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When have presidential candidates announced their campaigns for the White House?

h/t our friend Rose for this great video.

When have presidential candidates announced their campaigns for the White House?

Franklin Roosevelt: Announced January 1932 for November 1932 election.

Dwight Eisenhower:  Announced March 1952 for November 1952 election.

John F. Kennedy: Announced January 1960 for November 1960 election.

Lyndon Johnson: Announced July 1960 for November 1960 election.

Barry Goldwater: Announced January 1964 for November 1964 election.

Richard Nixon:  Announced February 1968 for November 1968 election.

Ronald Reagan:  Announced November 1979 for November 1980 election.

George H.W. Bush:  Announced October 1987 for November 1988 election.

Bill Clinton:  Announced October 1991 for November 1992 election.

Bob Dole:  Announced April 1995 for November 1996 election.

Al Gore: Announced June 1999 for November 2000 election.

George W. Bush: Announced June 1999 for November 2000 election.

John Kerry:  Announced September 2003 for November 2004 election.

John McCain: Announced April 2007 for November 2008 election.

Barack Obama:  Announced February 2007 for November 2008 election.

Hillary Clinton:  Announced February 2007 for November 2008 election.


Deadlines for making a decision in 2012:

To be on the Florida ballot, Republican candidates must file by 5pm October 31st, 2011 (though Florida is being punished by the RNC by “going early” and only half the delegates will count, making it a state a candidate can miss the filing deadline for).

To be on the ballot in South Carolina — a state all candidates should indeed want to be on the ballot for — filing deadline is 5pm November 1st.


Something to keep in mind:

There is a GOP debate on October 18th, 2011…the same day Governor Palin is scheduled to be in South Korea giving a speech. It seems unlikely she would fly back and make it in time to attend this debate.

In all likelihood, she will not announce her candidacy until after this debate…so possibly sometime between October 19th and October 30th, since I doubt she would do it on Halloween…though, actually, she could miss the Florida deadline and announce as late as the morning or afternoon of November 1st and still be able to participate in the South Carolina primary.


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Welcome to the new civility

In January 2011 in Tucson, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot and critically wounded by what was described as a “crazed gunman.”  The paramedics hadn’t even arrived before the media was out in force trying to tie the “crazed gunman” to the Tea Party, or to Sarah Palin, or at the very least, to conservatives.

Six people died in that shooting.  They were innocent people who had come to hear Congresswoman Giffords speak.  A few days after the shootings, President Obama addressed the nation and expressed his concern over a “lack of civility” :  “If, as has been discussed in recent days, their deaths help usher in more civility in our public discourse,” Mr. Obama said, “let us remember that it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy — it did not — but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation, in a way that would make them proud.”

Pundits and commentators far and wide picked up the mantle and called for a “new civility”, expressing or implying that the Tea Party and angry conservatives are guilty of incivility, hateful rhetoric, intolerance, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, and the most laughable, violence.  There has been no violence at any Tea Party event since the Tea Party began in the spring of 2009, with the exception of the beating of Kenneth Gladney, a conservative African American who was beaten by SEIU thugs who attacked him and called him “the ‘N’ word” for being a black conservative.

Tea Partiers are, for the most part, middle-aged Americans who are angry with the out-of-control spending going on in Washington, the increase in taxes, the increase in punitive regulations, the class warfare, and the mandates, rules and restrictions being forced upon everyday Americans.  We just want to be left alone to raise our families, pay our bills, earn our livings, and worship as we choose.  We want the America that our founding fathers gave us.  We sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at all of our meetings.  This is apparently the “hateful rhetoric” of which we are guilty.  We aren’t violent, we aren’t profane.  We are Americans who love our country and want it back.

Welcome to the new civility.  In the past couple of weeks, we have seen the following:

Michael Moore on Keith Olbermann’s show:
“…and the smart rich know, they can only build the gates so high, and, and, sooner or later, history proves that people, when they’ve had enough, aren’t going to take it anymore, and [it's] much better to deal with it non-violently now, through the political system, than what could possibly happen in the future, which nobody wants to see…”

Morgan Freeman on Piers Morgan’s show said the Tea Party’s goal is “screw the country, we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here.”  Freeman concluded: “It is a racist thing.”

Maxine Waters addressed the unemployed during a forum in Inglewood.   A day after new statistics were released showing that California’s jobless rate last month went up to 12%, from 11.8%, Waters vowed to push Congress to focus on creating more jobs. “I’m not afraid of anybody,” said Waters. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the ‘tea party’ can go straight to hell.”

Yes, it’s clear that the Tea Party and conservatives have to learn to be more civil.

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TRANSCRIPT: Governor Palin’s Labor Day Speech in Manchester, NH 9/5/11

Click here to see the video, via Conservatives4Palin:

And here’s a transcript of Governor Palin’s Labor Day speech in Manchester, New Hampshire addressing a Tea Party crowd on September 5th, 2011.  Note: While she was speaking, Mittens “Mood Ring” Romney was also in New Hampshire, where approximately 180 people (and a few sock puppets) had assembled to hear what the Cocktail Party GOP establishment’s darling had to say.  I also think a good many of these people were under the impression there would be free Arby’s if they listened to Mittens long enough (as there’s confusion on the ground as to whether or not Romney once served as Arby’s anthropomorphized mascot for a spell after leaving the Massachusetts governor’s mansion).


Governor Palin:  Hello New Hampshire, it’s good to be with you. I am absolutely honored to be here. I was introduced as someone who inspires; no — YOU inspire me.  You keep me going, and I thank you, I thank God for you. Thank you Tea Party Americans.

Crowd: Run, Sarah, Run!

Governor Palin:  Awesome. Well, it’s really good to be spending Labor Day weekend with you.  LABOR DAY itself with you. And here you could be anywhere else. You could be out there grilling up some steak with friends and neighbors and just kicking back — and instead, what you’re doing, because you are concerned about your country, you are taking a stand for what is right.  You are taking a stand for needed reform in our country. You’re ready, and you’re willing to fight for what is right about America. I thank you for that.

Again, that is what inspires ME, it inspires the rest of the country, as we see what is going on in this Tea Party Movement.

Now, on my trip here from Iowa, I was thinking about your state’s motto: LIVE FREE OR DIE

Crowd:  CHEERS!

Governor Palin: And I said what an honor it is to be in a state where — I tell ya — you have the boldest motto in the entire nation. It really says it all. I thank God for America’s freedom. I thank God for Tea Party Americans who are ready and willing to fight for our freedom. And if YOU love your freedom, then you thank a Vet. So that’s what we’re gonna do right now.  Raise your hand if you have served past or present in the United States military because we salute you, God Bless You! (the Governor claps for our veterans).

Crowd: Cheers and claps for veterans.

[Note: This is the 1:45 mark of the video.  The camera pulls back and gives a nice shot of the crowd.  There are easily upwards of 2,000 people there.  Meanwhile, as noted, elsewhere in New Hampshire, 180 people and a few raggedy puppets assembled to hear Mittens and his Cocktail Party-approved drivel, with most of those people salivating for Arby's...but if you've ever had their curly fries, you wouldn't blame them.]

Governor Palin:  Thank you.  Thank you, Vets. Thank you. Well, for some of you, this may be your first Tea Party. For others, we’re going on a couple of years now in a grassroots movement that really has awakened America.

And we needed that awakening because we’re now up against Barack Obama’s very strange fundamental transformation of the country that we so love.

And it is a strange transformation that he would attempt.

We don’t need a transformation.  As you well know, we need a fundamental RESTORATION OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND STRONG AND FREE IN AMERICA.

[Note:  This is the 2:26 mark, and this is clearly going to be Governor Palin's presidential campaign theme:  not a transformation of America, but a RESTORATION of all that is good and strong and free in America. It appears Governor Palin has used the Indianola, Iowa speech on September 3rd, 2011 and this Manchester, New Hampshire speech on September 5th, 2011 to do a soft open of her campaign testing this theme with audiences before the official roll-out later this month].

Crowd: Cheers so loudly the Governor has to pause to let the applause die down so she can resume her speech.  Meanwhile, elsewhere in New Hampshire, the few dozen assemble to hear Mittens speak politely await their dreamed-of Arby’s.

Governor Palin: You’re doing it Tea Party Americans.  You are allowing and creating the real change that is needed. The Tea Party is about independent, common sense, Constitutionalists who love this country in good times and in tough times, who are always proud of America, and who never apologize for the red, white, and blue. It’s Tea Party Americans who are making the change that is needed.

[Note: This is about the 2:26 mark.  Do you see what Governor Palin did in that paragraph above?  Do you remember the horrible thing Michelle Obama repeated TWICE in Wisconsin during the 2008 Democrat primaries, when she said that "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country". Few have ever forgotten that, because it's the Obamas combined natures to be proud of America only when they are being lavished everything they want.  Expect this to be hammered home by the Palin campaign, where the Palin family of hard working, America-loving, patriots are directly contrasted with the spoiled, vain, and entitled Obamas. This is a very clever move of Governor Palin, drawing subtle attention to the terrible things Michelle Obama has said in the past -- and clearly still believes -- without ever referring to her directly by name].

Governor Palin: So whether you’re here for the first time — and in Alaska, we call them cheechako — or maybe you’re a sourdough by now, like Sal Russo — and we thank him for putting all of this together, he being a sourdough in this movement — whether you are here for the first time or not I believe that all who are sincere in the effort to REFORM our government and RESTORE our country are welcome here. And it is time now to GROW the Tea Party Movement. Let’s talk straight about how we can do that, and let’s talk about some of the problems in trying to grow this movement that’s so needed.

[Note: Great Merciful Zeus, this is brilliant of Governor Palin.  She's repeatedly using the R-words, like REFORM, RESTORE, RENEW, REBUILD, etc.  R-words, which actually have a very subtle psy-ops motivation behind them because listeners are thinking "R", "R", "R", which will stick with them when they head to ballot boxes next year to vote for candidates that have an "R", "R", "R", by their names.  Essentially, what the Governor is doing -- this far out from the official campaign -- is trying to rebrand the entire Republican party as the party of REFORM, RESTORATION, RENEWAL, REBUILDING, etc.  She is the only candidate with the foresight to include this in her speeches before she has even announced her candidacy.  It's excellent political strategy. Also, the Governor is taking leadership to get the Tea Party on a solid track to maximize its effectiveness at a time when various opportunists are trying to tear the movement in different directions to suit their own needs, including Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who has done a lot of things lately that have made me think much less of her].

Governor Palin: We need to talk about media-incited internal squabbles that we can nip in the bud, right here and right now — because we’ve got a lot of work to do, Constitutionalists. Our challenges today are too great.  We simply don’t have time to be bogged down in internal conflicts and friendly-fire conflagrations. The time to secure our future and preserve our blessings of liberty and RESTORE our economy is now.

The Tea Party Movement is bigger than any one person, and it’s not about any ONE candidate — and thank goodness we don’t have any ONE single leader. The Movement is about bringing together debate and discussion of solutions from We the People — not the politicos, not those inside the beltway types that are part of that PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS that have fought the Tea Party Movement.  As was said in the introduction, this is about every day, hard-working, individual Americans and empowering the individual.

This is what the Founders intended for this country. It is you who run our factories and own our small businesses, who teach our children, who fight our wars — it is you who build our communities with A SERVANT’S HEART — that is WE THE PEOPLE, that is OUR COUNTRY, that is AMERICA!

Crowd: Cheers loudly!

[Note: This is about the 5:10 mark. Notice how Governor Palin repeats "permanent political class" again.  This is what she calls the Cocktail Party GOP establishment.  She's only been using this phrase for the last few weeks, so her campaign must have been testing it out and decided "permanent political class" works well for her to say in these speeches.  Another Palinism that's repeated again is "A Servant's Heart", which is an echo of the soul of her convention speech in 2008 and the driving force of her entire political career].

Governor Palin: Solutions come from YOU and America’s hope is in YOU.

It’s not that nebulous hopeychangey stuff we heard about in 2008 like this poster says over here (points).  No, that’s what’s led us into the mess that we are in, with the tripling of the deficit and more crony capitalism than ever and more taxpayer bailouts and more of the Left’s big government agenda via the mother-of-all-unfunded-mandates called OBAMACARE.


[Note: It's about the 5:49 mark.  Notice the repeat of "nebulous hopeychangey stuff" and "the mother of all unfunded mandates called Obamacare".  These are two points Governor Palin will hammer home over and over again on the campaign trail that the Cocktail Party GOP establishment will never touch, because both nebulousness and Obamacare hit too close to faults Mittens "Mood Ring" Romney has himself.  Therefore, a Romney 2012 campaign would never be able to attack Obama on the two points voters are most angry about.  Really think about that, any of you who may be reading this who are pushing for Mittens.  2012 has too much on the line to nominate him just "because it's his turn and the consultants want him as the nominee"].

Governor Palin: For the first time in history the US has a credit-rating downgrade that happened because our president has no plan to tackle the politicians’ self-induced debt and deficit problems. No — Obama’s “Hope!” has changed us from a country of hope to one of anxiety. And we are at a tipping point.

So, I want to talk truthfully about where we are with failed policies and incompetent leadership, but more importantly what WE can do about it. And some of us saw this day coming [Personal Note: that would be all of YOU who have been reading HillBuzz.org since we started this site in February 2008 to stop Obama from doing everything he has done to this country] as I explained in Iowa since it was three years ago that I spoke at the GOP convention and I asked America, that night of the speech I asked America, when the cloud of rhetoric has passed and the roar of the crowd fades away, what exactly is Barack Obama’s plan?

What does Barack Obama actually seek to accomplish after he’s done turning back the waters and healing the planet? The answer is: he wants to make government bigger, to take more of your money and give it to more special interests, to give you more orders from Washington, and to reduce the strength of America in a dangerous world.

I spoke of this (in August of 2008) but back then those were only words of warning and the media sure wasn’t asking those questions. The media sure didn’t do its part in vetting candidate Obama. But now you have seen the proof yourself in President Obama. Candidate Obama didn’t have a record in office but President Obama certainly does and that’s why we’re here today.

[Note: this is about the 7:37 mark. See what she's doing?  She's establishing -- very accurately -- that she warned America that Obama was not vetted and would lead this country to ruin, but the media aggressively covered for him and allowed this to happen.  The Governor is not only affirming her credentials as someone who did everything possible to stop Obama, but is also drawing to Americans' attention just how much the media serves the Left as one of the horcruxes it relies on to maintain power.  Brilliant strategy from Governor Palin].

Governor Palin: Here’s some proof of a failed policy — a failed economic policy — and proof of not having a plan to lead our country coming from our current president.  Earlier this summer, on one of the first legs of our ONE NATION BUS TOUR we stopped at a struggling business here in the Granite State, the Yankee Fisherman’s Co-Op in Seabrook, New Hampshire. And there I heard firsthand yet another story of how these burdensome high taxes and federal regulations are literally killing our small businesses and our jobs. The hardworking watermen and their families at that co-op weren’t concerned with political labels and inside baseball political games that are played — they’re concerned with massive government burdens that are choking their way of life and their freedom to make their living on the water. As some of these families, like our own commercial fishing family [Note: the Governor's referring to her husband Todd Palin's salmon fishing business, which has now been taken over by their son Track, as seen in one of the episodes of Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC], have been proudly doing this for generations and they just want to fish and responsibly harvest a natural resource to provide for their families but that’s all under attack now. It’s tragic.

Like these fishermen, we patriots should not focus on petty political squabbles and media-gamed sound bytes.

The Tea Party has to focus on the broader, more important goals of this movement:

1. Replace Obama.

2. Return power back to “We the People” and grow this movement without compromising principles.

Friends, the needed Reform away from the good-old-boy-politics-as-usual falls greatly on the Tea Party’s shoulders.

Look how successful you have been!

As much as the media would love to ignore the fact, it was Tea Party Americans who won the November 2010 elections!

It was YOU who sent that new governing class to DC!

Granted, the PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS tried to co-opt them, and there are ongoing challenges there, but it was the Tea Party Movement that shifted the entire fiscal debate in Washington, DC…and now we’re seeing more and more folks realize the strength of this grassroots’ movement. AND NOW THEY’RE WANTING TO BE INVOLVED.

I say right on, better late than never.  For some of these people, the candidates’ especially.

You’re converting them over and do you know why? It’s because you have truth and logic on your side.

[Note:  We're at the 10:30 mark and I just want you to keep paying attention to all the prominent "R" words the Governor uses.  REPLACE Obama. RETURN power to the people.  REFORM politics.  This is all very deliberate, and it's the Palin branding strategy for her presidential campaign.  Also, note how deliberate she is to consistently use her term "permanent political class".  This is the biggest clue that Governor Palin is running for president -- already, just unannounced -- and that her campaign will actually be waged on two fronts:  against Obama and the Left with a simultaneous battle against the Cocktail Party GOP establishment.  This is exactly how the Governor ran her campaigns in Alaska, most especially the Governor's race there.  If you saw "The Undefeated" (and it's now available for rent via On Demand if you have not), there's a section dealing with Governor Palin sitting at her kitchen table devising a strategy to take down the Cocktail Party candidate sitting-Governor Frank Murkowski while keeping her powder dry to then pivot and take on Democrat former Governor Tony Knowles in the general election.  Here in 2011, Governor Palin is taking on the Cocktail Party and its push for Mittens "Mood Ring" Romney while preparing simultaneously to take down the Left's false-messiah Obama].

Governor Palin: When you have this on your side, you win.  Time tested truths that we believe in.

We believe that the government that governs least governs best.

We believe that it’s the Constitution that’s the perfect blueprint towards making us a more perfect union.

We believe that America’s finest are men and women in uniform — you are a force for good in this country and for that we don’t apologize.

We believe that we can’t get out of debt by incurring more debt – and we are telling Washington, my kid is not your ATM.

We believe we are taxed enough already and that freedom is a God-given right that is worth fighting for.

Bottom line, I believe that God has shed His grace on thee, America, and I’m not gonna squander what it is that we’ve been blessed with.

[NOTE:  This is 11:50 into the speech, about the halfway mark.  This whole section is the bullet-points argument for her presidential campaign and a DIRECT contrast with Obama and the Left.  It is also a direct challenge to the others in the GOP primary race, since none of them have ever really stood for anything or stood up to the Left and the Cocktail Party establishment...certainly not the way Governor Palin has]

Crowd:  Loud cheers, shouts of “We Love You Sarah!” and “Run Sarah Run!”.

Governor Palin: We need to grow this movement, and we can grow this movement to RESTORE power to “We the People” because we have truth and logic on OUR side.  And that’s how we have this record of success.  So, let’s grow.  Let’s convert more of them over.

You’ve already withstood the wrath, the disdain, and the lies from the media and the PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS looking down on you – on US — mocking us, making things up about us, telling us to go to Hell.  You have already withstood that. [NOTE:  keep track of just how often Governor Palin calls out the Cocktail Party GOP establishment like this...it is clearly going to be a campaign against the Left and all its minions with a simultaneous assault on the entrenched Cocktail Party establishment as well.  You betcha!].

Governor Palin: We’re still standing, standing here today, standing strong, and we’re RESTORING all that’s good about America.

Crowd: Applause…and more shouts of RUN SARAH RUN!

Governor Palin: It is with a steel spine that you are still standing here today and standing tall because you know what is at stake — and it is our children’s future that is at stake.

So we REFUSE to retreat, to sit back on the couch and throw stones from afar like maybe Washington would love for us to just do, waiting for America to be transformed into something unrecognizable, just sort of going with the flow.

No, it’s like those Yankee fishermen.  They watch where a fish is headed in the current.  They know that only dead fish go with the flow.  That’s not us.

[NOTE: It's the 13:36 mark. Do you see how in this section the Governor is evidencing her natural ability to relate to average, working class people.  This is something that Mittens "Mood Ring" Romney can never do.  I'm going to channel a little Anne Richards here, and note that Mittens was born with a silver foot in his mouth.  The Palin family are fishermen, teachers, outdoorsmen, oil pipeline workers, real blue collar regular folks.  The Governor can tell stories that are relatable to people because this is her actual reality. She does not have to fake this stuff because she's the real deal].

Governor Palin:  YOU are bold enough to take on the challenges caused by an out of control centralized federal government . Those that are humble enough to admit that they need you and have seen the light, they who are willing to confront the challenges that have resulted from Washington’s failed policies and incompetent leadership — namely crony capitalism, because that is the root from which grows our economic problems.

That is what grows this unsustainable, immoral debt.

That is what caused our housing market to go into the tank with 30% or more of our mortgages underwater and unemployment numbers so high that in some parts of the country they haven’t seen these numbers since the depths of the Great Depression.

[NOTE: At the 14:25 mark now.  Notice how she's really getting the Tea Party crowd to maintain its focus on fiscal matters.  This is what will defeat Obama.  The Left will use all the horcruxes it possesses -- the Race Industry, the Gastapo bullies, the Union Thugs, the propaganda media -- to gin up various social wedge issues to distract, detract, and demoralize voters to benefit the Left.  Governor Palin is providing the controlled leadership to keep people focused on getting America back on its financial track so that we can one day in the future afford the luxury of devoting ourselves to the old style squabbling again.  But, right here right now, KEEP FOCUSED ON FISCAL MATTERS AND MAKING THE COUNTRY SOLVENT AGAIN].

Governor Palin: Our nation is at a tipping point, so let’s invite candidates who will REFUDIATE the crony capitalism and the corporate welfare and the waste and the corrupt politics and the government bailouts for their buddies. We need to hear from them directly.  We need to hear from those who can do more than just talk.

We tried that, didn’t we voters.  Been there done that with a candidate who can just talk but doesn’t have any record of accomplishment and success — like successfully REFORMING those things that are wrong.

What we need is people with a proven record of REFORM and who are willing to take on the tough challenges and to run into danger, if you will, and not run away from it.

We need a pro-growth agenda.


[Note: The 15:21 minute mark. See the repeated "R" words again and again.  This is definitely a campaign speech.  Also, do you see the giant clue she is already running for president?  Look at how she pulls out people's records of accomplishment.  It's both a general election and a primary strategy for her, to contrast her record in Alaska versus the records of Obama in the general election and before that Mittens as Governor of Massachusetts and Perry as Governor of Texas.  Governor Palin outperformed both these men, and will wipe the floor with them both substantively in the debates.  That, my friends, is going to be fun to watch too].

Governor Palin:  We need a pro-growth agenda.


Governor Palin:  I appreciate your encouragement, I do.

[Note: This reminds me...if you have not yet written to Governor Palin and asked her to run for President, you really need to do that.  When I finish this transcript, I'll get you the address for SarahPAC and the PO Box Governor Palin's offices uses in Alaska.  You should -- TODAY -- send the Governor a post card asking her to run for President and telling her that America needs her to answer the call.  If you don't do it, you'll always regret it.  To me, it's like being a colonist and having the chance to ask George Washington to answer his call, or asking Ronald Reagan to run against all his own opposition back in 1980.  Be part of history, and ask Governor Palin to RUN SARAH RUN in your own way.  She said herself she appreciates the encouragement, so why not give her some?  Let's do this later today, together].

Governor Palin:  Friends, we need a pro-growth agenda that is all about cutting tax rates and realizing that is how we incentivize job creation.

America needs an agenda that attracts industry here instead of chasing industry off our shores.

An agenda that doesn’t pretend that a centralized government can successfully manipulate and plan our economy for us.

Like your poster said over here (pointing to the crowd to her right)…the poster that talked about the private sector being able to do anything, everything, better than government can.  That’s just a given.  That’s a fundamental part of those time-tested truths.

We need an agenda that allows robust, domestic energy production, a true all-of-the-above approach to energy independence.

And a robust, aggressive, energy independent agenda, well that’s a real jobs plan — and that’s the real stimulus that we’ve been waiting for…and that doesn’t cost government a cent.

Can you imagine that?

A stimulus plan that helps dig us OUT of debt, instead of digging us INTO debt.

That’s some of that economic fantasy that President Obama’s engaged in that are things that just don’t make sense.

More stimulus?  When the first stimulus didn’t work?

Digging more debt and trying to convince the people that’s how we’re going to get out of debt?


We need an agenda of government REFORM and that takes courage and it takes honesty in our leaders.

NOT entrenched, inside the beltway politicians who just say what they think we want to hear [NOTE:  Though she doesn't say it, this is very much a dig at Mittens "Mood Ring" Romney...because this behavior over many years is what earned him the mood ring nickname].

You see, that’s who we have, still, running the show right now.

[NOTE:  Yah, baby.  It's on.  Governor Palin has declared open war on the Cocktail Party GOP establishment.  Fellas.  If you are reading this while wearing khaki.  If you have a blue blazer on.  If you have piled next to you a bunch of cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches.  This woman is coming for you].

Governor Palin: We have a permanent political class led by an unvetted candidate who became our president who has ramped up crony capitalism with his bailouts and his takeovers…and this permanent political class, well they’re busy looking out for their own interests and vested special interests.  And that’s the reason that nothing ever really gets done for you in Washington.

Do you ever ask yourself why nothing ever is really REFORMED.  They talk about the problems, yet things keep getting worse.

They talk about the debt problem, and yet they keep incurring more debt.

They just gave themselves permission to incur more debt.

They talk about the spending problem, and yet Obama keeps spending more.

They talk about an out of control federal government, and yet Obama keeps growing more.

Well, I say — WE SAY — enough is enough and the message from Tea Party Americans is the status quo is no longer acceptable.  We can’t tolerate business as usual.

We can’t tolerate business as usual because fourteen trillion dollars later we can’t afford business as usual.  We need free markets.  It’s why the powers that be JUST DO NOT LIKE THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

[Note:  I really want Governor Palin's campaign to reach out to Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister (who is a conservative, and a small business owner) and get permission to use "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore" as the Governor's campaign song.  NO COUNTRY MUSIC.  Governor Palin is a rocker.  She is so very much a Van Halen, KISS, Twisted Sister, kind of a metal and hair band fan from the 80s.  Can't you just imagine "We're Not Gonna Take It" becoming an anthem to sweep the country?  AND sweep the Cocktail Party establishment and the Left from power?  HELLS YAH].


[Seriously.  Play this video, and start reading more of this speech with the song turned down just enough that you can hear it, but you can still focus on what the Governor is saying.  It's like Twisted Sister wrote this 30 years ago just for the song to make a positive difference in this country TODAY].

Governor Palin: You shine a spotlight on what the problems are, what the challenges are.

And what the solutions are.

And then you demand results from your employees.

And you know those are the people that you elect to represent the will of the people. Those are YOUR employees.  If you’re not satisfied with them, you fire them.

Crowd: Loud cheers

[Note: This is the 19;30 mark.  I'm just struck by the fact that Mittens Romney has never acted like the people's employee.  He acts like he's a marquis of some sort.  The Obamas believe they are sun-god royals living in Versailles, farting through silk you paid good money for. The Cocktail Party GOP establishment believes it is the American aristocracy.  Why does the public put up with this destructive mix of arrogance and ignorance from their own employees?].

Governor Palin: Our insistence on RETURNING POWER TO THE PEOPLE is driving them crazy.

And, you know, I warn you that the cynics and elites are going to keep mocking you. They are going to keep making things up about the Tea Party Movement and independent, conscientious Americans concerned about our Constitution and not letting our country go bankrupt.

They are going to keep mocking you.

But, you know what, throughout history the cynics and the naysayers have always denounced those who stood for truth and fought for what is right.

When Abe Lincoln led, they mocked him and ridiculed him. It was the elites of his day saying he was a clown, a hick, a fool who was unfit for office.

But who has history REDEEMED?

Not the naysayers…not the cynics…history is on the side of bold and courageous REFORM and this Tea Party Movement is REFORM.

[NOTE: It's the 20:35 mark.  The speech is about to wrap up.  Notice not only all the "R" words being used, but see how Governor Palin is not just talking about the Tea Party Americans being like Abe Lincoln being ridiculed by the elites, but this is what the elites do to Governor Palin as well.  Also remember that Obama tried to wrap himself in Lincoln and the media pulled Olga Corbetts left and right trying to bend and twist so Obama could seem Lincolnesque.  Governor Palin is taking this away from Obama and the media.  She is taking back Lincoln, and setting herself up to be his true heir, along with being the heir of Washington and Reagan too, with the best of T.R. too.  It's great strategy, and very great company for the Governor to be in....don't believe me, have a look:

Governor Palin: It is empowerment of the people, empowerment of the individual against the vested interests of the PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS that got us into the mess that we're in.

[NOTE:  Can you go back and count how many times Governor Palin has taken direct aim at the Cocktail Party GOP establishment?  You know that neither Romney nor Rick Perry can do this with a straight face, because both are establishment guys.  Mittens Romney much more so, but Perry has enabled the Cocktail Party and played go-along-to-get-along games for years, especially with the US border].

Governor Palin:  They can mock us.  They can call us names. They can make things up.


[Note:  This line was delivered with such emotion and spirit, it was epiphanous to hear aloud. They really can't stop us.  The Cocktail Party and the Left are both doomed if the Tea Party holds together and keeps clobbering them from all sides.  They really and truly can't stop us].

Governor Palin:  Let them laugh, while we get about the business of saving our country.  Our nation is facing this precipice. We have no time to just hunker down and just preach to the choir.

Now really is the time to grow, and I’m encouraged seeing different candidates and different campaigns represented here.  I think that’s really important.

Now is the time to grow this movement.

We need to understand that there are more and more independent Americans who are looking for a place to hear and be heard and it’s the Tea Party Movement that can work with these independents to build up the ideas that work to get Americans back to work.

And one way to do this more aggressively is to hear from candidates directly.

NOT through the filter of the media. We’ve learned that lesson.

That’s why the Tea Party rallies and Tea Party events are so important.

Friends, we are one nation, and this can be one movement, active in every last corner of this nation to RESTORE America and REPLACE Obama in 2012.

Our unity is going to be so important here in these coming months.  Remember, the people’s movement is not red America or blue America, but red-white-and-blue America.

[Note: that red-white-and-blue America line was thought up by Todd Palin originally. In one of the episodes of Sarah Palin's Alaska I watched in a marathon session with friends today, the Governor said that on screen]

Governor Palin: And we do have a lot of work to do, friends.

The challenges before us, they can seem daunting, but we must not lose our optimistic spirit. It’s with optimism that America has always come through throughout our history, and what a history it has been!

REMEMBER, our Founders declared that we were born the heirs of freedom.

We are the sons and daughters of that greatest generation who stormed the beaches at Normandy and raised the flag at Iwo Jima.

We made America the strongest, most free, and most exceptional nation in the history of mankind. We owe it to those who have gone before us.

It is our DUTY to honor those who have sacrificed all yesterday so we could be here today, free and proud and strong Americans.

We will continue to fight for what is right.


Thank you so much for being part of the solution.

God Bless you Tea Party Americans.

God Bless you New Hampshire.

God Bless you United States of America.

Thank you.




Please chime in in comments with your thoughts.

Do YOU see the clues in this speech that Governor Palin is clearly running for president?

If you think I am off here, please tell me.

But this speech would have been a lot different if she was not running and if she just wanted to play kingmaker as the media claims.

The biggest difference would be that if she was playing kingmaker, she’d have referenced the candidates already declared by name.  She would have played with the crowd, saying one nice thing about each of them over the course of the speech, so that people would wait to see if any were left out.

And then the Governor would play a game saying one nice thing about Mittens tomorrow, one nice thing about Perry on Wednesday, one nice thing about Bachmann on Thursday, etc., until she finally endorsed just one of them before the Iowa Caucus.

The fact the Governor is not referring to her opponents by name is the biggest glaring sign that they are in fact her opponents, and that the Governor has just not declared her candidacy yet.

Pay attention to the Governor’s schedule for any appearances between now and — oh, I don’t know — September 17th that are scheduled for Michigan.


Remember, in the last line of Going Rogue, the Governor talks about showing young Piper the road to Michigan.  Michigan, the state she wanted to contest so desperately but John McCain decided to abandon his presidential bid and allow Obama to win.


The state Governor Palin never got to campaign in.

Sure seems like a great place to declare the start of her campaign, to put Obama on notice that EVERY STATE will be contested.


I hear it’s lovely there on Constitution Day.




Retrieved from HillBuzz: http://hillbuzz.org.

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Fun way to spend Labor Day: Sarah Palin’s Alaska Marathon

Are you looking for something fun to do with family and friends who are home today with Labor Day off? Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz.org suggests taking a vicarious adventure through America’s last frontier with the Palin family via a Sarah Palin’s Alaska Marathon at your house.



There are many marathons on TV today, considering how many people are home from work this Monday without any real, set plans for Labor Day. If you haven’t already cooked up something special to do with your own family and friends, how about taking an adventure to Alaska by watching a marathon of Sarah Palin’s Alaska? It’s an especially appropriate thing to do, since Governor Palin actually ran a surprise half marathon in Iowa yesterday (registering under her maiden name to be able to do this incognito until the last moment).

With Amazon Instant Video streaming, you can watch all 9 episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on your computer, or download them to a mobile device or your TV, using either magic or technology, your choice.

Today, Justin and I are watching some of our friends’ kids, with a few of our own friends coming over for lunch too, so we’ll have an interesting little focus group of viewers here at Buzzquarters to view the entire 9-part travelogue series.

While none of these people are Obama supporters, some of them have bought into the media’s lies that Governor Palin can’t win the presidency or they’ve parroted some of the nonsense that “she’s too polarizing”.

I want to see if a marathon of Sarah Palin’s Alaska can alter their opinion, since from the start I saw this series as the most inventing and interesting campaign commercial in history.

Governor Palin has been running for president since 2008, in a stealth and skillfully strategic campaign much like how she entered that Iowa marathon without the parrots and twits in the media noticing.  The Governor flies under the radar and smack in the face of convention. It’s one of the top ten things I love about her.

Cross your fingers for us today, because I’m attempting a baked Alaska recipe I’ve always wanted to try, though the Jewel grocery store was fresh out of mooseburgers (can you imagine that?). It’s going to be a fun Labor Day taking this adventure to Alaska with our next First Family.

I hope you consider making the trek yourselves via Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

P.S. – Check back later, as we’ll recap and live-blog the episodes as we watch them, with commentary from our guests recorded as a running focus group during the marathon.

Retrieved from HillBuzz: http://hillbuzz.org.

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FUN PROJECT: Gather up good photos of Governor Palin sitting at a desk to be photoshopped into Oval Office pictures

Can you spend some time on the Internets today looking for good photos of Governor Palin sitting at her desk, signing papers or reading various things…or sitting at a desk while meeting with people?

I bet if we searched through photos of her in her office in Alaska, we’d find some that would be just perfect for photoshopping into pictures of her behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

I ran a great photoshop that someone sent me yesterday and liked it so much I’m actually going to sit down and start using the photoshop tutorial Justin has on his computer so I can learn to start making these myself.

I think it’s a fun project to learn on — and these little images of President Palin in her Oval Office will be useful in the 2012 campaign.

Once we get the image of President Palin at her desk down, we then just have to add all the personal touches that would be in a real Palin Oval Office.

What sorts of personal mementos from Alaska do you think she would bring with her?  What sort of art would she put on the walls?  What sculptures would decorate the side tables?

What do you think the Palin Oval Office will be like?

The first step to making anything real is visualizing it.

And in this case, the first step in visualizing it is gathering the source material photos of Governor Palin sitting behind desks that can be photoshopped into her at the Resolute Desk.

Either add a link in this thread to a good pic you find or email the pics to us at HillBuzz@gmail.com

Thanks for the help!

Retrieved from HillBuzz: http://hillbuzz.org.

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