Sarah Palin Radio Interviews 2010 Palin Endorsee Renee Elmers

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Rep. Renee Elmers for NC-2 in 2012 and she went on to defeat the seven-term incumbent Democrat. LaDonna Hale Curzon, host and executive producer Sarah Palin Radio had the Congresswoman on in 2010 and she came back for an interview earlier this week to discuss her first term. Rep. Elmers said her term was both exciting and frustrating and that it was an honor to serve her constituents. Though Gov. Palin has not re-endorsed Rep. Elmers as of this writing, she is on the American Grizzlies United 2012 Primary Candidates List.

Tea Party Growing Stronger

Rep. Elmers said the Tea Party is retaining its strength and influence — in fact may be growing stronger — in light of Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build this” statement and his policies. Rep. Elmers said Obama has awakened a sleeping giant. On ObamaCare, Rep. Elmers — who is also a Registered Nurse — said she was expecting that it would have been found unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, however, the Supreme Court ruled the mandate to be a tax, and thus ushered in the largest tax increase in American history. She said the House voted to repeal ObamaCare last week and the repeal bill is languishing in the Senate. Rep. Elmers and over 100 colleagues wrote a letter to Harry Reid asking him to bring the repeal bill to a vote.

Repeal ObamaCare

Rep. Elmers enjoys the same Tea Party support she had in 2010 and added that her positions on issues remain the same as they were when she first ran. Her Democrat opponent slammed her move to repeal ObamaCare as being “bad for her district.” Rep. Elmers said that the promises of ObamaCare — “you would get to keep your own doctor,” among others — all proved to be false and has caused the cost of healthcare to increase.

Elmers: “Romney Stands for Leadership, Private Sector Jobs Creation”

She said jobs and the economy were the most important issues in her district. She said unemployment remains high, and that all of Obama’s promises have either failed or been lies. “He says he is leading us on the right track,” Elmers’ said, but another Obama administration would be more of the same. “That’s why I believe so strongly that Mitt Romney is the leader we need to elect as President, because he’s standing for leadership and the private sector, and creating jobs in the private sector,” Elmers said. She believes Romney will carry North Carolina in the general election, especially since the state has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country.

She said the Democratic Convention is still $20 million in the hole, and it has been cut down to three days. The Democrats have been unsuccessfully pushing unions in right-to-work North Carolina too she said.

Elmers: So Many Good Choices for VP Candidate

Rep. Elmers said, “I had my eye on Romney for quite some time for President,” but for the VP slot, “it has got to be someone who has a shown track record of success, someone who would be able to lead the country if in fact something were to happen to the President. Someone that we can all look up to….there are just so many choices and it would be wrong for me to put one forward.”

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Complete Audio Transcript of Interview with Renee Elmers

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