Mia Love, Candidate for UT-4 Discusses Campaign on Sarah Palin Radio

American Grizzlies United General Election Congressional candidate for UT-4, Mia Love “reminds me so much of [former Alaska Governor] Sarah Palin,” LaDonna Hale Curzon, Host and Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio said. “She’s fresh, she’s bold and she tells it like it is — and she’s not easily intimidated, either.” Love is the mother of three children, ages 12, 10, and 5, and Curzon said watching her speak at the Republican Convention last month was one of the highlights of her trip there. “Like Sarah Palin, she started in politics as a member of the city council, and then she was elected mayor of her home town. Now, she is running for Congress for an open seat in Utah. Also, like Sarah Palin, she’s a dedicated runner, a true conservative, and a strong believer in her faith.”

Love on Attacks: “Bring it!”

Love said her convention speech was a lot of fun and she was focused on getting out the message of returning to the America we know and love. Following the convention, haters tampered with her WikiPedia page dropping in racist and sexist language, and Love received threatening materials in the mail. Love said this is happening “because I pose a little bit of a problem for Obama and his liberal agenda, and I know it’s going to be a little difficult for them. We’re going to get out there. The truth resonates.” She said conservative principles and free markets lift more people out of poverty than any other economic system in the history of the world. Love handed the hate mail to the police department which is investigating who is behind the threatening letters. She is running a money bomb to continue getting her message out.

Love said she does not care what Mother Jones thinks of her. The magazine’s writers called her an “anchor baby.” Love’s parents immigrated here legally and became citizens. Love said her parents instilled in her the value that she is not entitled to anything she does not own or did not work for. She knew the attacks were coming, and “I say, ‘bring it!”

Leftists Attack Those They Fear Most

Curzon said, “you can tell who the left is afraid of, because that’s who they go after and that’s who they attack, and unfortunately you are getting the Sarah Palin treatment. If you’re a woman, attractive, smart, and conservative, you’re going to get it. You’re just going to get it from the liberal left. It’s just like attractive, conservative women are the left’s worst nightmare, and so they’re going to throw everything they have in the kitchen sink at you.”

Love from -15% Polling to +15% with Hard Work, Truth

Love, said $2 million in attack ads have come in from out of state. Curzon said that when Love first started her campaign, she was behind her opponent by 15 points. Now the numbers have flipped and it is her opponent who is behind by 15%. Love attributed the turn-around to “a lot of hard work” and the resonating truth. “I’m willing to stand up and be courageous enough to tell people the truth about the situation our country is in,” she said. She cited our $16 trillion deficit, out-of-control debt, and an opponent who marches lockstep with Obama in supporting an overreaching federal government.

Love on why her Opponent from UT-2 is Running in UT-4

Love had met Condoleeza Rice at the convention and expressed her desire to meet with Gov. Palin. The National Republican Congressional Committee recognizes Love as a Young Gun. Curzon asked why her opponent is running in the new fourth district when he lives in and represents the second district. “Well, I think you’ll have to ask him that, but I can speculate,” Love said. “My best guess is that he didn’t think I was going to come out of the primaries. I was up against two sitting legislators who had been out working the delegates and there was one of them in particular who was pretty much a shoo-in, and so we worked hard. We got 70%. I think he knows he’s made a mistake.”

NRCC and Endorsements

If elected, Love would be the first black Republican woman to serve in Congress. Curzon said Love’s election would be historic and “your parents must be very proud of you.” Love said they are, and her dad told her on her “first day of college, that he did not want her to be a burden on society. I have to give back and I have to keep that promise.” She also said that she wants to keep her promise to her children that they will have the same opportunities we have had. She said on our current path, our children and grandchildren will not have those opportunities. Curzon noted that every candidate she has interviewed has said the same thing and expressed the same fear.

Love had Paul Ryan’s endorsement since before he became Mitt Romney’s running mate. Both Mitt and Ann Romney have endorsed her campaign, along with Speaker of the House John Boehner, Sen. John McCain, Kevin McCarthy, and the entire Utah delegation. Love said, “I am humbled and honored by the overwhelming support.” Multiple Tea Party groups have endorsed Love as well. She said her campaign is “focused on fiscal discipline, limited government and personal responsibility.”

Hope and Change Lie with us, not Federal Government

Love said deficit spending is the most critical issue in her district. She said limited government does not mean eliminating everything. It means doing things at the appropriate level of government. As mayor, Love’s questioning on spending is, “is it affordable? Is it sustainable? Is it our job?” She said Washington should be asking those same questions. She said so many people “believe Washington is the beginning and end of everything.” Love said that the executive experience concomitant with working as Mayor has prepared her for the U.S. House of Representatives. As a mayor, you are working for the community and the decisions you make have a direct impact on your constituents. Love said that going to Washington, she understands that the government belongs to us; we don’t belong to it.

“Hope and change lies with us. It doesn’t lie with the federal government,” Love said.

Absurd to Focus on who is the Right Face of Which Religion

Love is a Mormon and said Harry Reid’s sullying of Romney’s Mormon faith “just shows what kind of leadership we have in the Senate. We have so many issues we need to fix and — remember I talked about this during the convention — this President divides us based on income level, gender and social status. I should have added religion to that. That’s exactly what’s happening. ‘We can’t talk about the issues, so let’s just attack that person’ based on those items I just told you.”

Love said we should be worried about over-regulation, and over-spending, jobs and businesses making payrolls, “not who is the right face of which religion.” She said that citizens today are paying attention to the issues and predicts the will say to the leftists at the ballot box, “I am not buying what you’re selling.”

Truth Bomb — Now at 82% of Goal

Love’s website is: http://www.love4utah.com/, and her Truth Bomb had reached 50% of its $50,000 goal at the time of the interview. Now with over $41,000 raised, the Truth Bomb is 82% of the way there. The money will go toward advertising to answer the left’s smears against her campaign.

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