.@AGUGrizzlies: Ground Report; “Retaking #CA in 2014″

On Saturday July 14, 2012 members of American Grizzlies United (AGU) attended the Retaking California in 2014 Action Meeting at the Hollywood Republican Women’s Club.

AGU was approached by concerned citizen activists to help with the promotion of the Action Meeting. We sent an invite out to our California ground team and the RSVP’s trickled in.

Our California volunteers tend to be a little less active than our volunteers in other states (ie. the recent victories in Wisconsin and Texas). Yet, we were still able to forward the event organizers an RSVP list of Californians fed up with the BS coming out of Sacramento.

Two of the AGU-CA volunteers who attended drove several hours to make the Action Meeting:

Since we couldn’t be with Sarah in Michigan we thought we’d drive down to see you guys here!” (It was GRRREAT to see AGU-CA volunteers that we hadn’t seen since last summer at the Machine Shed in Iowa!)

The Action Meeting was in a large room with a giant U shaped table equipped with agenda packets for Retaking California in 2014.

Everyone at the meeting agreed: In 2014, we must retake California from the Democrats.

Attendees were a broad spectrum of: Republicans, disenfranchised Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, patriotic Tea Party Americans, and (of course) a few members of the Whigs #GOPe.

The meeting started with former United States Senate Candidate Rick Williams introducing an agenda for Retaking California in 2014.

Rick talked about the need for sudden and relentless reform in California, and what needs to take place right now, so that in 2014 we can begin to get our state back on the right track.

Several former candidates spoke about their experience in taking a stand and running for office. These former candidates all possessed a bold sense of duty to serve the people of California.

Messaging was discussed.

Especially the need to brand our candidates as ready to enact sudden and relentless reform in California.

Newly elected Central Committee members were introduced.

And for one (not so brief) moment a man stood up and started some kooky green utopian fairy-tale gibberish about really fast trains. The kooky green man was asked to stop speaking and told that this meeting was not the place to discuss his really fast trains that will magically save California.

After the meeting there was time for attendees to schmingle.

AGU had some really sick SWAG (Stuff We All Get) to give-away. (The scrolls are mini posters from “The Undefeated“!)

NOTE: Special Grizzly thank you to AGU-CA Volunteer Valerie Patterson who is a local Los Angeles Urban Street Photographer & artist for donating her artistic printing skills!. And of course a very special Grizzly thank you to the AGU-CA Volunteers (Susan & Ray) up in San Francisco: essex&orange17732012 for their continued AH-MAH-ZING graphic contributions to AGU!)

It was so nice to speak to AGU-CA members who we talk to (digitally) on a regular basis but only see every once in a while at events.

California is at a tipping point, and now is the time for regular, everyday, hardworking, concerned citizens to come together to get this state back on track.

The rest of the country has a certain vision (thank you LSM) of what the people in California (and Hollywood) are all about. But here in California we know that our once golden state is still Reagan Country and because of an engaged citizenry, will rise again.

Aside from dog psychics, re-birthing coaches, cat therapists, chai-yok specialists, life coaches, and Gwyneth Paltrow; there are some completely normal people who live and work in Hollywood.

The Retaking California in 2014 Action Meeting was just the first of many meetings to come.

From pilgrims, to patriots, to hard working (legal) immigrants, our country will begin to get back on the right track.

Citizen by citizen, state by state, we will fundamentally RESTORE AMERICA!

Please get involved today. TEXT: PALIN to 90210

From coast to coast our engaged citizenry grows!

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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