SarahNET Radio Interviews House and Senate Candidates in FL Showdown

This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: A Sunshine State showdown! Florida’s Karen Harrington is here to talk to Kevin about her run for the House and her hopes of firing Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Governor Palin makes a robo call for Representative Sandy Adams. We’ll tell you how you can help Adams as well. Colonel Mike McCalister (Ret.) stops by to talk about his run for the U.S. Senate in Florida. Plus, Governor Palin weighs in on Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Also, Bristol Palin features Kevin Scholla’s SarahNET Radio interview with Todd Palin on her blog site. Tune in anytime ON DEMAND only on SarahNET Radio!

Karen Harrington, Candidate, FL-23

Harrington said Wasserman-Schultz is an extremist, and two issues she voted for, the stimulus and ObamaCare directly affect her district. The mood in 2010 was to give Obama more time. Now, people ready for change, she said.

Harrington said she “has terrific name ID,” real world experience, and 38 years as business owner, employing 100. She has lived in Florida since the age of five. She said she “wants to serve, and not toe the party line.” She has been an independent her whole life and joined the GOP in 2010 to challenge Schultz. Though previously independent, Harrington was was always a conservative.

She said Wasserman-Schultz “is nervous” and is following Harrington to events, trailing her, and spending large sums of money to defeat her campaign. Harrington and Schultz only have in common being women, mothers, and cancer survivors, but otherwise are a stark contrast of vision.

Harrington has strong grassroots supports and endorsements, among them: SBA, which owns and operates Team Sarah, Mark Levin, and Michele Bachmann.

As a Christian, Harrington supports Israel. She grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and says she has a real understanding of who Jewish people and Israel are. “We must allow Israel to carve its own path to freedom, make Jerusalem its capital, and locate our embassy there,” Harrington said.

She supports legal immigration, but believes our borders must be secured. “We must stop giving illegals these jobs and come down on employers who do,” she said. Illegals will self-deport if they are not hired for jobs. Obama wants to give them a two-year pass to take our jobs. “We don’t have to reform immigration,” she said. We have to enforce it.

Harrington said, “Palin and Bachmann are two incredible women. It has to come from a strong family base. We are comfortable in who we are and what we believe in. We’re confident women. They come out with a smile on their face, come out fighting, and never back down.”

On the Chick-Fil-A controversy, Harrington said, “Chick-Fil-A Day was a great day for us. Supporting traditional marriage is not anti-gay. Business owner should not be punished for speaking under his First Amendment rights.”

Harrington thinks November successful for Romney-Ryan and many down-ticket races.

Her websites are: and

Harrington is supported by American Grizzlies United, but has not received Gov. Palin’s endorsement.

Sandy Adams Robo Call

Scholla played Gov’ Palin’s Robo Call for Sandy Adams and urged people to go to her site to volunteer and donate. Scholla interviewed Sandy Adams on July 14.

Ret. Col. Mike McCalister, U.S. Senate Candidate, Florida

Scholla then introduced Retired Col. Mike McCalister who is running for a US Senate seat in Florida, a state he said “will be important to taking back Senate, House and White House.” McCalister said he opposes Agenda 21, which is a “‘one world government’ concept based on international laws, taking away our sovereignty, individual and property rights, our guns,” and interfering with the education of our children. McCalister said he is “proud that the Republican National Committee has taken a stand against it and a few states have enacted legislation to stop it.”

He said the “United States Senate is a very unique body and in many ways our last line of defense as a nation, as a people and even for our citizens….The United States Senate is involved in national security, treaties, trade and foreign policy. McCalister says he has the best credentials, resume and training for that job.”

“The United States is under attack everywhere we look. We have to cut spending and pass a balanced budget amendment. We’re only 5% of the world and 95% of the world does not live here, yet they’re stealing our inventions, our research and development, our proprietary technology, and reverse engineering it. We have to protect our see,” he said, adding that “you have China building carrier groups and fighter squadrons.”

McCalister’s core positions are to enforce the First, Second and Tenth Amendments. He is firmly against gun control.

McCalister is a graduate of Command and General War Colleges, has a Doctorate in Business Management, and was a single parent, raising a son from age four till when he graduated law school. He has neither been endorsed by Gov. Palin, nor is he on the American Grizzlies United 2012 Candidates List.

His website is:

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