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Some people support traditional marriage. Some people do not support traditional marriage. Some people want to redefine marriage. Some people do not want to redefine marriage.

Not wanting to redefine marriage isn’t mean, bigoted, hate speech, homophobic, or any of the other intolerant and narrow minded insults that the Liberals are hurling around these days.

Here at American Grizzlies United we prefer the traditional definition of marriage; and also believe in the right of consenting adults to choose relationships and civil unions* that are best for them. (as outlined in The Grizzly Doctrine; A Crib Sheet page 23)

*NOTE: Even the famous Drag Queen The Lady Bunny says:

I think we should have taken civil unions when Bush offered them”

Additionally, AGU believes this is a state issue.

This is the national dialogue that should be taking place.

Unfortunately, that is not what is happening.

For the State to try to shut down businesses because of what their owners personal views happen to be is a very scary thing.

It seems a bit Un-American for Obama supporters and Democrats to be so devilishly hell-bent on punishing and shutting down a business because of what they think. Chick-fil-A is a privately owned American Company.

Obama supporters and Democrats in major cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, and (of course) San Francisco, have been leading a malicious ban on the privately owned Chick-fil-A’s plans for expansion.

Shame on them, why are they doing this?

All because the owner of this privately owned American Company said he supports the traditional definition of marriage.

One Obama supporter (Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney) even introduced a resolution reprehending the privately owned American Company and it’s President:

“This particular individual is rabidly homophobic and wants to deny Americans civil rights that are enjoyed by every other American”

The unemployment rate in America is lingering around 8.2%. The privately owned American Company Chick-fil-A has thousands (and thousands) of employees.

Under Obama’s fundamental transformation of America; is it better to not have a job than support traditional marriage?

Again, WTF?

Doesn’t it seem like Obama supporters and Democrats who constantly lecture us on tolerance are the least tolerant of all? It seems like the message Obama supporters are sending is: If you disagree with us you better shut up or you will face our repercussions!

The persecution of those who dissent from Obama these days is very chilling.

On the bright side: November is right around the corner.

(If Shiva understands the 1st Amendment why can’t Obama supporters?)

Now more than ever we need to remember that in order to repeal and replace Obama’s fundamental transformation of America with a fundamental restoration of America we need all hands on deck.

Please take a minute to register with American Grizzlies United so that we can work together to get America back on track.

Together we can fire those with a basic contempt for the American people, and hire true public servants, and reformers who understand what a sacred honor it is to be an American.

All hands on deck!

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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