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Sending common sense conservatives to both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate has been a major focus for American Grizzlies United this election cycle. Our candidate list is full of public servants ready to fight the permanent political class and enact sudden and relentless reform:

AGU 2012 Primary Candidate List

In her latest round of endorsements, Governor Sarah Palin threw her support behind one of AGU’s candidates (Sarah Steelman MO-US Senate) and introduced us to a new one (Sandy Adams FL-24 US House).

Just last week Sandy Adams talked to Kevin Scholla (AGU-PA) of SarahNET Radio. Click HERE for Sandy’s full radio interview with Kevin.

Ron Devito (AGU-NY) provided an excellent transcript highlighting Kevin’s interview on US4Palin HERE.

If you listen to Kevin’s interview or read Ron’s transcript it will be crystal clear why Sarah Palin endorsed Sandy Adams:

The lessons of service, the need for sudden and relentless reform, fighting crony capitalism, deficit control, repealing Obamacare (#ObamaTAX), and 2nd Amendments rights.

Learn more about Sandy Adams:

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Primary Date: August 14, 2012

To contribute to Sandy’s campaign: CLICK HERE

To get involved with Sandy’s campaign: CLICK HERE

(NOTE: You can also email our AGU-FL State Coordinator Amy; florida@organize4palin.com to help Sandy Adams!)

Yesterday Governor Palin endorsed Sarah Steelman for the U.S. Senate in Missouri.

Learn more about Sarah Steelman:

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Primary Date: Aug 07, 2012

To contribute to Sarah’s campaign: CLICK HERE

To get involved with Sarah’s campaign: CLICK HERE

(NOTE: You can also email our AGU-MO State Coordinator Justin; missouri@organize4palin.com to help Sarah Steelman)

Please join AGU in helping these candidates run grassroots campaigns the way all American campaigns should be run: contact by contact, neighbor by neighbor, taxpayer by taxpayer, homestead by homestead, and small business by small business.

Not lobbyist by lobbyist, powerbroker by powerbroker, crony by crony, and deal by deal.

Please get involved today in the restoration of America. Our country’s tipping point can be turned around. It can be turned around by you.

To donate to American Grizzlies United: CLICK HERE

Our work continues…

To register with AGU TEXT: PALIN to 90210 or CLICK HERE

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