.@AGUGrizzlies: GROUND REPORT; @SarahPalinUSA in #Michigan and Mr. July!

Last week American Grizzlies United (AGU) sent out an email blast to our Michigan volunteers, and volunteers in surrounding states for the Patriots in the Park with Sarah Palin event.

(Photo by Jim Hoover, American Vistas Photo ©2012)

Led by Michelle McCormick (AGU-TX), the AGU ground team got to work coordinating volunteers to support Governor Sarah Palin, and encourage others to get involved in the restoration of America.

AGU volunteers were sent digital packets containing images for sign making, AGU Sign-Up Sheets, and a memo about some of the dirty tricks the LSM uses to try to trick you into saying something they can use against you; and a few little tricks of our own to throw it right back into their lap-dog LSM faces.

Some of the ground reports are still trickling in, but we can we say without a doubt that the event was a total success!

Ryan Collmeyer of AGU-MO (who is Mr July in the new Sarah Palin 2013 Calender!) even got the former Alaska Governor to sign his calender for him!

It was a hot day in Michigan, but the dedicated AGU volunteers and concerned citizens in the crowd toughed it out. Talk about getting outside your comfort zones! (Let’s just say that sales of Aloe Vera in Michigan probably went up Saturday Night!)

(Photo by Jim Hoover, American Vistas Photo ©2012)

There is a sense of urgency brewing among the troops. We must restore America and the only way to do this is to elect a congress who is ready to enact sudden and relentless reform (and of course a new President ((#FourMoreMonths)) to sign the bills!)

AGU 2012 Primary Candidates

Here are some quotes from the AGU ground team in Michigan:

Justin Heilig, St. Louis, MO, 25 yrs:

“First of all, I was surprised at the size of the crowd. It was diverse spanning race, age, gender and sexual orientation. As opposed to the left’s version of an all white, angry Tea Party. Her speech was on message and all about our collective vision for America’s future. The event was oddly reminiscent of Indianola, especially when she went to the rope line and refused to leave her supporters even as security was telling her wrap it up. That was pretty awesome.”

Ryan Collmeyer, St. Louis, MO, 21 yrs:

“The excitement was surprisingly enthusiastic to me bc I didn’t expect that from a suburb of Detroit. It shows her widespread appeal. And I talked to several folks who all asked in surprise “Have you ever seen a person of this stature at a tea party event who stays as long as she did, signing posters, books, posing with people and just overall interacting with people?” I think it shows her gift of retail politics and showing people she genuinely appreciates their support.”

(Photo by Jim Hoover, American Vistas Photo ©2012)

As we said earlier, the AGU ground reports are still trickling in. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more pics and more ground details become available.

From coast to coast engaged citizens are ready to get America back on the right track. We know what is at stake this November. What will it be? The Party of Big Government or The Party of Freedom?

Please get involved now to ensure that we send a new congress to Washington DC. A new congress ready to undo the BS that Obama has done to us; so that we can move forward towards a prouder and prosperous America.

TEXT: PALIN to 90210

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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