Scholla said.

Her website is Her primary is on August 14. She is seeking to raise money for ad purchases. Novak has not been endorsed by Gov. Palin, however, she is to be listed on the AGU Primary Candidates List within the next 24 hours.

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