@AGUGrizzlies: Florida’s @TedYoho Is Ready To #WiseItUp! Get Involved; Help Ted!

Dr. Ted Yoho is the Republican nominee for North Central Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. Ted has been personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin!

Ted Yoho’s on the American Grizzlies United General Election List: HERE

To help Ted #WiseItUp in Washington DC, he will need your help to win.

Ted has pledged to have your back by getting government off your back once elected. So let’s work together and have Ted’s back in the General Election!

Together, we can help Sarah Palin rehape the US Congress by sending wise, common-sense, fiscally conservative public servants ready to roll up their sleeves, #WiseItUp, and help undo what Obama has done to us.

To learn more about Ted Yoho and how he plans to get government off your back, and put government back on the side of the people, go to Ted’s campaign site:


To donate to Ted; Contribute HERE:


To volunteer for Ted; Get Involved:


You can also contact our AGU-FL State Coordinator Amy, Email: florida@organize4palin.com

Toward the end of August, Dr. Ted Yoho talked to AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla to discuss his plans for restoring America. The interview below was originally broadcast on SarahNETRadio.

The transcript of Kevin’s chat with Ted Yoho was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and was originally published on US4Palin, and the AGU/O4P State System on August 26, 2012

We all have constructive roles to play in the 2012 General Election. We have a choice. We can continue with Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform America or we can come together, take a stand, and send our new president a new congress full of wise, common-sense, public servants to help turn this ship around. Public servants who are ready to #WiseItUp!

Ted Yoho is one of those wise public servants. Ted is ready to #WiseItUp!

Let’s all do everything we can to help make sure this public servant is sent to Washington DC to help fix this mess.

Our work continues.

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