@AGUGrizzlies: #Arizona; VOTE @Gosar4Congress Tomorrow!

As Arizona voters head to the polls on Tuesday one candidate to pay attention to is Dr. Paul Gosar. Paul has been personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin and is on the American Grizzlies United Primary Candidate List.

Dr Paul Gosar was one of the freshman that the fed-up electorate sent to DC in 2010. Paul didn’t go along to get along. Paul got things done.

Paul’s legislative achievements prompted the largest newspaper in Arizona to say:

“Bottom line: when it comes to sponsored bills and amendments passed by the House of Representatives, Gosar has been among the most successful new members not only in Arizona’s delegation, but also in the entire freshman class.” He’s fought hard to eliminate wasteful spending, sponsoring one bill after another to repeal wasteful programs and save the taxpayers’ money. He co-sponsored and voted for “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” and he took a tough vote to cut $2.1 trillion from the bloated federal budget, which is the largest nominal spending cut since World War II.

AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin interviewed Paul a while back. The interview originally ran on SarahNetRadio and the transcript was done by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron and it ran on US4Palin.

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