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This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: An engaging show about a wonderful daughter, sister, and mom! Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp is a new program on Lifetime and today Kevin talks with the show’s producer David Martin. Hear the inside story about Bristol and all the Palins! Plus, Governor Palin is the big guest at a Tea Party event in Michigan sponsored by Americans for Prosperity! We have some GRRReat audio highlights of the Governor’s remarks. Also, Governor Palin endorses Florida Congresswoman Sandy Adams. Listen NOW!

Bristol Palin’s Life’s a Tripp “really is an engaging, enjoyable show,” Scholla said as he opened his broadcast. “If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

The Birth of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp

As he introduced Martin, Scholla asked him how the idea for the show was born. “I went to Bristol. We had a talk up here amongst ourselves, and we thought that Bristol would be a perfect person to have a show with,” Martin said. “I had already seen her and hung out with her at Dancing With the Stars, and that’s the way it started.”

“Why did you think this would be such a good idea? Was it the Palin Magic, or really just the story of family, or maybe something else?” Scholla asked. “Well, I think you have to be honest and say the first thing on your mind is the Palin Magic, and then from there it was ‘what we can create?’” Martin said.

Palin Family Terrific, yet very Normal

Scholla asked, “And what is it you’re trying to create with this program? If someone hasn’t seen the program yet what would you tell them that they may like about the show?” Martin answered, “I think what you’re going to love is learning who Bristol Palin is. I think there’s a lot of misconception out there about the Palins. I certainly learned a lot about them over these last few months. I think you’re going to learn and see that Bristol is an amazing young woman, incredibly devoted to family, her religious beliefs, and loves the kid. And, the kid is a trip unto himself.”

Palins Authentic…Show Almost all Candid Day-to-Day
Only CPAC coverage was pre-planned

“And how is it working with Bristol and the Palins? You touched on it a little yourself, but I guess that all comes into play, if you act that way off the camera, it comes through and shines through on screen,” Scholla asked.

“Yeah, a camera doesn’t lie. I don’t think it does anyway, especially when you’re doing this type of television show. As far as the Palins are concerned — I went up to Wasilla when we started this thing and loved hanging out with the family. They’re terrific people. Really. And, they’re just very normal,” Martin said.

“How much of the show — I mean is it all just candid shots and Bristol living her everyday life with Tripp, or do you try to showcase certain situations or know when certain events are going to happen,” Scholla asked.

“The only one we highlighted and really knew was going to happen was when Sarah was at CPAC. Otherwise, it was strictly, ‘what’s going to happen during the day as normal in Alaska.’ Honestly [CPAC]‘s the only time we made a conscious effort say, ‘OK, we’re going to cover this event,’” Martin said.

Life’s a Tripp Uplifting and Positive

“Now, the message is positive. Do you believe we need more of that on TV, especially in reality shows — an uplifting message, as opposed to the latest tale of woe,” Scholla asked.

“It wouldn’t hurt. You know, I think that the problem is too many people want to see people crash and burn, and they want to see them make fools of themselves, and if you’re going to tune and see this show we’ve produced you’re not going to see that. You’re just going to see a terrific girl trying to bring up a kid on her own, and her family gets involved every episode,” Martin said.

Life’s a Tripp — Window into the Life and Times of the Palins

Scholla asked, “now without giving away too much, can you tell us a little about about some of the things that perhaps people will have in store for them if they watch this season — some of the exciting aspects of the program coming up?”

“Well, they’re going to meet more of the family, and they’re definitely going to see a lot of Willow. They’re going to see Gino, who’s been hanging out with Bristol for a while now, and very close to Tripp. You’re going to see a lot of what the Palin family does, whether it’s into snowmobiling, barbeques, Sarah’s birthday. It’s a lot of family, it’s also a lot of Bristol sitting down with Willow and the family and saying, ‘you know, I’m a single mother and I’ve got to get this done.’ And, obviously we’re going to talk a lot about the father of the child. And, it’s the day-to-day life really of Bristol Palin,” Martin said.

“Isn’t it interesting David, that you said ‘day-to-day life?’ You mentioned ‘they’re very normal,’ and we’ve talked about many times from a political aspect that a lot of people like the Governor and her family because they can relate. Yet, they’re so interested in their next move. What is it about the Palins that on one hand we say, ‘they’re normal. They’re just like everyone next door,’ but on the other hand, you can’t wait to see what’s next,” Scholla asked.

“It’s a good question. I wish I knew the answer,” Martin said. “One of my favorite stories that I tell people is that I was up in Wasilla, and we were shooting (footage) and Sarah came out of the house and she had her helmet on and grabs hold of Trig and says, “OK, we’re going to go on the — whatever it is the SUV (Ed. Note: he probably meant, an all-terrain vehicle: ATV) and we’re going to go biking for the next half hour or so. She just puts the helmet on, grabs the kid and they go off on the [ATV]. There’s no security. There’s none of that stuff. There’s just ‘off they go.’ We had scenes where they’re just hanging out. They barbecue. They do everything we do.

Todd’s an amazing guy. Todd loves flying his airplanes, loves playing with his snowmobiles. An amazing father and grandfather. If this Englishman could vote, I’d probably give ‘em a vote, but don’t tell anybody,” Martin said.

“And I guess the little guys, Tripp and Trig, they’re following suit here, learning right away, getting involved in all that Alaskan fun,” Scholla said.

“Yeah, Tripp at three years old is probably getting ready for the Olympics in whatever it is, but a great kid. Loves to have fun, loves to play. Very smart, and Trig is just a great kid too,” Martin said.

Watch Life’s a Tripp and Meet the Real Palins

“As you said there is a big misconception [among people] about the Palins, when they talk about them, and Bristol especially — she made the choice to jump into the limelight now. It’s definitely her choice to do this, but what would you say to wrap things up to somebody who — you know — you hear something about Bristol Palin that isn’t true. Who’s the real Bristol Palin, if you had to sum it up, Scholla asked.

“She’s your sister. She’s your best friend, and she’s a very devoted person, but I think you would like [them] if you get to know them personally, and if you like the show, tell everybody you liked it, and make sure everybody knows you watch it,” Martin said.

Bristol Palin’s Life’s a Tripp airs each Tuesday at 2300 / 11 PM EDT and prior complete episodes available on demand from the Lifetime website.

Following are Episodes Seven through 10. Please click the graphics to view the episode. The selected video will open to the Lifetime Network page on which it is hosted in a new tab or window.

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