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US for Palin Publisher Announces SI GOP County Committee Run


GOP County Committee — Devito

With the backing of both American Grizzlies United and the Richmond County Tea Party Patriots I am running to be a GOP County Committee member here on Staten Island. Committee Member is a volunteer elective office that serves a two-year term.

Each Election District can have two Committee Members. Richmond County Tea Party Patriots Core Committee Member Dom D’Arrigo is running alongside me in this district and I gathered signatures for both our candidacies. Since the office is for a political party, the Primary Election is also the General Election. GOP County Committee members meet twice per year, though Tea Party Patriots — backed members, such as D’Arrigo and myself will be meeting once per month. The County Committee ratifies (or not) the candidates chosen by the GOP Executive Committee.


Walk lists and campaign literature for Devito for GOP County Committee

For many years, County Committee members had been merely rubber-stamping the Executive Committee’s candidate choices. This practice is key component to how the Republican Party got saddled with so many RINOs. This will not change until the rubber-stamping stops. As I wrote in my literature,

“I believe our candidates should adhere to these principles:”

  • The Constitution and all its Amendments is the supreme law of the land. The Constitution is absolutely not negotiable.
  • A Republican believes in limited government, low taxes, free markets, strong national defense, and a culture that promotes life and human dignity.
  • The candidate’s principal desire should be to serve We the People.

I continued…

If elected, I will only ratify candidates who follow the Constitution and adhere to the planks of our party’s platform. I will not go along to get along or bow to peer pressure by rubber-stamping the Executive Committee’s choices.

I will work to build our new first party from the bottom up as President Reagan called on us to do 38 years ago. I will work to ensure that our banner is Bold Colors — no pale pastels — and represents values that we will not compromise, regardless of whether it may be expedient, convenient, or earns the good will of elites in the GOP establishment.

If not now, when?

The Time for Choosing is Now.

Ordinary people can make a difference.

GOP County Committee candidates must gather signatures of 5% of the registered Republicans in the election district. For the 61st Assembly District, 10th Election District in which I am running, 103 voters are registered Republicans. To be safe, I gathered twice the required amount or 10 signatures in four hours over a two-day period.


Walk lists, designating petitions and campaign literature for Devito for GOP County Committee

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@StrongTea1776, @AGUgrizzlies Rally to defeat NYSAFE Act

Richmond County Tea Party Patriots and Gun Rights Across America yesterday held a rally in the rain to defeat Gov. Cuomo’s unconstitutional and ill-conceived NYSAFE Act. Tea Party Patriots member and American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin NY State Coordinator, Ron Devito spoke at this rally, beginning at the 21:45 mark in the video. His remarks were covered by the Staten Island Advance.

The Richmond County Tea Party Patriots were initially denied the permit to hold the rally, but it was ultimately granted. The denial may or may not be part of a pattern of harassment and intimidation of Tea Party and conservative groups that has been ongoing with the IRS under the Obama administration and reflecting at the local level.


Photo by Virginia Ross. Rally signage….


Photo by Scott Fertitta. Members of the Richmond County Tea Party Patriots and the public gather in the rain to protest the NYSAFE Act.


Photo by Virginia Ross. More rally signage…


Bobby Zahn, President Richmond County Tea Party Patriots tells the assembled audience that we must defeat Andrew Cuomo to defeat the NYSAFE Act.


Dino Longueira, Member, Richmond County Tea Party Patriots talks about what is wrong with the NYSAFE Act.


Louis Adimando, Member, Richmond County Tea Party Patriots speaks about liberty versus tyranny.


Photo by Virginia Ross. Ron Devito, Member, Richmond County Tea Party Patriots, NY State Coordinator, AGU/O4P speaks about actions the grassroots can take to defeat the NYSAFE Act.

Transcript of “Molon Labe by Legal, Political Processes”

Fellow citizens and patriots: I would like to begin by asking those of you who served to please raise your hand. We salute you, we honor you, we thank you – without your sacrifice we would not be standing here today.

When we last gathered three months ago on a cold, rainy Saturday, I ended my speech with two Greek words: Molon Labe – Come and Take it. Those words conjure up images of jack-booted thugs kicking down doors to take our guns as we fight in a last stand for freedom.

Back then I discussed some proposed legislation that envisioned confiscation including language in an earlier version of the NYSAFE Act. None of us here ever want to see that day come, so I am here to talk about how we put Molon Labe into action via the legal and political process….

We’ve already taken one of the first steps and that’s by being here today and making our voices heard. Whether we attend rallies and protests; write letters to our elected representatives and newspapers; make phone calls or share calls to action on social media, we must make our voices heard in the ways that work best for each of us. Our representatives need to know: this issue is absolutely not negotiable and if they vote against the Constitution, they’re voting a pink slip for themselves. Period.

When the NRA-ILA seeks funds to help in a lawsuit against NYSAFE, donate. Be sure you join the NRA or if you prefer a smaller group such as Gun Rights Across America, Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Owner’s Rights or the Second Amendment Foundation. All these organizations offer easy ways to send letters and make calls to your representatives at the federal and state levels, and you can use these tools for New York State representatives when it comes to NYSAFE.

If someone is charged under the NYSAFE Act, advocate and help his or her legal defense. Those of you who are lawyers can do pro-bono work in this area.

We need to push our representatives for a full repeal of NYSAFE, and keep the pressure up. We need to rally the good politicians by our side and support candidates who will not compromise on this issue.

The left is winning the social media war, and I’m sorry to say it’s because the left is doing social media right. If you’re on Facebook and you see a call to action, a rally notice, or a constructive YouTube, like and share it. Even some of those silly Condescending Wonka posts are worth sharing.

You don’t need to ask for permission and we need to get out of this mentality of asking permission to share. The whole point of Facebook is to share! We don’t post things there for our health or because we like looking at our own stuff. Share, share, and share. Don’t ask. Just do it and get your friends to do the same. On Twitter, if you see an important Tweet, Re-Tweet it. You don’t need to ask to Re-Tweet. Just Do It! The left is doing it right on social media, because they share and they have mastered grassroots organizing.

I also like the Americans for Prosperity model: send an action alert to five people – ask them to execute it and report back to you. You further ask these five people to repeat the process with five of their friends. This mirrors Multi-Level Marketing schemes and it works very well for grassroots political action.

For those of us who do own guns, it is incumbent on us to never become THAT person who is the reason why someone wants to infringe upon or eliminate our rights. Our Second Amendment rights come with grave responsibilities involving life and death.

Some common-sense reminders: if you’re not fit to drive or operate machinery, while you’re in that state you’re not fit to handle guns either. Guns, alcohol, and many medications don’t mix. Raging anger and lingering depression are not a good combination with guns either. We must always adhere to the four cardinal rules of gun safety: a gun is always considered loaded; you never point a gun at anything you’re not willing to shoot; you never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot and never shoot unless you are sure of your target and what’s behind it.

While we may disagree with various gun laws, you don’t want to be THAT person who is arrested and made an example of. You are subject to the laws of the jurisdiction you’re in. You don’t want to be THAT person who does something stupid with a gun and you don’t want to ruin your life with a felony charge. You don’t want to be THAT person who gives some politician an excuse to further restrict our freedoms. Being safe, responsible and law abiding with our firearms is not optional – it’s on obligation that comes along with our Second Amendment.

Yes, you do Molon Labe by being safe, responsible and following the law – and working via the legal and political process to repeal bad laws – such as NYSAFE.

Yes, NYSAFE can be consigned to the scrap heap of history, but we must make our voices heard and we must work to make it happen. We cannot wish it away. If we don’t make our voices heard, one day we will see those jack-booted thugs at our doors, and then it will be too late.

Now is the time.

Molon Labe.

Our work continues.

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@DrGinaLoudon: @AGUGrizzlies PA Coord on Hughes’ Meltdown, Pop Culture


Kevin Scholla, Pennsylvania State Coordinator, American Grizzlies United / Organize4 Palin and host, SarahNET Radio yesterday defended former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s interactions with the grassroots and her involvement with pop culture on the Dr. Gina show in a 20-minute segment. The interview followed his written response to Scottie Hughes’ infamous meltdown over not getting an interview and / or meet and greet with Gov. Palin. Hughes was on the show the day before to discuss her position on the issue.

Whisper Campaign?

Dr. Gina spoke about a “whisper campaign behind the scenes at CPAC” amongst journalists in both mainstream and new media complaining about their lack of access to Gov. Palin.

“Like you, I know Scottie Hughes….I spoke with her at length yesterday after the piece came out. Scottie was a guest on my show in January, so just two short months before she wrote this article. Listen, everybody has their right to an opinion on how they feel they’re being treated or what they want to do with Sarah Palin as far as an interview,” Scholla said.

He continued, “Scottie Hughes has Sarah’s book autographed on her mantle. She has a trivet — or whatever you ladies call these things hanging in her house with Sarah’s quote on it. This isn’t someone who is not a supporter of Palin or was. That said, it’s the way it was done. OK, I think if you want to talk about, ‘hey I wish Sarah came out and did an interview,’ fine.

In concluding his answer, Scholla said, “but some of the parts of the article that were written, ‘you’re starting to worry me’ as the opening line; talking about the Chick-Fil-A shirt and the Phoenix Suns game, and the teleprompter. I think that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and it’s really not helpful. We know the left is after Sarah, we know the moderates are threatened by her. The last thing we need is a narrative out there — false or not — of ‘oh look now the conservatives don’t even like her.’”

Could Blogosphere Rumblings over Access Harm Gov Palin More than Hughes?

Dr. Gina asked,

“What if there is such a rumbling in the blogosphere and the new media…that they would just stop talking favorably about Sarah Palin right in time for the 2014 elections, therefore, somewhat muzzling her message which has always been … such a clear voice for conservatives? If that were to be muffled, is the greater harm in that message being muffled or in Scottie saying some things — perhaps poorly chosen verbiage — but maybe a message that might penetrate now that it’s become such a story for Sarah Palin? What do you think about that?”

Scholla said Hughes’ article “came across as negative — the message — because things were said along the lines of ‘fame, Hollywood’. Sarah Palin is the furthest thing from that. This is a woman who spent her birthday this year at the funeral of Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal. This is someone who does things the right way pretty much all the time and loves this country, and so I guess the way it could have been presented — I wouldn’t have written the thing at all.”

He continued,

“But, if there was a disappointment about being not able to interview the Governor, I think the way it should have been presented is ‘hey it was a great speech Gov. Palin gave, that Big Gulp meant a whole lot more than soda pop. It stands for liberty. We need her voice out there. She could really speak to conservatives. I hope she does more of these and I hope we have her on more shows.’ That would have been a positive way to write it instead of bringing up questions of — why are we even talking about her at an NBA game or about Dancing with the Stars?”

Dr. Gina Playing Both Sides or Stopping Circular Fire?

A caller said Dr. Gina was playing “both sides of the street,” but Dr. Gina defended her lengthy record supporting Gov. Palin. She said “circular fire is the last thing conservatives need. What do you think, Kevin?”

Scholla answered,

“I think the reason we’re seeing such passionate responses here is because this shouldn’t have been done the way it was done. You know, I run a show exclusively based on Gov. Palin and her values, and I wasn’t upset. I knew ahead of time that she was not doing interviews. I mean, sure I’d like to interview her at CPAC and many other times. Heck, I’d like to have her come and watch the Bears with me every NFL Sunday night, but you know Sarah Palin is going to do what she wants to do. She can’t be drafted into running for President and she’s not going to be guilted or pushed into doing interviews or anything that she doesn’t feel she wants to do at that time.

The other thing I think we need to point out here, Dr. Gina is that Sarah Palin is unique — as we know — in so many ways, and her speeches do a lot as far as her message. You know a lot of other folks are reading the teleprompter; a lot of other folks are talking about talking points. She really does get it all out there a lot of the time, so people should be able to get the information they need for the time being until an interview does happen, and I think that’s another thing to take into consideration here.”

SarahNET Radio About Gov. Palin’s Message, Values

Dr. Gina asked Scholla if Gov. Palin has been on his show.

Scholla said,

“We have had her family on. We had a special show with Bristol during her latest adventure on Dancing With the Stars — Breaking it Down with Bristol, where Bristol was on every week. Todd has been on. We’ve had her dad and her brother on, but the thing about Sarah Palin — and people have asked us about this before — we don’t even ask Sarah Palin to come on. We wait for Sarah Palin to do what she needs to do….Sarah Palin is a wonderful person, but it goes beyond just her. It’s her message, it’s her values….the whole reason for the show in the first place was to give her fair coverage for her Presidential run in 2012. Well, when that never happened, we said ‘are we still going to do the show?’ and we said, ‘yeah, we are,’ because it’s not just about her. It’s what she represents — her values.

It’s about my daughter as well. It’s about having someone — especially a woman — like Sarah Palin who’s out there and doing everything the right way so you know with all the beatings she’s taken over the years from the media — I mean unbelievable — just mean-spirited attacks, you’ve got to realize when Scottie or anyone puts out an article like this, it hurts people. It hurts supporters. Palin, it probably hurts the least. She is so tough, but she is so human, but it hurts her kids, it hurts Todd, it hurts her family when [Scottie]‘s saying she doesn’t get out there, doesn’t shake hands; she needs a teleprompter. It’s just not true!

Dr. Gina on Celebrity Wife Swap

Dr. Gina shifted to how taking part in popular culture is condemned by so many facets of conservative media and mentioned her own appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap which airs March 28.

Scholla said, “Well, we wish you the best of luck with that tomorrow. We’ve been praying for you on that and rooting for you as well, but to answer your question we should absolutely be involved in everything.” He continued, “first of all, there’s this persona out there that the left likes to paint of conservatives — you know — the old country club conservative or the old Republican — the stuffy, old guard that is just out of touch with everything. We love sports, we love music, we certainly watch television and listen to the radio, and when we do hear people talk about “normal things” from our side, that’s very refreshing.”

Gov. Palin Reaches New Audiences via Pop Culture

Scholla harkened back to Gov. Palin donning the Chick-Fil-A tee shirt and attending the Suns game. He said, “I think she gets under the skin of the left so much, but another thing she does. When a picture is posted of her in a Chick-Fil-A shirt…it brings up the conversation of Sarah Palin, and it brings up the conversation of what she stands for and that’s about businesses being able to make their own choices and present things the way they wish to. I think getting involved in that is absolutely a top priority.”

Scholla continued, “you’ve seen the wonderful response when she’s gone on something — say Saturday Night Live. Why shy away? At worst, you walk out of there breaking even, at best you change a couple of people and they realize, hey wait a minute, the media is painting these conservatives to be something they’re not at all. So, when you see somebody like a Palin, a Bristol out there like that — I think you can reach another audience.”

Can’t Criticize Lack of Coverage if we Cower in Corner

Dr. Gina said conservatives can’t criticize the media for lack of coverage if they cower in a corner.

“And on the flip side, if you do those things, you can very well criticize, because you can say, ‘hey, we were right there with you, we did the same things, and now you’re making up these false narratives about us.’” Scholla referred to an interview with Ben Shapiro in which Shapiro said leftists should be called out when we go on their shows. Scholla said Gov. Palin does precisely that.

“When she calls Obama out, she calls him out. She says exactly what we’re saying at our kitchen tables and at work, not like McCain, not like Romney, where the message was, ‘I’m good, so is Obama, but vote for me please’ and then ‘he’s over his head.’ She talks about the fact that he knows exactly what he’s doing, and he wants to institute far left European policies in this country,” he said

Reality TV Perfect Medium to Showcase Conservatism

Dr. Gina said the left is going to bad-mouth us whether we engage the culture or not. The left also likes to portray us as deeming ourselves perfect, then exposing some imperfection. The antidote to that is to admit our imperfection, and reality TV is the perfect medium for that.

Scholla said, “you mentioned Sarah Palin’s Alaska. You saw the humanness of her family, the way they acted. She’s so ordinary, yet so extraordinary. You get that from the family. The way she deals with Piper or her other kids — not like some of these other politicians — and I hate to even use that word for Sarah Palin, because it’s become such a bad word — you look at the way they interact and you look at others — it’s all packaged.” On Sarah Palin’s Alaska, you see normal family interaction.

He continued, “we need to be out there, because we’re doing these things. We’re listening to music, we’re consumers too, and there are certainly a lot of athletes out there that are conservative in baseball, football, NASCAR drivers. I think country music, and I think a lot of metal music you have conservatives….but yes, Sarah Palin and all of us need to get out there, but at the same time, Sarah Palin is going to do what she thinks is best.”

“Another thing we need to realize for people who wanted to interview her but didn’t: she was on that Fox contract for quite a while, so some of these things that didn’t happen could have been related to that as well. I don’t know the verbiage of her contract obviously, but I do know for someone else at Fox — for them, not for Sarah Palin — that Fox frowned on them going on other shows — and that’s one thing that was not brought into this whole flap this week.”

Kevin Scholla’s segment with Dr. Gina begins at 01:16:20.

Listen anywhere, anytime. Save this audio to your device.

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@AGUGrizzlies: @WhitneyPitcher – Drillinois! Is #Fracking Coming to the Land of Lincoln


NOTE: This post was written by AGU-IL State Coordinator Whitney Pitcher. The post was originally published at Illinois4Palin. Last week Whitney wrote about President Obama’s Anti Keystone Cronies. The two pieces go hand in hand, each containing vital resources (no pun intended…well…maybe a little), facts, statistics, and fully documented truths about what is happening in our country with (anti) energy. You may want to save these pieces for dealing with the Darryl Hannah‘s, the Matt Damon‘s, and the other anti energy independence environmentally fact challenged people.

GRIZZY BONUS: AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla talks with the director of the #GRRR-REAT new film FrackNation (@FrackNation): HERE

Drillinois!: Is Fracking Coming to the Land of Lincoln?

by Whitney Pitcher

Illinois often doesn’t seem to produce much more than corrupt politicians,but behind the graft and crime, Illinois ranks 11th in energy production in the country. According to the Energy Information Administration, Illinois produces more nuclear energy and ethanol than any other state in the country. Beyond the reactors and car booze, Illinois runs in the middle of the pack (twenty-sixth) when it comes to development of natural gas. That could change with the new technology that is booming in places like Texas and Pennsylvania –fracking.

In December, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce released a study indicating that fracking for natural gas could has much as a nearly ten billion dollar economic impact and bring tens of thousands of jobs to southern Illinois. Fracking has yet to be even tested in the New Albany shale of southern Illinois, but the Chamber hopes that their research will provide the necessary impetus to move things forward legislatively. The study evaluated drilling costs, but not specifically the cost of regulations, royalties or taxes, nor did it assess any oil that may be present in the shale.

A few months ago, a southern Illinois Democratic legislator, energy developers, and environmental groups sat down to draft a plan that would aim to appease all involved:

After years of clashing over the drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the oil industry and environmentalists have achieved something extraordinary in Illinois: They sat down together to draft regulations both sides could live with.

If approved by lawmakers, participants say, the rules would be the nation’s strictest. The Illinois model might also offer a template to other states seeking to carve out a middle ground between energy companies that would like free rein and environmental groups that want to ban the practice entirely.


The Natural Resources Defense Council supported a failed attempt at a fracking moratorium last year. So with lawmakers clearly ready to allow fracking in southern Illinois, the NRDC wanted to ensure there were significant safeguards, including making drillers liable for water pollution, requiring them to disclose the chemicals used and enabling residents to sue for damages.

“One of the positive things here has been the table to which a wide range of interests have come … to address the risks in an adult way,” said Henry Henderson, director of the NRDC’s Midwest office. “We have gotten over the frustrating chasm of ‘Are you for the environment or for the economy?’ That is an empty staring contest.”

Negotiations took place over four or five months, primarily at the Statehouse in meetings led by state Rep. John Bradley, a Democrat who lives in the area where fracking would occur, participants said.

Bradley whittled negotiators down to a core group — four from industry, four from environmental groups, plus representatives from the attorney general’s and governor’s offices, regulatory agencies and lawmakers, said Mark Denzler, vice president of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.

That group was pared even further for the toughest negotiations, which included discussions with outside technical experts on complicated issues, said Ann Alexander, an NRDC senior attorney.

“I won’t say there weren’t times that voices got raised a little bit, but … it’s a very good model of cooperation,” Alexander said. “It beats the (typical) model of having drafts furtively circulating … or emerging at the last minute when nobody has had a chance to read them.”

A bill with robust bipartisan support is currently being discussed in committee the Illinois House. The bill has extensive regulatory provisions on permitting , environmental restrictions and liability, and transparency of development. Governor Quinn has even voiced is support for fracking in his budget speech onWednesday.

The bill still needs to pass through committee, the House as a whole, and the Senate before arriving at the Governor’s desk. To be sure, the bill does includes rather strict regulation that will impact producers. However, it has the potential to produce clean natural gas and provide jobs for many–something that states like with fracking moratoriums, like New York, have yet to do. For a state known for ineptness, this could be a small step in the right direction.

Useful links:

HB 2615: Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation Act

House member contact list

Our work continues…

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Richmond County Tea Party Patriots to Democrats and RINOs: MOLON LABE!


A contingent of Richmond County Tea Party Patriots over 150 strong protested across the street from U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm’s (R, NY-11) office because he supported Gov. Cuomo’s ill-conceived “NYSAFE Act,” which bans “assault weapons” and magazines with capacities greater than seven rounds, among other things. Despite the drizzling rain and temperatures in the low 40s, people from all walks of life came out on this Day of Resistance to support our Second Amendment rights.

A platform was built out of milk cartons, cardboard and duct tape and a PA system was setup. This was a good old fashioned grassroots expression of our First Amendment rights. The protest fittingly opened with an Italian gesture directed at Grimm’s office.

The protest lasted approximately one hour and 15 minutes. I spoke in my capacity as the Publisher of US for Palin and the New York State Coordinator of American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin. My speech starts at the 54:00 mark in 1080p Full HD video of the entire protest.

Complete Text Transcript of Ron Devito’s Molon Labe Speech

My fellow citizens, as you can probably tell, I spend most of my political time supporting former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. But, I am here today to stand with someone she would agree is the ultimate leader of our Second Amendment fight: YOU. Yes, You. We the People are the leaders in this war – and make no mistake about it – we are at war with those who want to fundamentally transform our country, destroy our Constitution, and establish a socialist tyranny in its place. I speak not just about Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi, Cuomo, and Bloomberg. I also speak about the establishment Republicans – the so-called “moderates” – the Republicans in Name Only — RINOs – who aid and abet this administration.

Our Founding Fathers have spoken clearly and plainly on why the Second Amendment is in our Constitution, and it was most recently upheld by the Supreme Court as being an individual right. The British tried to confiscate the so-called “assault weapons” of the era. They got a revolution, and out of that revolution, our Constitutional republic was born.

For over 238 years, patriots spilled their blood, were maimed, and gave their lives defending our freedoms. Now it is right to ask: those of you who have served – please raise your hand. We thank you, we honor you – without your sacrifice, we could not be here today.

You see, in some places around the world, people are shot, bombed, raped, tortured and thrown in gulags for doing what we are doing now. The one Amendment in our Constitution that guarantees all our freedoms is the Second. Without it, we cease to be citizens and we turn into subjects. Yes, those who want to eliminate the Second Amendment have a vision of a centralized police / nanny state in which we are their subjects and they are working to transform our nation to that. These people infest both major parties. The Democrats and Republicans have merged into the same cesspool, just under two different names.

I offer as evidence the proposed gun laws nationwide and the actions of some in the press. Our own state envisaged confiscation in the so-called NY Safe Act rammed down our throats by so-called “conservatives” Malliotakis, and Lanza who joined rank with the Democrats.

Our “conservative” Congressman praised this bill. If you think that’s bad, it gets worse. In Missouri, their legislature is proposing to require gun owners to turn their guns in within 90 days. Wait! It gets even worse than that! Seattle lawmakers wanted to empower police to go house to house confiscating guns. Though that proposal was dropped, the fact that it was even introduced should give us pause. Since the Second Amendment no longer has meaning to these people, they probably figured we might as well go for a trifecta and discard the Fourth and Fifth Amendments as well. Democrats in Iowa want to ban and confiscate all semi-automatic rifles. Democrats in Wisconsin want to ban “hunting ammunition.” These are just the proposals I know about.

The police chief of Chicago thinks the Second Amendment is a threat to public safety. He’s gone on record as blaming Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for shootings in his city which has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. Media figures all over the country want gun owners to be treated like sex offenders and have been printing names, addresses and phone numbers of gun owners in newspapers. If I had said this a few years ago, you probably would have told me to run down to ShopRite to get some Reynold’s Wrap and make one of those tin foil hats. But, none of this is wild-eyed conspiracy theory. It’s today’s reality. Yes, we are at war with the left and Vichy right.

Those who want to disarm us are pushing the envelope further and further. First, their definition of “assault weapons” is ever expanding. For the press covering this, a true assault rifle is select fire – that is both semi and fully automatic. Full auto requires up to $20,000 a tax stamp, an extensive background check, and a sign off from your police chief – and some states like NY outlaw full auto anyway, even though it’s legal at the federal level. Your hunting rifles and shotguns are not safe either. Many are now considered “assault weapons.” Mark my words — your bolt-action hunting rifle will be called a “sniper rifle” and banned too. It’s coming. The Obama administration along with like-minded officials in various states and cities are intent on disarming us of ALL guns.

All guns….

The arguments of those who want to disarm us are devoid of logic. “You don’t need more than ten rounds to shoot a deer,” Cuomo screeched like a deranged lunatic in his psychotic melt-down that passed for a State of the State address.

Anyone who hunts knows that in many jurisdictions, magazine capacities are already restricted on the hunting ground. Manufacturers produce five-round magazines for so-called “assault weapons” so people can hunt with them and target shoot at a range bench. Pump action and semi-auto shotguns include what is called a duck plug to reduce magazine capacity when the gun is used for duck hunting. Cuomo’s vision of hunters machine gunning animals makes absolutely no sense. The point of hunting is to harvest the meat from the animal.

But, we know the Second Amendment is not about hunting and “sporting purposes.” The Second Amendment was written to prevent our government from turning into a tyranny. Our Founding Father’s words on this are clear and very well documented.

The larger issue with magazine capacities is that no politician has the right to dictate to you what you need….

It’s called a Bill of Rights! It’s not a “Bill of Needs!”

Yet, they are doing precisely that. Bloomberg has told us we don’t need more than 16 ounces in a drink cup. Some politicians have said we don’t need SUV’s. I don’t recall seeing an office on a ballot called “nanny,” but quite a few people from both parties appear to be vying for the title, since they are fixated on dictating what their subjects need. I’m sorry – I meant “constituents” – or maybe was I right the first time?

Let’s get back to magazines. Only “first responders” need more than X number of rounds in a magazine, say these politicians – who don’t know the difference between a magazine and a clip.

No disrespect intended to our law enforcement officers, but when someone is trying to harm you and your family – YOU are the first responder. Police are the SECOND responders. They get there after the incident has happened to investigate and do paperwork. Until the police get there, YOU are on your own and YOU have to deal with the threat. The final arbiter of how many rounds you need in a magazine, how many ounces should go in your drink cup and what vehicle you’re going to drive – is YOU. Our politicians work for us. We are their boss. Not the other way around. We are citizens and constituents, not subjects!

Our Founding Fathers did not specify a magazine capacity limit or firearm type in the Constitution. They did not say you can only have single shot flintlock muzzle loaders.

One hundred years from now our ARs, AKs, and other military pattern rifles might be museum pieces like the flintlocks of our revolution. The Second Amendment guarantees you the right to bear the modern arms of the era in which you live.

Let us not forget – the Civil War was the bloodiest war in our history. We may have lost 55,000 in VietNam which was fought with M16s on our side and AK-47s on the enemy’s side. But, we lost 57,000 in Gettysburg in three days – with Gatling guns and Henry rifles – primitive weapons by today’s standards.

To say that the Second Amendment only applies to guns of the era in which it was written is akin to saying that the First Amendment only applies to the Gutenberg printing press. That’s patently absurd. Imagine being told that Facebook and Twitter are too dangerous for the average citizen to use and the government cutting the Internet? Sounds asinine, doesn’t it? But, that’s exactly what happens in tyrannies all over the world. If we let this administration and its helpers have their way – it will happen here.

It has been said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The establishments of both parties have become addicted to their own power and crony capitalism. Today, we stand before the office of a man who betrayed the conservative principles upon which he ran.

He has joined rank with and voted like a Democrat on so many issues, it makes little difference anymore if a Democrat holds the office or a Republican does. If all three Michaels: McMahon, Murphy and Grimm – support the atrocious NYSAFE Act and the Obama administration’s gun control proposals, what difference does it make which one of the three holds this office?

Thirty eight years ago, Ronald Reagan spoke about this very issue. President Reagan had been a Democrat all his life. He became a Republican, in his words, not because the parties were the same, but because they were different. In his 1975 address to Young Americans for Freedom, President – then a former governor – Reagan said, “Let’s have a new first party — a Republican Party — raising a banner of bold colors — no pale pastels — a banner instantly recognizable as standing for certain values which will NOT be compromised.”


For us, the Second Amendment is one of those certain values which will not be compromised. A Republican who compromises on this value is not worthy of being called a Republican! We’re tired of RINOs. We’re finished with going along to get along. We don’t want pale pastels. The time for Bold Colors is now.

On the Second Amendment, there is absolutely NO negotiation, NO compromise, NO “reasonable debate.” There is nothing to talk about! We did not start this war, but we will finish it!

The idiot lawmakers who started this spurred possibly the largest gun and ammo buying spree in our nation’s history. In six weeks, citizens nationwide bought enough guns to outfit the entire armies of China and India combined! Go to a state that respects our Second Amendment rights – like Pennsylvania for example – and walk into Cabela’s, Dick’s or Sports Authority. Where magazines and ammunition once were, you’ll find bare shelves. Obama and his band of socialists sent us a message. But, we have a message for them. It’s two words. Yeah, I know which two words you are thinking, but I won’t utter them today — though they certainly speak to my sentiment.

No, the two words I speak of are in Greek. In 480 BC – almost 2,500 years ago — King Xerxes of Persia marched an estimated 2 million men across the Hellespont to enslave Greece. King Leonidas of Sparta agreed to help stop the invading army. He sent 300 hand-picked troops to Thermopylae.

Leonidas and his 300 men knew they faced certain death. There, Xerxes sent an envoy and demanded that the Spartans surrender their weapons…and Leonidas responded with the two little words I speak of.

Those two words 2,300 years later would be translated to English and emblazoned on the Gonzalez Flag. This flag flew over San Antonio in 1835 when a tyrannical Mexican regime tried to disarm the Texans.

My fellow citizens, are you ready?

Are you ready to draw your lines in the sand?

Are you ready to hoist that Gonzalez Flag?

Hoist it high!









Come and take it!

From our cold, dead fingers!


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@AGUGrizzlies: #OpenLetter To Voting Members Of MO Republican Party 8th Congressional District Committee


Dear Voting Members of the Missouri Republican Party 8th Congressional District Committee,

American Grizzlies United is aware of your upcoming vote to nominate a candidate for the US House MO-9 vacancy on February 9th 2013. Our members were very active in the senate run for Sarah Steelman last year. We would like to humbly ask that you consider Steelman for the upcoming nomination vote.

We’re sure you’re feeling the tipping point in America just like millions of other concerned citizens. The issues, legislation, and fundamental transformation of our country that President Obama is preparing to unleash on the American people will be contentious and warlike. Each and every common sense conservative voice within the congress matters a great deal.

Sarah Steelman has a concrete record and is a solid reformer, which is exactly what the United States Congress needs more of if we are to win the battles and restore America.

American Grizzlies United is confident that Sarah Steelman can be trusted to not go along to get along, kick the can down the road, or wave the white flag of surrender to the many looming Obama battles. It takes a bold steel spine these days to stand up to the Obama machine, and Sarah Steelman has got one. We believe that Steelman’s record proves she can be trusted to take a stand for common sense constitutional conservative principles.

About Sarah Steelman:

Sarah Steelman is a lifelong Missourian. She lives in Rolla, Missouri with her husband David and their youngest son, Michael, who is a sophomore in high school. Their oldest son Sam is a recent graduate from Drury University (Springfield,) and is currently living and working in Springfield, Mo. Joe is 22 and finishing his last year at the University of Chicago. Her husband’s daughter, Amanda, lives in Springfield with her husband Taylor Moore and their little girl, Lily.

Sarah attended University of Missouri — Columbia and graduated with a Masters in Economics and a BA in History. She grew up in Jefferson City, Missouri and graduated from Jefferson City High School.

Sarah Steelman served as State Treasurer of Missouri from 2004 until 2008. As Missouri Treasurer Steelman was responsible for the management of more than $19 billion in Missouri’s annual revenue and managed the investment of over $3 billion in long- and short-term investments in the state’s portfolio. She started the first terror-free investment fund in the nation, which ensured that no taxpayer dollars were invested in terrorist sponsoring countries. Many other states have followed her lead in enacting similar policies.

As treasurer, Steelman served as chairman of the state’s Higher Education Savings Board, which administers the Missouri Saving for Tuition, or MOST program and as Chairman of the Missouri Housing Development Commission. She also served as a member of the Missouri State Employee Retirement System and the Board of Fund Commissioners that oversees issuance of debt instruments by the state. Steelman elected not to run again for State Treasurer and made an unsuccessful bid for Governor in 2008.

In 1998 and 2002, Steelman was elected to serve as the Senator for the 16th State Senatorial District. As a member of the State Senate, Steelman served as chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce and the Environment. She served as a member of the Senate Committee on Aging, Families, Mental and Public Health; a member of the Senate Committee on Education; and a member of the Senate Committee on Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight.

Steelman also served on the Missouri Consolidated Health Plan Board of Trustees; the Joint Task Force on Terrorism, Bio-Terrorism and Homeland Security; and the Joint Committee on Rules.

Previously, Steelman served as deputy director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources – Division of Geology and Land Survey.

Steelman also worked as an economist for the Department of Revenue and as an adjunct professor in economics at Lincoln University. She served as an investment broker and as the director of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program in Rolla, a not-for-profit organization that matches children in need of attention with volunteer mentors.

For the last few years Sarah has been active in grassroots politics. She is a board member on the Missouri Club for Growth. She is a contributor to FUJAH magazine. She also served as a consultant for Empowerment Financial Group and taught a political science class in leadership and public policy change at Missouri State University in their Executive in Residence program.

Sarah Steelman stands for honesty, integrity, and values. She will fight for America!

During the recent senate run, grassroots volunteers were very excited about Steelman and worked very hard to try to get her elected. Unfortunately, we did not win this battle. However, the grassroots enthusiasm for Sarah Steelman is still there and it can be used to win this seat in the special election if you could find it in your heart to use your vote to give her (and us) a chance to fight.

AGU is very proud of our volunteers and their success in the last two elections. In the 2010 election cycle we achieved a 67% success rate with our candidates, followed by a 66.2% success rate in the 2012 election.

We are ready to answer the call again and help Sarah Steelman win.

American Grizzlies United

Our work continues…

American Grizzlies United Website: http://americangrizzlies.com/

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@AGUGrizzlies: @NewtGingrich And @Snooki (NiC0LE P0LiZZi)

@AGUGrizzlies: @NewtGingrich And @Snooki (NiC0LE P0LiZZi)


On tuesday nights premiere of MTV’s Jersey Shore spin-off: Snooki and Jwow, NiC0LE P0LiZZi (this is how Snooki writes her name) showed her baby daddy (and fiancee) Jionni LaValle a gift that former Speaker Newt Gingrich gave them for their baby Lorenzo.

The gift was a toy stuffed elephant.

NiCoLE said to Jionni LaValle (via The Washington Examiner):

“‘Newt gave this to me,’ Snooki said holding up the toy. ‘Newt. That political guy. I met Newt Gingrich in L.A. and he got Lorenzo an elephant,’ she continued. LaValle just raised his eyebrows. ‘Ummm I have no idea who Newt is, I’ve never heard of him, but he’s sending my fiance gift (sic),’ LaValle stated. Snooki countered with this: ‘He like tried to run for president or something,’ she said. “He’s really cute though’.”

This is not NiCoLE’s first brush with common sense conservative politics. Ms. P0LiZZi has spoken out about the Snooki Tax (named after her) in the over reaching Obamacare Bill. The Snooki Tax puts a 10% tax on those who choose to use tanning salons. She even went so far as suggesting that perhaps the McCain/Palin ticket would have been better than the Obama/Biden ticket.

Ms. P0LiZZi on Obama/Biden, McCain/Palin and the Snooki Tax:

I don’t go tanning anymore because Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning. He did that because of us.”

“McCain would never put a 10 percent tax on tanning. Because he’s pale and he’d probably want to be tan.”

American Grizzlies United congratulates Speaker Gingrich for following the lead of Governor Sarah Palin (Sarah Palin’s Alaska, etc) and fearlessly diving into the world of pop culture.

And #Kudos to NiC0LE P0LiZZi for:

1) Choosing life.

2) For having the courage to think for herself, speak her own mind as a common sense individual, and not mindlessly follow the Obama worshipers in the Hollywood Nerd Herd of film and television. (For the record NiCoLE P0LiZZi is NOT a member of the Hollywood Nerd Herd)

Our Army of David’s must actively engage The Democrat Media Complex in the arena of pop culture. Common sense conservatives must be on the offense. Pop culture has been influencing American politics for quite some time. The radical left figured this out a long time ago, and to be perfectly honest, common sense conservatives have some catching up to do.

Thanks to Governor Sarah Palin and now Speaker Gingrich, common sense conservatives are catching up. We are catching up very quickly. Liberals no longer own pop culture. Common sense conservatism has infiltrated the arena and some battles have already been won. For years conservatives have ran from pop culture as some sort of danger. Now we need to follow the lead of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich (or any Marine) and run toward the danger.

Pop culture, the great influencer.

Our work continues…

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@AGUGrizzlies: Happy New Year From American Grizzlies United


New Years Day is an occasion of hope, renewal, and rebirth. Welcoming in the new year can be an awakening experience. As we step out of 2012 and step into 2013, we of course remember the things that brought both great sadness and great joy to America.

In 2013 we will have many important missions to achieve, and many difficult challenges to confront. With our trust in the powerful American spirit, and our conviction in a loving God, we can be certain our challenges will met. Because in His image, we were created to be free.

Let’s celebrate the new year and look forward with hope to the many opportunities for freedom it will bring.

Happy New Year From American Grizzlies United

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@AGUGrizzlies: Jamie Radtke (@JamieRadtke) Shreds #GOPe In Op Ed

@AGUGrizzlies: Jamie Radtke (@JamieRadtke) Shreds #GOPe In Op Ed


Many people know Jamie Radtke from her cameo appearance in Victory Film Groups The Undefeated. But Ms. Radtke is also known for taking a stand and fighting for common sense policies and fiscal sanity in her home state of Virginia.

Jamie Radtke fought a long and hard battle for the Virginia senate seat in last years GOP primary. Ms. Radtke knows first hand about the challenges a citizen candidate will face when she or he takes a stand against the #GOPe machine.

The current GOP establishment now encourages its members to basically surrender to Obama and his socialists Democrats for the sake of appearance and perception. Civility for the sake of civility, compromise for the sake of compromise, and bipartisan for the sake of bipartisan is the recipe of the #GOPe status quo.

In the current fiscal cliff debate, the Boehner run House GOP may have the numbers but they certainly don’t have the principles. This is a running theme in the #GOPe now.

The many activists who worked so hard to give the GOP victory in 2010 are now watching in horror as the party seems to have no spine, no fight, and no brawl for real solutions when dealing with Obama’s failed socialist policies.

Today Jamie Radtke took to the pages of the Richmond Times Dispatch to express her experience, her ideas, and her significant message on dealing with the nature of the beast in DC.

Radtke: GOP: the party that stands for nothing: CLICK HERE

While we are forced to live with the go along to get along politics of the #GOPe, we are very lucky to have fearless leaders like Jamie Radtke willing to take a stand for a return to common sense solutions.

American Grizzlies United believes that the Republican Party is on the brink of a historic reawakening that will lead our country to a better America for all citizens.

Jamie Radtke will be an important voice in the renewal, rebirth, and restoration of American greatness. Please take a moment to read Jamie’s Op-ed: HERE

American Grizzlies United Website: http://americangrizzlies.com/

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@AGUGrizzlies: Happy Thanksgiving From American Grizzlies United

We do not know the exact date of the first American Thanksgiving celebration, but we can be certain that this cherished custom is founded in our Judeo-Christian heritage.

After the battle of a long and difficult winter, the Pilgrims gathered with their new found Indian friends who had taught them so much about survival in the new land. Together, they gathered to celebrate, pray, and give thanks for the abundant harvest God had blessed them with.

Today we have much more to be truly thankful for than our Pilgrim mothers and fathers did. Americans are appreciative not only for our many blessings, but also for the boldness and fortitude of our Pilgrim predecessors. We can learn a lot from the fearless and courageous actions of the Pilgrims. It was their determination and backbone, guided by faith, that enabled them to get through the tough times. Our heroic Pilgrim predecessors forged ahead and fought together during a difficult period. They remained patient, unafraid, and perseverant through a dark perilous hour in America.

As we gather to celebrate with family and friends on this Thanksgiving, lets remember the full meaning of the day. This reflection can help us recommit the devotion to God and family that has played such a fundamental role in the making of this great country, and will be a much needed source of security and strength as we fight to remain a great people.

Happy Thanksgiving.

- American Grizzlies United

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