Lifelong Dem Explains Switch to GOP, Romney, RNC Speaking Role on SarahNET Radio

This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: It’s getting so bad for President Obama that lifelong Democrats are jumping ship! Alabama’s Artur Davis joins Kevin today to explain how he went from being a Democrat congressman to a Republican Romney supporter gearing up for a speaking role at the GOP convention. Also, Todd Palin shines on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes while Bristol Palin defends the program after liberals make a fuss. It’s only on SarahNET Radio! NOW tune in anytime ON DEMAND!

Truth in Advertising Compelled Davis to Leave Democratic Party

Artur Davis is a former Alabama Congressman was Obama’s Alabama campaign chairman in 2008. He gave the seconding speech for Obama’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention that year. In the four years that have passed, Davis has switched party affiliations. He will be speaking ah the Republican convention in Tampa in support of Mitt Romney.

Davis said the change happened “for a very simple reason. Over the course of looking at what the Democrats and Republicans have been saying about the issues facing our country…what I heard Republicans saying matched my common sense, matched my theory of where this country ought to go, and what I heard Democrats saying didn’t fit the things that I believe.” He said “basic truth in advertising compelled me to leave the party I spent so many years serving in.”

On Obama’s Broken Promises, and Divisiveness

Davis did not leave for matters related to Obama alone, but for “the totality” of what was going on in the Democratic Party, but he estimated that “there are 10 million of us who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 who don’t plan to do so today.” Davis said his story is “only one ten millionth of the equation.” Obama’s approval ratings are hovering in the low to mid 40% range in various polls.

Former Obama supporters who will not vote for him this cycle “don’t think he’s delivering on his promises, think he has moved the Democratic Party too far to the left, and instead of becoming the more united, less polarized country Barack Obama campaigned on, we have become more divided than ever,” Davis said.

Scholla asked Davis if thought Obama “is just throwing anything out there in the hopes it will stick,” and cited the President’s erratic record on issues such as marriage and immigration.

Davis said that Obama’s actions are deliberate and designed for appealing to the various elements of the Democratic base, “and hoping to stitch together enough of those elements to just eke out a 50% victory. I think a lot of people are tired of this ‘interest group of the month’ kind of politics.” He said Obama’s changes in position on gay marriage and immigration were calculated to garner votes from the respective interest groups in the party’s base.

Davis said four years ago, Obama said he was not going to “treat America as a collection of different interest groups, but as one united country that had a broad sense of national identity.”

Davis’ Transformation

Scholla asked Davis if the party switch took courage. Davis said he would be “suspicious of anyone who called themselves courageous,” and a party switch will always result in some “people being excited and others being mortified by it.” He reiterated that 10 million people are leaving the Democrats for various reasons and this is evidenced by the drop in party affiliation numbers. He said the common denominator is “we didn’t get what we voted for,” and the party is moving too far left and focusing on benefiting special interest groups.

Scholla said that some people would question Davis’ credibility, questioning what he did believe while being on the left, and what does he truly believe today.

“Well, I think it’s a fair question, but I go back to the 10 million people again….do the 10 million people who plan to vote for Mitt Romney have some axe to grind? Are they just simply posturing or trying to get elected to office, or are they Americans who thoughtfully reflected on the direction of this country? Those people are not politicians. They’re people who are dissatisfied with the direction of the country, and I’m one of them,” Davis said. He is not running for office, and the convenient thing to have done would have been to return to Alabama’s Seventh District and run. His transformation to Republicanism occurred over a period of time when Davis saw that the Democratic Party did not align with his beliefs and values.

Davis chose to share his switch, because “I believe people who care about this country do have some obligation to weigh in.”

Scholla asked Davis how his colleagues on both sides of the aisle have responded to the new R after his name.

His former Republican colleagues were happy about the switch, and Davis said he was “gratified” to hear from both the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader. Davis has received an outpouring of support from ordinary citizens who heretofore had never heard of him. Messages of support have been pouring in at his website:

Davis Defended Gov. Palin’s Faith, Integrity, While a Democrat

Scholla cited former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s record of taking on both parties, her husband Todd being an Independent, and her “not being shackled by either title or party,” but “doing what she believes in her heart is right.” He said Davis’ move was a “Going Rogue” move. “Now that you’ve been so bold, can you appreciate Sarah Palin’s independent spirit over the years?” Scholla asked.

“Well, I’ve always appreciated Gov. Palin’s independent spirit, and back in September 2008, when Democrats and cable networks like MSNBC decided that it was kind of cool to make fun of Sarah Palin’s religion for a few days, and it was kind of neat to put pictures of her praying on TV and suggest that it meant she was some kind of a loony, I spoke out at the time. I was in the Democratic Party. And I said that ‘it is wrong to ridicule someone’s faith, someone’s religion,’ and especially given the number of times that people in the South where I come from invoke religion in every aspect of their lives — to suggest that there was something odd about Gov. Palin — I thought was way beyond the pale. So, I defended her faith and I defended her integrity when I was in the Democratic Party.”

“Look, she is someone who has shown great willingness to say what she thinks is right and to stand up to — as you alluded — forces on both sides — and we need more people who are willing to do that. We’ve got a lot of people who walking around calculating, ‘how does this affect me politically?’ It’s good to have people who aren’t running for office stand up and say, ‘you know what? Here’s what I think. Take it or leave it.’ And, Gov. Palin has done that a number of times,” Davis said.

On Mia Love…

Scholla said Palin Update hosted Mia Love who was running for Congress in Utah and asked if Davis was “happy that more blacks are getting into the process, particularly in the GOP.” Davis answered, “Well, I wrote Mia Love a $500 check and I’m not a rich man, so I’m happy to see her doing what she’s doing. I wish her a lot of luck.” Davis never met Love, but said she is “incredibly talented and running a superb campaign.”

He said “she is doing it the old fashioned way.” Love was a mayor and said she approaches policy with a three-step process, “can we afford it? Can we sustain it? Is it part of my job — in my jurisdiction — to do this?”

He said “we need more people like Mia Love in Congress, because not enough people in Congress get to that last question.” Davis said ObamaCare came about because those in Congress who passed it never asked that Constitutional question.

Democratic Party Today Versus Yesteryear

Scholla asked Davis if he agreed that the Democratic Party was no longer the party of John F. Kennedy, but rather the party where Occupy Wall Street, and Nancy Pelosi have become the norm.”

Davis said today’s Democratic Party is not even the party of Bobby Kennedy who once famously said the abysmal public schools were responsible for inner city decay. Bobby Kennedy was a liberal. Today, he said the Teachers Union would be targeting anyone who said that as being “anti-teacher.”

“There used to be a time when there were thoughtful people in the Democratic Party who were against bureaucracy. Bobby Kennedy doubted that the Great Society would work, because he thought it centralized too much power. Bobby Kennedy doubted that the Great Society would work, because it had too many sloppy standards of accountability, and how money was spent in many communities. Those were concerns that came from someone we view as being liberal today.” Davis said in the 1960s, they were mainstream Democratic concerns. “Today, the Democratic Party has turned into a reflexive, defensive government; a reflexive, defensive more spending; a reflexive, defensive the status quo; and that’s very different from when Jack and Bobby Kennedy represented,” he said.

Scholla said Davis did took courage and hopes he gets back into politics.

Historical Precedent

Our Fortieth President, Ronald Wilson Reagan like Davis, was a Democrat for much of his political career. President Reagan had described his transformation during his famous “bold colors, no pale pastels” speeches in 1975 and 1976.

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