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This November independent, common sense, fiscal conservatives have a plan. We can’t just repeal and replace Barack Obama to get America back on track. In order to bring the sudden and relentless reform this country needs, the plan is to send our new president a new congress.

A new congress packed with wise, independent public servants ready to make the tough decisions, ready to get America back on track, and ready to #WiseItUp!

That’s where you come in.

The historic 2010 legislative victories happened because of you:

When the tea party movement first made itself heard, Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed it as “Astroturf,” a phony organization financed by a few millionaires. She may have been projecting — those union demonstrators you see at Democratic events or heckling Republicans are often paid by the hour.

In any case, the depth and the breadth of Republican victories in state legislative races, even more than their gain of 60-plus seats in the U.S. House and six seats in the Senate, shows that the tea party movement was a genuine popular upheaval of vast dimensions. Particularly in traditional blue-collar areas, voters rejected longtime Democrats or abandoned lifelong partisan allegiances and elected Republicans.

- Michael Barone Real Clear Politics

We learned some lessons in 2010. Now we can take those lessons learned, move forward, and make sure that Obama’s extreme left-wing agenda receives a pulverizing destruction at the ballot box this November.

For independent thinking fiscal conservatives, the real battle this November is in the down ballot races. When it comes to the restoration of America, who we choose to be our Representatives and Senators is where the opportunity to bring real change lies.

There are many down ballot candidates who have both the ability and the right message. These down ballot candidates have pledged to the electorate that once we hire them, they won’t go along to get along, and they won’t kick the can down the road. Instead, they will roll up their sleeves, and get to work. With your help, they will work to restore America, they will: WISE IT UP!

Our republic needs sudden and relentless reform. The only way to achieve this is to give our new president a new wise congress. A new wise congress hand selected by you, the people, not chosen for you by inside the beltway professionals.


Now that the primaries are (almost) over we need to focus on helping the reform minded, under-funded, public servants (who are often the underdog candidates) in the general election. America likes an Underdog! The recent victory in Texas of US Senate Candidate Ted Cruz proves that when coalitions of concerned citizens come together: The Grassroots Wins!

The AGU: General Election Candidates won their primaries because of your help. A coalition of concerned citizens knocked on doors, waved signs, phone banked, and texted/tweeted/emailed their personal contacts to help these candidates win.

America needs a fundamental restoration on every level of government. The AGU General Election Candidates go all the way down the ballot. All the way from State Assembly, City Council, Board of Education, to the US House, Governorships, and of course the US Senate. (NOTE: Candidates will be added weekly)

These candidates need your help again:

Mia B Love

UT-4 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Anna Little

NJ-6 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Matthew Lin

CA-49 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Mark Reed

CA-30 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Josh Mandel

OH-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Renee Elmers

NC-2 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Pat McCrory

NC- Governor

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dan Forest

NC- Lt. Governor

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ben Lange

IA-01 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Karen Harrington

FL-23 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ken Timmerman

MD-8 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Kelly Hancock

TX-9 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Heather Wilson

NM-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Linda Lingle

HI-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Linda McMahon

CT-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

David Bradley

TX- 7 Board of Education


Elizabeth Emken

CA-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dr. Donna Campbell

TX-25 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Vicky Hartzler

MO-4 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Jennifer Goode

Vacaville-CA City Council

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer

AZ-7 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Just like in the historic and successful 2010 election cycle (because of your help: 67% of our candidates won!); American Grizzlies United will move forward by showcasing and supporting candidates personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin.

The AGU project: Organize4Palin will again help candidates that have received her endorsement. Here is a list (so far) of the candidates that have been endorsed by Governor Palin for general election:

Dan Bongino

MD-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dan Bongino has been personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Deb Fischer

NE-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Deb Fischer was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Richard Mourdock

IN-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Richard Mourdock was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Ted Cruz

TX- US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ted Cruz was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Orrin Hatch

UT-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Orrin Hatch was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Ted Yoho

FL-3 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ted Yoho was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Paul Gosar

AZ-4 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Paul Gosar was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Jeff Flake

AZ-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Jeff Flake was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Let’s WISE IT UP in November! (#WiseItUp)

Together we can finish what we started in 2010. Millions of regular, ordinary Americans like you came together to form the Tea Party movement. Across the country everyday Americans took a stand and spoke out against Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

By working together we sent new Congresswomen and Congressmen to the US House. We sent new Senators to the US Senate. We seized power of 20 legislative Houses from Democrats across the country. We captured 125 State Senate seats. We snatched 550 seats in State Houses. We achieved an absolute, all-out, unmitigated 675 seats across this great land!

This was the largest conservative victory since 1928!

Now it is 2012. Let’s just say we have some unfinished business to do. The great American awakening of 2010 was just the begining. The coalitions that were formed still have work to do. Together, we can send our new president a new wise congress to undo what Obama has done to us.

Our chance to continue the mission and finish the job is finally here!

Will you Get Your GRRR On and stand with us again?

Join American Grizzlies United: GET INVOLVED

You can also simply TEXT: PALIN to 90210 and an AGU registration form will be sent to you via SMS.

To donate to American Grizzlies United: Contribute

American Grizzlies United General Election Candidate List: HERE

(NOTE: Candidates personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin are noted under the campaign/contact/social media information of each candidate on the list)

We really need all hands on deck this November to pull this off. You are the soul of this movement. This ground up call to action will change both parties in America forever. Real people like you, not inside the beltway professionals, are the solution and future of our country. The future is now. Please take a stand and answer the call.

Our work continues.

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