SarahNET Radio Interviews Palin-Endorsed Jeff Flake for US Senate, AZ

This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: A special Endorsement Edition of the program! Governor Sarah Palin backs Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake in his U.S. Senate bid! Tune in to hear this proven conservative crusader! It’s all on SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!!!

Lonely Battles Against Earmarks

Rep. Flake has been a US Representative since 2001. The Congressman turned Senate candidate has been fighting earmarks for his entire political career, often taking on his own party. The Bridge to Nowhere, the Teapot Museum, and the Punxsutawney Weather Museum are three of the more infamous earmarks Rep. Flake fought against. Rep. Flake said, “I was removed from my committee spot on Appropriation as punishment for what I was told was ‘bad behavior,’” because he dared to point out Republican excesses in spending. In October 2006, a 60 Minutes show aired, featuring his father Jake Flake in their home town of Snowflake, AZ and showing Rep. Flake losing on 39 separate votes related to spending. The Republican Party lost its majority that year and that’s when Rep. Flake was removed from the House Judiciary Committee.

Palin Endorsement a Praise of Rep. Flake’s Work

Scholla said that Gov. Palin rarely endorses incumbents he considers her endorsement of Rep. Flake to be “a praise of [his] body of work.” Gov. Palin said Rep. Flake is “a proven conservative crusader.” Rep. Flake said he knew about Gov. Palin since long before her 2008 Vice Presidential running mate nomination and has always admired her. He was delighted to receive her endorsement and said there is a lot of love for her in the state of Arizona.


Rep. Flake comes from a family of 11 children and has five children himself. Two are at home, two are in college, and one graduated. He spent two years in southern Africa as a Mormon missionary and worked to help Namibia become independent. Rep. Flake also ran the Goldwater Institute for seven years, which is of special significance to Scholla, for Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative got Scholla started in politics years ago.

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