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Flashback: Gov. Palin Keynotes CPAC with Epic Speech, Accepts Award


One year ago today on her 48th birthday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accepted an award from the Clare Booth Luce Foundation for “putting family first by not running for President in 2012″ and delivered an epic keynote speech at CPAC two hours later.

Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute Woman of the Year — 2012

Flashback: Gov. Palin CBLPI 2012 Woman of the Year — February 11, 2012

HD Video: CPAC 2012 Keynote Address

Sights, Sounds: CPAC 2012, Bristol Palin Book Signing

Gov Palin’s Closing Keynote at CPAC 2012 Sights and Sounds

2012 Birthday Celebrations

Bristol Palin — who earlier in the day had a book signing in DuPont Circle — documented her mother’s birthday celebrations in Episodes five and six of Life’s a Tripp. Though Lifetime has pulled down the complete episodes from their website, you might be able to find clips of salient points there. Following CPAC, Bristol and Willow threw an impromptu party in the Palin’s hotel room, after which, Gov. Palin celebrated her 48th birthday at Matisse Cafe / Restaurant.

Life’s a Tripp Episode Six documented the large family celebration of Gov. Palin’s 48th birthday which was held after she returned to Alaska. One of her birthday gifts was a small Ruger semi-automatic pistol for concealed carry.

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American Grizzlies Launches Survey of Non-Romney Voters

When addressing Young Americans for Freedom in 1975, former President Ronald Wilson Reagan said,

“Some have suggested that the 1974 election — the disastrous results — were an indictment of what we stand for. Well, may I suggest that the meaning of the last election will not be found among those who voted. It will be found in my polling those who stayed home — the biggest non-voter bloc in our nation’s history. And why did they stay home?”

It is well-known that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan got 2.3 million less votes than John McCain and Sarah Palin did in 2008. Pundits have speculated about the reasons why, but there is no hard data to support their assertions.

This survey is an attempt to arrive at the truth of why these 2.3 million people either stayed home or abstained, chose existing third party candidates, or wrote in candidates. If you are among these voters, please take a few minutes to respond. You will not be asked to divulge any personal or contact information.

Our work continues…

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SarahPalinUSA: If You See Something Fishy at Polls, Report It


Governor Palin today Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Today, if you see something at the polls that doesn’t seem right, record and report it: http://t.co/c002oXHa #WatchTheVote Please RT!

Ed. Note:

Gov. Palin also posted this item as a Status Update on Facebook.

Notice something fishy on election day? Pull out your camera. Some easy guidelines for citizen journalists. Send emails, questions, links and video to tips@revealingpolitics.com and see truethevote.org for more information.

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

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Gov. Palin: Support My SarahPAC Revolution

Ed. Note: This fund-raising letter sent via Postal Mail has been re-typed for publication here. Except for necessary redaction of my personal information, the letter was otherwise typed and formatted to be as faithful as possible to the original. This letter sent out under Gov. Palin’s name and signature. It is a significant fund-raiser, therefore. If donating by check, please make checks payable to “SarahPAC” and send to the address at the bottom of this post. If donating by credit card, please click the SarahPAC logo at the bottom of post.

Dear [Donor],

With so much at stake in this critical Election year, I have just one question for you:

Will you help me finish what we started in 2010?

In 2010, millions of ordinary Americans like you and me came together and formed the Tea Party movement.

We told Barack Obama that we didn’t want America “fundamentally changed.”

Why? Because we love America. And we’re willing to fight for it.

But now in 2012 we’ve got some unfinished business on our hands, and it’s clear what we need to do:

#1. Defeat Barack Obama.
#2. Win the U.S. Senate.

Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America is destroying everything that made our country great.

If he and his class-warfare cronies in the Senate aren’t defeated, there will be no end to their regulating, spending, printing, and borrowing.

If we want to save our country, then we must change the team and the game plan in this crucial 2012 election.

In fact, if we don’t win this election, I predict that our nation will never recover.

We will go the way of other broken, failed governments.

Nations like Greece – where young, able-bodied citizens expect a government welfare check for doing absolutely nothing.

I don’t want my children and grandchildren working the rest of their lives just to pay off Obama’s debts. And, I’m willing to bet you don’t either.

So, I’m asking you to join me in finishing the job today.

Will you help me prove that the Tea Party movement isn’t simply a political fad… it’s an American awakening!

And it’s coming from ordinary Americans who understand that reclaiming our America means repealing ObamaCare. Upholding the Tenth Amendment. Reining in overregulation. Canceling Obama’s unused stimulus money. Eliminating all federal corporate income tax, corporate welfare, and loopholes.

And tapping in to our abundant American energy resources – oil, natural gas and clean coal – to free us from dependency on foreign dictators!

This is the kind of sudden and relentless reform in Washington we must have if we are going to defend the future of our families and our nation.

Now is our chance to grab the bull by the horns.

The media elites are predicting that the Tea Party isn’t going to be a difference maker in this Election.

Many of them are also saying that I’m not going to have much of an impact.

As usual, they don’t know what they are talking about.

My Tea Party friends are telling me that they’re even more excited about this Election than they were in 2010…

…because this November we have a chance to fire Barack Obama!

State by state, district by district – by bus, by plane, on the stump – you can count on me to do everything in my power to elect the candidates that share our vision for America.

Will you join my SarahPAC Revolution and help me elect pro-family, pro-America patriots who share our beliefs to Congress?

Thank you for helping me save the America we know and love!

Sarah Palin

P.S. Our victory in 2010 may have slowed the Obama liberals down. But it hasn’t stopped them. Our chance to finish the job is finally here. We have our work cut out for us – but together we can make it happen!


Paid for by SarahPAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

P.O. Box 220700
Arlington, VA 22207-9500

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O4P-CA: Halloween Grizzly SWAG

In case you have not  heard (coming to a Laptop near you) next Saturday October 29th is GRIZZLY FEST!

For up to the minute alerts be sure to follow: @GrizzlyFest on Twitter.

And click LIKE on the Grizzly Fest Facebook Page: HERE

O4P-CA wanted to lend a hand and help out our friends at Grizzly Fest in any way we could. One of our distinguising strategies that was highly effective in the 2010 election cycle was our use of donated and/or at cost SWAG.

SWAG = Stuff We All Get

(the term started in Hollywood with Academy Award celebrity gifting suites)

There are no big marketing budgets in grass roots politics. So, in order to get around that challenge we focus on: creativity, the present, fortitude, and of course…pizzazz.

Last year O4P-CA used guerilla marketing campaigns to target specific groups of people in unexpected places. The impromptu Mama Grizzly March in Beverly Hills was a great example of unconventional interactive political marketing with the electorate.

The anti business policies of Barack Obama and the permanent political class have made it a cinch to talk to small business owners about the state of our country and our economy.

Oftentimes Mom and Pop small business’s are willing to donate their products and/or services when they find out what we’re doing, what we’re working towards, and what we believe.

Just ask.

It’s no surprise that small business owners have absolutely no desire to see America fundamentally transformed. Just like most Americans these small business owners instead seek the restoration of our magnitude, our benevolence, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.

Because Mom and Pop’s believe in the power and the opportunity of a restored American free-market economy; many of them are eager to lend a hand to our cause and help get our message out to the body politic. 

Just ask.

As we approach an unconventional election cycle we need to think outside of the box, call in a few favors, and circumvent the shackles that America’s permanent political class use against us.

Our work continues. Let’s restore America.

Follow O4P-CA on Twitter: @CA4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

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O4P-CA: Keep Calm & Carry On

Perhaps recent events can best be described by O4P-CA’s Susan and Ray of essexandorange1773.com (E & O).  Last month as anxiety swelled over Sarah Palin’s delayed announcement; the creative team of E & O came out with another super cool (and free download) poster titled:

 Keep Calm And Carry On.

This sensible rallying cry is conceivably more befitting today than it was a few short weeks ago. (NOTE TO SELF: Could one week in politics be like dog years?) The time between the Indianola speech and today seems like an eternity…

Reloading and moving forward with constructive goals is the best way to make sure our work continues.

For the past three years, both in public and in private, we’ve frequently talked about how this moment in history is not about Sarah Palin, or any one candidate. 

This network, this movement, this crusade really always has been about creating and maintaining an engaged citizenry.

Someone will win the Whig GOP primary, and someone will win the 2012 presidential race. 

Our country needs to be fixed. OBVI!  

There’s really only one way to put America back on the right track. And that is through an engaged citizenry. An engaged citizenry is key to effectively govern and pass an agenda of sudden and relentless reform.  

Enthusiasm for the 2012 presidential race is up for grabs. With Sarah Palin not seeking the GOP nomination at this time, the focus has (wisely) shifted toward seizing the U.S. Senate.

Through an engaged citizenry we have a unique opportunity. The Republican Party is on the brink of a historic new dawn. Through our courage, our optimism, and our hard work, we can bring a significant invigoration to the party of Lincoln.  

We have an opportunity to build a better future for all by taking up the gauntlet of resurrection and giving rebirth to the GOP.

 In 2012, Democrats hold 23 of the 33 Senate seats that can be seized.

The bi-partisan animosity toward incumbents has only grown since the last election cycle.

If we work hard, and play our cards right we can look forward to even bigger gains in 2012.

1) We need to retain the House.

2) Come hell or high water we absolutely must seize the Senate.

3) We cannot lose focus and let presidential politics (via the LSM) dominate and exhaust all of our existence, our punch, and our energy.

Moving forward toward 2012 one thing is certain: We will see more political corruption. Political corruption in the media and political corruption in the permanent political class.

By keeping our determination and our commitment intact. We can advance, strengthen, and carry on as organized entities who work together toward the restoration of our founders values and principles–on every level of government.

By working together as an engaged citizenry we have the power to elect concrete and solid, constitutional conservative candidates who:

- Put country first.

- Understand that energy independence is the key element of our economic security and betterment that all Americans want and deserve.

- Believe in American Exceptionalism.

- Understand that American foreign policy should, above all, be founded in our  national interest, and not the interests of others.

Let’s stay calm, let’s stay focused, and together let’s restore America.

 Follow O4P-CA on Twitter: @CA4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz


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O4P-CA: Boots on the Ground in Iowa

O4P-CA departed friday morning and headed to Iowa for the Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” event at the Indianola Balloon Festival Grounds.

As soon as we landed in Iowa we headed straight to the local Target to pick up a few things for the weekend.

We had our O4P-CA bags stuffed full of goodies (O4P-CA SWAG)

But we needed something to transport the SWAG in to the event that night at The Machine Shed. We found some really groovy red rectangular baskets to put the SWAG in. (Pssst Peter, Michelle, and Kristi, the groovy red rectangular baskets are behind the front desk at the Days Inn waiting for you. They’ll come in handy transporting O4P stuff back and forth from upcoming events)


Look closely and you can see the black Converse-esque O4P Grizzly Shoe Proto-types. They say: GRRRR on the tongue of the shoe and have a Quad colored Warhol-esque O4P Logo (see below) on the backside of each shoe. Hopefully these will be ready for the O4P Christmas store. (along with long sleeve T-Shirts, and an O4P Road Side Emergency Kit!…STAY TUNED for details)

We brought lots of SWAG to give out to the O4P Volunteers.


It was so much fun to meet, mingle, smooze, and talk to all the O4P volunteers that we’ve been talking to online for so long.

All of the volunteers were so warm and friendly and full of excitement for the weekends activities.

People from all over the country came together last friday and saturday in Iowa for the historic Tea Party.

I remember over a year ago at the first Meet-up in San Diego Tammy Bruce told us to look around at each other because we would be seeing a lot of the same faces the next year and a half.

I also remember (the Meet-up last November) in Chicago a group of us sort of jokingly said that the next time we would see each other would be in…Iowa…WE WERE RIGHT!

And yes, it was good to see some familiar faces too.

We even saw some VERY familiar faces.

The next day we got up early and headed out to Indianola.

O4P Volunteers set up a booth, got instructions from Peter and Karen; and then got busy.

O4P Volunteers from all over the country invaded, and took over the grounds determined to recruit new patriotic Davids for the looming battle against Goliath and his corporate cronies.

Everywhere you turned, there were O4P Volunteers equipped with clipboards taking measurements for new soldiers and making sure they were armed and loaded with facts, truth…and the name of their O4P State Coordinator.


Slowly but surely people are catching on to what O4P is all about…A complete restoration of our country. Even the LSM wanted to know what was going on.

Talking to people, one vote at a time, is the way we plan to bring real change to America.

Heading back to Los Angeles on Sunday morning with a renewed hope in this network, this fellowship, this crusade that has begun I couldn’t help but wonder: Do Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Huntsman, Johnson, or Santorum have anything close to the enthusiasm, dedication, or numbers that O4P does?

It’s really a silly question.

The answer is NO.

In the coming months the confused Obama administration will have to set aside their abstract economic theory to endlessly ponder something else…


(Hey Obama…YES SHE CAN!)

Join Organize4Palin (O4P) TEXT: 4PALIN to 74679 and Register HERE

Thomas S Schmitz

California State Coordinator Organize4Palin (O4P-CA)

Twitter: @CA4Palin & @ThomasSSchmitz

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O4P-CA: Leadership

This was written by Glenn Briggs. Mr Briggs is an active Organize4Palin (O4P) CA volunteer who lives in Walnut Creek, CA


There are certain key skills which define a leader. Following is not necessarily a complete list of these skills, but I consider them to be essential.

It usually takes a lot of practice for anyone to develop the characteristics of a leader. For most, it’s a lifetime effort. And also, for most, they never quite obtain an acceptable level of skill in all these characteristics. It’s rare to find individuals who achieve a high level of skill in all of them.
You may differ with me as to the completeness of this dissertation or with the points made, or the points not made, but I believe this is complete enough that once understood, one can apply its principles to make judgments concerning the validity of the title of leader in today’s political environment.

Ability to Communicate

A person with a high degree of communication skill is both a good listener, as well as a good speaker. Such leaders listen closely to their followers, asking questions to ensure they have the best possible understanding of what is being said. Without a high degree of competence in communication skills, no leader can initially motivate or keep their “flock” motivated. When a great leader communicates with a follower, the follower has the sense that the leader has “eyes” for no one but the follower, the focus is so clear. Thus, it may be seen, communication skills are absolutely vital to a true leader. No one can be a leader without these skills being highly developed.

Applying these points, my observation is that Sarah Palin is the premiere communicator in the political arena today and that Barack Obama is among the worst. His very arrogance prevents him from listening to others, while videos of Sarah meeting and greeting people shows she genuinely cares for the people and grants them a lot of importance. This trait of Sarah Palin opens the door for anyone to communicate genuinely with her and her with them.

Palin – 1
Obama – 0

Interpersonal Skills

Without the respect and trust of ones followers, there is no leadership. Respect and trust are earned. Relationships are founded on respect and trust and it works both ways. Really accomplished leaders are able to obtain the trust and respect of those who follow them and the leader, in turn, conveys respect and trust in equal measure to their followers and the followers know it. Mutual respect and trust is vital among all the members of the group and an excellent leader ensures that happens, handling any misunderstandings as they arise.

Sarah Palin shows genuine trust of and respect for others in her interpersonal actions. Us common folk feel empowered by her and feel that closeness which comes from acknowledging, “she’s one of us”. Sarah is quick both to praise and defend her followers as well as people who espouse the principles she believes in. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has frequently shown disdain for the common folks and displays a haughtiness of demeanor that alienates the average person. He puts on an elitist attitude which repels. He is not a “warm” person, whereas Sarah Palin is very “warm” and inviting in her demeanor toward people she meets.

We the People have more trust in Sarah than in any other politician in America today, largely because she’s quite unlike the usual politician – she has a genuine servant’s heart.

Palin – 2
Obama – 0


Group cohesion is directly proportional to the self-confidence of the leadership, of the followers in the leadership and of the leadership in the followers. In other words, everybody in the group has to have confidence in themselves and the other group members in order to maximize the achievement of the group’s goals. Again, without confidence in oneself and the other members of the group, there is no leadership. Groups fall apart when leaders do not display confidence in what they and the group are doing. Anyone who cannot take responsibility for the results obtained within a group, good and bad, is no leader at all. A leader must be able to learn from mistakes of their own as well as those of others. And in emergencies, the confident demeanor of a true leader can permeate the group and pull it through to satisfactory conclusions.

Barack Obama doesn’t generate confidence in himself or anyone else and especially not in his policies, which have proven to be Marxist in intent and highly destructive of the American Way. This is a major failure of his. Sarah Palin creates a n abundance of confidence with her common-sense approach to solving the problems facing our world and her sunny disposition in the face of difficulty. Sarah believes wholeheartedly in America, in family and her Faith, and is consistent and unwavering in her desire to restore America to the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the exceptionalism which has made America the greatest nation on earth. As a result, she generates enormous confidence among her followers.

Palin – 3
Obama – 0

Organizational Skills

True leaders have well honed organizational skills. They thoroughly understand what the group’s goals are and how to organize the group to achieve its goals. They are capable of creating structures within the group which synergisticly interact to help their groups get the job done, and in like manner, are able to successfully dismantle barriers to getting the job done.

Disparate individuals and groups make up the Tea Party Movement, but no one else commands their cheers and attendance at rallies more than Sarah Palin. She amalgams these different entities into a degree of cohesion of action and platform as no other. Others claim to, but they are only claims, they are not facts. Obama displays no organizational skills whatever.

Palin – 4
Obama – 0


Vital to successful leadership is the ability to be flexible when the situation changes, requiring a fresh approach to any problems at hand. They may need to alter the group’s focus to meet the demands of new factors in the environment. True leaders are able to re-assess and move the group forward by applying different solutions, as appropriate, to the new circumstances.

Barack Obama has demonstrated a severe lack of adaptability. His policies have virtually all failed and yet his response to this failure is to press for more of the same. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has adapted readily to changing conditions and in the instance of the frivolous ethics complaints which virtually shut down her administration as Governor of Alaska, took a step which very few, if any other, politicians would have taken – she removed the reason for these complaints to continue to be leveled – she resigned. Since then, the Alaska Governor’s Office has resumed its duties effectively. This is clear evidence that the false complaints were only intended to bankrupt the Palin family and render the Governor’s Office powerless. Further evidence of Sarah’s adaptability has been how she, in the face of the most vicious and vile treatment by the Leftist media of herself and her family, has been able to “turn the tables” on the media, forcing them to “dance on her string” during her One Nation Bus Tour and causing the media to whine about how mean she was to them.

Palin – 5
Obama – 0

Common-sense Orientation

Successful leaders are able to develop simple solutions to problems which appear complex to others. Complexity is derived of a lack of understanding. Understanding breeds simplicity. Successful leaders are able to, through adequate study and development of their own understanding, put forth simple solutions to what appear to be complex problems to others. These simple solutions are then perceived as “common sense” and “simple” by those who grasp them. Such understanding within the group engenders an extremely strong sense of confidence and well-being within the group that they know well how to resolve the situations confronting the group and how to achieve the group’s goals.

Sarah is famous for her ability to analyze and understand issues which are professed by others to be complex and render them simple I remember when Joe Biden tried to suggest that Sarah did not know how complex the country’s energy problems were and her response was with a simple, common-sense solution which made Joe look like an idiot (my opinion). Sarah’s Facebook Notes are famous for their simple, common-sense solutions to the nation’s problems. And they are seemingly ignored by Barack Obama, who offers no solutions to any of the nation’s problems. Obama has only a rigid set of repetitive “solutions”, none of which demonstrate any common-sense whatever and which actually exacerbate the negative situations we face.

Palin – 6
Obama – 0

Obtaining Results

Leading by example alone isn’t good enough. Really successful leaders don’t hesitate to “get their fingers dirty” by taking an active part in the activities of the group. They constantly work to keep the group’s activities humming. Leadership’s goal is to produce results, for without results, there is little reason for the group or its “leaders”. At the same time, the group’s leader must be able to “step away” and view the overall picture of the group’s condition and assess accordingly to keep the group moving forward toward the achievement of its goals.

A key element to leadership is knowing every aspect of what the group is trying to accomplish and being thoroughly in agreement with its accomplishment. It is the basis on which the group can be motivated and directed. If the leadership is weak in its belief in the “rightness” of its goals and purposes, it is unlikely the group will achieve much of anything.

In virtually every instance which called for leadership by President Obama, he has not only remained aloof, he has sequestered himself away from the active fray. He doesn’t just not take part, he hides. Barack Obama steadfastly refuses to take responsibility for anything. Sarah, in contrast, moves directly at any seeming danger that exists, confronting it head-on and taking an active part in leading her team to handle it. Perhaps in no other respect do their leadership styles differ as markedly as in the area of taking responsibility for the results. Sarah takes full responsibility and Barack takes none.

Palin – 7
Obama – 0

Ethics, Morals and Mores

Truly successful leaders operate within a high level of ethics and morals, becoming an example for others to follow.

This last point is an extremely important one that often differentiates true leaders from the rest of the pack. Leadership is not just gaining a position of power and control with the opportunity to order people around. There is no true leadership in a tyranny; there is only suppression. True leaders are willing to not just “talk the talk”, but are eagerly willing to “walk the walk” alongside their followers.

True leaders have a highly developed skill to empower their followers such that their followers are more able to work as a cohesive unit, with common objectives and common mores appropriate to the achievement of the group’s goals.

The greatest leaders, who are endowed with the greatest degree of devotion by their followers, are those perceived by the group members as “one of us”.

Leadership skills are acquired, folks are not born with them and great leaders can make mistakes. No one is infallible. Yet, one should not, for one mistake, condemn a plethora of achievement.

On the positive side, great leaders learn from their mistakes.

If Barack Obama has any sense of ethics, I don’t recognize it. He consistently and continuously lies. Again, in contrast, Sarah Palin is scrupulously honest in every respect and her word is always kept, even if it appears to be not the best choice. For example, she felt she owed a debt of gratitude to John McCain for having chosen her as his running mate and she, in spite of numerous calls from her supporters not to, she backed McCain in the November, 2010 election. While some might say Sarah is loyal to a fault, I disagree. She has repaid her debt and is beholden to no one. This clearly sets her apart from virtually all other politicians active today. As a result, Sarah has earned her followers deep respect and as well, they know she will always have their backs. Loyalty is contagious and it’s rife within the ranks of Sarah’s supporters who are intensely loyal to her. As for Barack Obama, his loyalty to anyone or anything outside himself is non-existent. His actions have betrayed many of the groups which supported him in 2008 and many of these groups are beginning to denounce his breaking of the promises he made to them in exchange for their votes, for the first time actively criticizing Obama.

Palin – 8
Obama – 0

Look for these characteristics in all the actual or potential Presidential candidates who claim the mantle of “Leader” and satisfy yourself that they are worthy of wearing it. Their professing to or acting as if they are worthy is not good enough. They must earn it in your eyes for you to accept them as your leader. It is the “leader” in you which has the right to make that judgment.

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