SarahNET Radio Interviews Kirk Adams, AZ-5 on Bold Leadership

This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: A perfect ten! Sarah Palin has endorsed ten candidates in 2012 and all ten have appeared on SarahNET Radio! Today it’s Kirk Adams’ turn. Adams is running for the House in Arizona’s 5th District. Also, Governor Palin serves up red meat and barbecue at a Sarah Steelman event! Plus, Ted Cruz cruises to victory, Palin visits Deb Fischer and makes a stop in Iowa, and calling out Dick Cheney on another misfire. TUNE IN NOW to SarahNET Radio ON DEMAND!!!

Adams is one of only three US House of Representatives candidates that Gov. Palin has endorsed in 2012, for she has focused principally on the US Senate this election cycle. Jeff Flake, one of Gov. Palin’s recent Senatorial endorsements is vacating the seat Adams is now running for. Prior to being a US Representative, Adams was Arizona’s Speaker of the House in that state’s House of Representatives.

30,000 Calls to Voters — In One Day — On Palin Endorsement

Scholla and Adams said that only Gov. Palin takes on the establishment of both parties and Adams’ campaign represents that. “We are all Palin all the time,” Adams said. His campaign made over 30,000 phone calls to voters in district in one day, to tout the Gov. Palin endorsement. Adams said, the voters “responded very well” and that the endorsement puts campaign once written off back in the game.

Adams Fought ObamaCare as AZ Speaker….

While serving at the state level, Adams led the Arizona fight against ObamaCare, helping to spearhead state legislation against it, and joining the Goldwater Institute’s lawsuit. Adams had to fight a liberal Attorney General every step of the way on this and other issues.

“ObamaCare worst legislation in a generation. It permanetnly damages the Constitution and will bankrupt states implementing it,” if it is allowed to stay on the books he said.

Bold Leadership…

Under Adams’ Speakership, the Arizona legislature passed SB-1070; took on Card Check; and fought to save the secret ballot in the work place. While Adams was speaker, he also was instrumental in passing a law requiring informed consent on abortion and when Planned Parenthood sued and won, Adams was instrumental in shutting down their abortion services in the state. The Arizona legislature also passed legislation preserving right to keep and bear arms, and on pension reform under Adams’ leadership.

From Free Fall to Surplus

Adams said that when he became speaker, Arizona had the worst deficit in country. “We were in a free fall, and still recovering from six years of a Janet Napolitano spending spree,” he said. “We passed a 30% reduction in spending and now have a surplus,” Adams said. Arizona has a balanced budget, while California still has a multi-billion dollar deficit. Adams said he “can take the same tough-minded leadership to Washington.”

Adams is a small business owner with 22 employees. “I sign both fronts and backs of checks, and I have to make sure expenditures don’t exceed revenue,” he said. “It’s great training for running for office…. we cannot afford to spend our children’s and grand-children’s money. We will have a less prosperous nation.”

Secure the Borders and Foster Legal Immigration

Adams said he supports legal immigration, but we must secure our borders first. “We know how to do it. We did it in San Diego and Yuma sectors. We must do it for the remainder. We have the methods but not will.” Along with SB-1070, Arizona also passed a law imposing sanctions on employers who hire illegal aliens.

Gov. Palin Seeks Patriots, Whether Incumbent or Outsider

Scholla observed that both Adams and Flake do not go along to get along. They are willing to take political risks for the right reasons. Adams was 35 and beat an establishment candidate twice his age when he became Arizona’s Speaker of the House. Adams said he believes that Gov. Palin sees both Jeff Flake and himself as bold leaders.

Scholla said Gov. Palin bases her endorsements in part on character and guts, whether the candidate be an incumbent or an outsider. She seeks great patriots.

To Donate, Volunteer, and Phone Bank…

Kirk Adams’ website is:

Adams also invited listeners to email him at if they are interested in phone banking for the campaign. He said any like-minded conservative throughout the entire nation is welcome to do so.

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