.@AGUGrizzlies Presents: The #Hollywood Nerd Herd Starring @Cher And @MiaFarrow!

The Hollywood Nerd Herd; Episode One, Imaginary RAAACISM & Imaginary Homophobia:

The radical Hollywood left is preparing to do everything they can to distract from Barack Obama’s failed Socialist policies. In the next 3 months, Hollywood lapdogs will fight tooth and nail against hardworking, patriotic, Independent Americans to divert attention from Barack Obama’s epic failure(s).

The gig is up.

Dove il diavolo si nasconde la sua coda

(Where the devil hides his tail)

Obama’s 2008 Hope and Change has been exposed. His mask is off, and his Hoax and Chains can no longer be concealed and shrouded. It’s 2012 and Americans can feel and see Obama’s fundamental transformation of our Republic.

We don’t like it, we don’t want it, and we won’t comply.

ENTER: The Hollywood Nerd Herd (Send in the useful idiots Clowns)

Narrow minded and intolerant Liberals like Mia Farrow and Cher have begun doing what they know they must do to hide and prop up the failed Socialist policies of Barack Obama: Distract, divert, and mislead.

Hollywood entertainers do this the way Liberals have always done things.

Whenever threatened by self evident truths and traditional American common sense, in unison, the intolerant Liberals scream: RAAACISM! RAAACISM! RAAACISM!

From Tawana Brawley to Barack Obama, the gig has been the same. Self evident truths be damned, just scream RAAACISM and all Liberal shortcomings go away…Not for very much longer.

Citizen Journalism and Social Media give forgotten and fed-up Americans a way to pull the rug out from under the sectarian Liberal Hollywood playbook and platform.

Regular Americans now have a platform too. The exclusive platform that Hollywood entertainers once coveted for their elite group is fading. With your help, we can make their gilt-edged pulpit fade even more.

(Watch Governor Sarah Palin’s Speech at the Right On Line Conference HERE and learn more about how Social Media (and YOU) are changing the political landscape)

The echo-chamber of Hollywood’s greek chorus has recoiled to what it really has been all along:

The Nerd Herd.

Don’t expect The Nerd Herd to go away quietly. They shouldn’t. The Hollywood Nerd Herd has 1st Amendment rights too. Let’s all pray they continue to use them. They are doing a very good job at unshrouding their hatred and intolerance.

The Hollywood Nerd Herd has been lecturing Americans on tolerance, and the virtues of Liberalism for years. As it turns out, Liberals are not so tolerant themselves.

Just for fun, let’s revisit the hypocrisy of Cher that AGU pointed out in May:

It is well documented that during the 90?s when her daughter Chastity Bono publicly came out as a lesbian, Ms. Cher was quite uncomfortable with the news at first, and “went ballistic” (Bono, Chaz (as Chastity); Fitzpatrick, Billy (1998). Family Outing. New York: Little, Brown. p. 207)

The closed minded and intolerant Ms. Cher told her lesbian daughter that she dressed like a truck driver, and a slob and even kicked her teenage daughter out of the house.

NOTE: Watch Chastity Bono (now Chaz Bono tell Joy Behar that Cher kicked her out of the house for being a lesbian)

When Chastity Bono was faced with a sensitive life decision (to undergo sex reassignment surgery) her Mother’s 100% unconditional love and support could have helped. One would think that the first impulse of a woman who has been lecturing Americans on tolerance for years would be acceptance.

It was not.

Ironically, the one person who did remain accepting, tolerant, and open minded through the years was Chaz’s Step-Mother; Republican Congresswoman (CA-45) Mary Bono Mack.

It should be noted that Ms. Cher and Chaz have reconciled their differences.

However, it should also be noted that Ms. Cher herself has a history of the same homophobia she constantly accuses and lectures Americans about…(AGU: Cher is Closed Minded And Intolerant, #Bigoted – May 8, 2012)

Another example of Liberals and their Imaginary Homophobia was directed at Bristol Palin just a few weeks ago.

Take a look at the intolerant hatred directed toward Bristol Palin recently after she said she would not mind at all if she had a gay dance partner on DWTS: HERE

Keep on talking Liberals…(Whats the saying? Give ‘em enough rope?)

During the recent Chick-fil-A national dialogue, Mia Farrow took to Twitter to whine about Human Rights. As you can see from the feedback and the fatwas statements of Democrat politicians, Liberals are perfectly at ease with the State shutting down a privately owned American Company. Why? Because the President of Chick-fil-A thinks differently from them.

NOTE to Liberals: “Human Rights” may make you feel good, but this is America. Our founding Mothers and Fathers fought and died so that we would have: The Bill of Rights, Unalienable Rights, and the Rights outlined in our United States Constitution…That’s it…Period. That is not an opinion, that is a self evident truth.

But thanks to Hollywood; absurd babble like: Citizen of the World, Human Rights, and other globalist nonsense have perverted the vital self evident truth of American Exceptionalism that all Americans were once proud of. (Prior to Barack Obama and his post racial, post America presidency)

Enough is enough with these elite, intellectual, supremacist notions. All legal American citizens have the same rights. Knock it off with your feel good invented rights, designed to divide and stick Americans into little boxes.

Obama Supporters, Liberals, and The Hollywood Nerd-Herd, LOVE forcing Americans into little boxes:

The Black Box. White Box. The Gay Box. The Hispanic Box. The Asian Box. The Rich Box. The Middle-Class Box. The Poor Box. The Blind Albino Handicapped Lesbian Box…NO MORE BOXES!

Americans are better than this. (Aren’t Liberals supposed to be evolved?)

The Liberals political strategy of forcing Americans into little boxes has worked for many years. It’s really quite transparent:

Divide and force Americans into little boxes, pit the little boxes against eachother, and then the not so liberal Liberals save the day by helping the poor oppressed people in the little boxes.

And just what is their plan to help the poor oppressed people divided and forced into the little boxes?

Wait for it…The plan always is:

More legislation, more mandates, more rules…you guessed it; more government.

(If Liberal ideas are so good why do they always have to be mandatory?)

The self evident truth is very simple. There is only one box:

The American Box; and most Americans are very proud to be in it.

It is the individual who is the focus of our country, our Liberty, and our Freedom. It is not little boxes neatly stacked, divided, and formulated by Liberals. That is disgusting, and that is not how things are done in the great melting pot of America.

Every legal American citizen is equally important. Our Liberty and Freedom thrive and rely on the individual; no matter how hard the Liberals try to divide and force us into a little box.

One box. One Nation. One America.

The cries of RAAACISM will increase in the next three months. The LSM and the Hollywood Nerd Herd will pull out every deception and distraction they have. Crisis will be created where there is absolutely no crisis whatsoever, and controversy will be created where it doesn’t exist.

The most colossal division this country has ever seen will be created, produced, and manufactured in the next 78 days. Obama supporters and Liberals with the help of the Hollywood Nerd Herd, will use their power and platform against average hardworking Americans.

There will be demonstrations and disputes. Decent, ordinary, and honorable Americans will be called RAAAACIST for refusing to be boxed, refusing to be used, and for refusing to bow down and forsake our Liberty.

What we are up against is more than flesh and blood. We are up against the Democrat Media Complex and they will stop at nothing to protect Barack Obama and his failed Socialist policies.

All the way from his abstract economic theory, to his basic contempt for the American way; the Hollywood Nerd Herd will be his personal greek chorus, mindlessly echoing DNC talking points and typical Obama propaganda.

The Hollywood Nerd Herd will aid and abet Obama’s falsehoods and dupery, intentionally pitting the divided little boxes of Americans against eachother.

Thats what Community Organizers do.

Obama’s fundamental transformation of America is destroying everything our founding Mothers and Fathers put it place that made our country great.

Are you going to let the Hollywood Nerd Herd prop up Obama, and distract hardworking Americans from his failed Socialist policies?

Together, we can do something about this. We can stop them.

In the 2010 election cycle millions of everyday Americans came together and formed coalitions to stop the Obama agenda. The message we sent to Washington was clear:

We don’t want our country fundamentally transformed, tinkered with, changed, altered or diminished.

The millions of Americans who came together and formed these coalitions sent another very specific message to Obama and his complicit gansters in DC:

We love our country, we are willing to fight for it, and we want America fundamentally RESTORED.

In 2012 we have some unfinished business, and it’s crystal clear what we need to do:

We need to take a stand against the LSM and Obama’s lapdog Hollywood Nerd Herd. We can do this by punching through the LSM filter, so that regular, everyday Americans understand and belive that a fundamental restoration of America is possible with sudden and relentless reform.

We need to send our new President a wise Congress of Pro-America, common sense, Independent fiscal conservatives who are bold enough to make the tough decisions.

No more go along to get along. No more capitulation. No more compromise solely for the sake of compromise. We can’t afford it, and we don’t want it. We don’t want our grandchildren slaving the rest of their lives just to pay for Obama’s careless, loafing, asleep on the job, debts.

We don’t need more consensus-ship, we need leadership.

District by district, county by county, and state by state, we need real leadership. Real leaders who will stand up to the LSM and the Hollywood Nerd Herd, and not nurture and cherish the image of America’s decline.

Please take a moment and join American Grizzlies United: HERE

AGU will help you get involved, and show you ways to circumvent the LSM and knock the Hollywood Nerd Herd off their tinselled gilded perch, and send true public servants to DC.

Together, we’ll put America back on track, and back up where she belongs.

Stay tuned for the sequel! American Grizzlies United Presents: The Hollywood Nerd Herd II! Who will the stars be? Bill? Eva? Kathy? (A little bird just showed us Kathy’s Nerd Herd close-up – red hair and all! Pretty Pretty!)

Our work continues.

(Special thanks to our friends and AGU-CA members in San Francisco at essexandorange1773.com for the GRRREAT images!)

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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