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Dr. Gina on SarahNET Radio: Wife Swap Differences About Citizen Engagement


Dr. Gina Loudon is the guest on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Loudon recently appeared on Wife Swap and as expected the liberal program attempted to make her look bad for being a conservative Christian, even though the other family consisted of a couple that shares a girlfriend. Dr. Gina tells Kevin why she went on the show and why she believes we must infiltrate pop culture just like Sarah Palin has suggested. Governor Palin is loaded for bear! A new SarahPAC video has been released. Plus Palin remembers a fallen hero and delivers messages for Passover and Good Friday. Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well.

Wife Swap Episode Featuring Loudons, Envys


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“We knew what were were signing up for,” Dr. Gina Loudon said about Wife Swap, an ABC reality show, she and her husband John participated in. According to the show’s producer, “In this new series, the mothers in two celebrity families with vastly diverse values switch homes (but not bedrooms) — embarking on a journey like no other and revealing the various ways some controversial celebrities live their lives.” Conservatives “need to take on the culture,” said Dr. Gina, co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor. “We need to be on the front lines of the culture conversation,” she said adding that John and her prayed long and hard before going on the show.

People Can See Through the Edits

“We knew there would be edits, but we also knew people would see through it,” Dr. Gina said. The comments on the show’s episode page appear to bear out her assertion. Despite portraying the polyamorous family with whom the Loudons were swapped as heroes and the Loudons as “right-wing extremist nuts,” comments toward the polyamorous Envy family are running highly negative. Dr. Gina said she could not discuss the reasons why the Loudons did not go to the round-table meeting that concludes the Wife Swap episodes, for contractual reasons but said she would divulge as much as possible on her own show throughout the week.

“I was thrown out,” she said. She used the “pearls before swine” analogy and continued, “sometimes you say what you have to say. It’s either falling on open minds and hearts…I wasn’t getting through…conservatives need to know when to say when and how to spend time wisely.”

Scholla said, “the guy they paired you with had all sorts of anger issues and called you all kinds of profane names. Him and his wife shared a girlfriend. I thought it was their daughter at first.” Indeed, many of the negative comments on the episode’s page are related to the polyamorous husband’s behavior toward Dr. Gina, and the women in his life — even among leftists who panned Dr. Gina and the Tea Party.

Rush Limbaugh on Dr. Gina’s Portrayal on Wife Swap

If we Don’t Take Risks, we are Certain to Lose

“I take Rush’s comparison of me to Gov. Palin as a compliment, but disagree with Rush about staying out of the culture. We need to engage. We might win, we might lose, but we have to take risks. We are certain to lose if we don’t do it,” Dr. Gina said. “They will always laugh and criticize conservatives….People are now talking about this who weren’t talking about politics before. I think that’s a good thing.”

Don’t Have to Compromise Conviction to be Compassionate

Dr. Gina said her quote “if you can’t defend your rights, you don’t have any rights” was quoted back to her at least a dozen times, so it’s resonating. “If you aren’t offending somebody, you aren’t saying anything,” she said. She harkened back to Pastor Rick Warren who said the following two statements are lies: “if you disagree with someone’s culture or lifestyle, you must fear or hate them,” and “to love means you agree with everything they believe or do.” Both are wrong, Dr. Gina said. “You don’t have to compromise conviction to be compassionate, and we can love people even if we disagree.”

Scholla noted that on the episode “saying anything about homosexuality was no good, but mocking Christ as a ‘comic book figure’ was just fine.” He continued that Mr. Envy — the wrestler husband — was shocked about Dr. Gina’s rules — “no one tells my kids what to do!” — but he signed up for that by doing the show. As part of Wife Swap, the swapped wives draw up rules for how the house runs during their stay there.

We Must Be Culture Warriors

Dr. Gina said there was a lot of editing on both sides. For instance, the polyamorous wife laughed at a lot of John Loudon’s jokes. The job of a reality show producer is to entertain, Dr. Gina said, not to be accurate. “We have to know that and not be afraid to laugh at ourselves.” She said it is not fair for Palinistas to compliment Gov. Palin for being a culture warrior and not be culture warriors ourselves.

Scholla said the narration of the show was dishonest — for instance the “inconsistencies” in Dr. Gina’s record and in John Loudon breaking a rule that was never broken. Dr. Gina said she thinks Mr. Envy was emotionally and mentally abusive — something the negative comments on the show’s page also extensively point to. “There were definite differences in how he runs his household and how I do,” she said. “John helps around the house, and I’m used to that.” Dr. Gina described her Wife Swap experience as being a culture clash. “No one seeks to live in an uncomfortable situation. That part of Reality TV is very real.”

Scholla also pointed out that the polyamorous wife who was paired with John Loudon barred all talk of religion and politics in the house. Mrs. Envy’s husband, meanwhile never voted in his life. “Not merely a low-information voter but a no-information voter,” Scholla said.

Differences About Citizen Engagement, Not Family Structure, Relationships

“When you are here and enjoying the freedoms — which by the way he (the polyamorous husband) was enjoying — because of this Constitution and the teeth it has because of the Second Amendment, it’s his obligation as a citizen to be involved…take part…and be able to speak about it in coherent terms,” Dr. Gina said.

She said the greatest difference between the two families was not family structure and relationships as the show led viewers to believe, rather it was the difference in attitudes toward civic involvement and engagement.

“To each his own. I respect the right for people to have freedom of religion, but you have to the responsibility to know where those freedoms are based. That’s what I was trying to get through about the Constitution and the Second Amendment. With that piece of paper, he has the freedoms he was trying to get me to condone. It’s not my business to condone it, but without the Second Amendment, that piece of paper has no teeth,” Dr. Gina said.

“The conversation became circular. Why was it okay to say ‘no’ to politics and religion but not okay to say ‘no’ to polygamy?” Dr. Gina asked, following up with, “Liberals will use this. We need to be prepared, not afraid.”

Scholla chuckled that Dr. Gina — who adopted a child with Down Syndrome — was called “evil” He said, “Dr. Gina kept her cool and didn’t flinch, while the wrestler dude screamed at a woman.” He said Dr. Gina was very “Palinesque.”

Change Happens When Lives Touch, People Communicate

Dr. Gina said she did not get to the meet either Mrs. Envy or the girlfriend. “I wish those women all the best. I saw some changes were made. It always happens when lives touch and people communicate.”

No Issue is an Island

Scholla asked when gay marriage suddenly became the most important issue. Dr. Gina said no issue can be isolated — ultimately, they are all inter-related. Gay marriage has economic implications. So does abortion, especially when taxpayer funding is involved.

“Sarah Palin has illustrated how we can engage the culture,” Dr. Gina said, adding that Reality TV is a “fertile battleground,” in which to do that and “we have an obligation to fight.

Steel Resolve: Politics, Supreme Court Decisions Doth Make Strange Bedfellows

“Politics makes strange bedfellows as they say and sometimes so does the Supreme Court justices,” Sarah Steelman said as she opened her Steel Resolve segment. “Thankfully, there are conservatives who still believe in protecting our Fourth Amendment rights. The Supreme Court correctly ruled this week that using a drug sniffing police dog on a suspect’s property without a warrant violates the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches.”

Steelman continued, “Scalia was joined in the majority by Justices Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer all dissented. The ruling said there is an expectation of privacy in your home and police officers can’t bring a trained drug sniffing dog to your front door. They have to obtain a warrant first.”

“‘When it comes to the Fourth amendment the home is first among equals,’ Justice Scalia wrote. This right would be of little practical value if the states agents could stand at a home’s front porch or side garden and trawl for evidence with impunity which is what the Miami-Dade police force were doing in this case with trained dogs.” She concluded, “it is good to say that at least two conservatives Justices Thomas and Scalia were not afraid to join with the liberals on the court when it comes to protecting the Bill of Rights. Like I said, sometimes politics or Supreme Court decisions make strange bedfellows.”

Complete Audio Transcript of Interview with Dr. Gina Loudon

Complete Downloadable Transcript of Interview with Dr. Gina Loudon

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Dr. Gina Loudon Tidbits on Wife Swap — April 1, 2013

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SarahNET Radio: “Bullies” Author Discusses Left’s Politics of Personal Destruction

SarahNET Radio: “Bullies” Author Discusses Left’s Politics of Personal Destruction


Ben Shapiro stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! The author of the red hot new book Bullies: How The Left’s Culture Of Fear And Intimidation Silences America talks to Kevin about the despicable tactics the Left uses to bring down good people and advance a radical agenda. Shapiro explores the reasons why Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin are consistent targets. Learn what has to happen for freedom loving Americans to counter Obama, the media, and the tactics of intimidation leveled at anyone who disagrees with liberalism. Plus Shapiro addresses Colin Powell’s feckless attacks on Conservatism. Also, Senator Ted Cruz publicly thanks Governor Palin, her supporters, and SarahPAC. Plus Chuck Heath Jr. mulls over the possibility of a third party solution and Kevin Scholla visits a liberal talk show. SarahNET Radio’s Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well.

Counter-Attacks to Leftist Smears

Shapiro said the most common leftist tactic is to label conservatives as “racist,” “homophobic,” or “sexist.” Colin Powell — who was appointed by a Republican — has gone on record as saying those who don’t support Obama and his leftist policies are “racist.” Shapiro said the biggest mistake we can make is conceding that these people are somehow “reasonable,” while they portray us as “scum of the earth.” Romney portrayed Obama as a well-meaning but incompetent President, while Obama characterized Romney as an evil man who hates poor people. People would rather vote for someone incompetent than evil. Shapiro said when debating leftists, we must call out their tactics up front and give them no quarter. He said some like Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan only want to demagogue issues and they are are not deserving of civility, because they are uncivil. Demagogues cannot be reasoned with, he said.

The left traffics in fear. For instance, if you support the Second Amendment, they’ll say you do not care about the children who were shot last month in Newtown, Connecticut. They played the race card to the hilt in the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman, who is Hispanic — and ironically an Obama voter — was labeled “white” — to turn a normal self-defense case into a major race issue, in which Obama interfered. Shapiro said some leftists play the race, gender, and sexual orientation cards, because they know it is an Alinsky tactic that works. Many actually believe it. Shapiro said liberalism is about “feeling good,” and feeling “morally superior.”

“It is time to punch back twice as hard,” Shapiro said, adding that we need more candidates like Gov. Palin and Ted Cruz who speak the truth up front. Presenting someone like Obama as a “nice guy” was not the way to go for Romney and McCain before him.

Shapiro said the hatred rained upon Gov. Palin and her family by the left is rooted in leftist ideology. The left sees itself as standing up for “victimized groups”: women, minorities, gays, etc., therefore anyone who opposes leftist ideology must hate these groups. Someone like Gov. Palin — a conservative woman — flies in the face of leftist ideology and forces leftists to actually discuss the issues. They can’t demonize her as someone who hates women, so she poses a real threat to them. “Anyone who is a member of a ‘victimized group’ who disagrees with the left is at the top of the left’s hit list and they’re demonized as evil,” Shapiro said.

He said the media is the worst, because “at least politicians have a ‘D’ after their name,” but the media “pretends to be objective.” Shapiro said the media creates an Orwellian world where they pretend to be objective and hold conservatives out to be “dishonest.” He praised Gov. Palin for calling out the leftism of hosts such as George Stephanopoulos, and said he uses the same tactic himself.

Shapiro worked with Andrew Breitbart and he said the late Breitbart would have loved his book, because “he devoted his life to fighting bullies.” He said, when handling the left, we need to understand that “we did not pick the fight, but we’re going to end it.”

Shapiro expressed his gratitude to the Palins for promoting his book and giving away copies. He said he was a big fan.

Steel Resolve: Now…the Debt Ceiling

Sarah Steelman said Obama refuses to negotiate with Congress about the debt ceiling, yet this is the “time to be passing significant spending cuts and / or a balanced budget.” She said “Standard and Poors has already downgraded our debt, because Congress will not deal with long-term debt reduction.” Obama is blaming the downgrade on not raising the debt ceiling. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” Now, Moody’s may also downgrade our debt. Steelman quoting Moodys, said, “negotiations should lead to specific policies that result in a stabilization, and then a downward trend in the ratio of federal debt to the size of the economy over the medium term.” She concluded, “we the people must demand that Congress not raise the debt ceiling unless a balanced budget is passed with a cap on the size of government. This is the only way we will get our country headed back in the right direction and our fiscal house in order.”

Complete Audio Transcript of Interview with Ben Shapiro

Downloadable Audio Transcript of Interview with Ben Shapiro

Listen anywhere, anytime. Download this audio to your device.

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SarahPAC: Help us Fire Obama!

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

You’ve been a loyal SarahPAC supporter and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

But now with so much at stake in this critical Election year, I have just one question for you:

Will you help us finish what we started in 2010?

You were part of the original Tea Party movement.

You joined Gov. Palin in telling Barack Obama that we didn’t want him to “fundamentally change” the America we love.

But now in 2012 we’ve got some unfinished business on our hands, and it’s clear what we need to do:

  1. Defeat Barack Obama.
  2. Win the U.S. Senate.

Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America is destroying everything that made our country great.

If he and his class-warfare cronies in the Senate aren’t defeated, there will be no end to their regulating, spending, printing and borrowing.

If we want to save our country, then we must change the team and the game plan in this crucial 2012 election.

In fact, if we don’t win this election, I predict that our nation will never recover.

We will go the way of other broken, failed governments.

I don’t want my children and grandchildren working the rest of their lives just to pay off Obama’s debts. And I’m willing to bet you don’t either.

So I’m asking you to join us in finishing the job today.

Will you help Gov. Palin prove that the Tea Party movement isn’t simply a political fad… it’s an American awakening!

And it’s coming from ordinary Americans who understand that reclaiming our America means repealing ObamaCare. Upholding the Tenth Amendment. Reining in overregulation. Canceling Obama’s unused stimulus money. Eliminating all federal corporate income tax, corporate welfare, and loopholes.

And tapping into our abundant American energy resources – oil, natural gas and clean coal – to free us from dependency on foreign dictators!

This is the kind of sudden and relentless reform in Washington we must have if we are going to defend the future of our families and our nation.

Now is our chance to grab the bull by the horns.

The media elites are predicting that the Tea Party isn’t going to be a difference maker in this Election.

As usual, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Our Tea Party friends are telling us that they’re even more excited about this Election than they were in 2010…

…because this November we have a chance to fire Barack Obama!

State by state, district by district – by bus, by plane, on the stump – you can count on Gov. Palin to do everything in her power to elect candidates who share our vision for America.

Will you continue to support our SarahPAC Revolution and help elect pro-family, pro-America patriots who share our beliefs to Congress?

Thank you for helping us save the America we know and love!

Tim Crawford
Treasurer, SarahPAC

P.S. Our victory in 2010 may have slowed the Obama liberals down. But it hasn’t stopped them. Our chance to finish the job is finally here. We have our work cut out for us – but together we can make it happen!

Paid for by SarahPAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

P.O. Box 7711
Arlington, VA 22207

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AGU: An Open Letter to Coco Lederhosen (@conor64)


Dear Mr. Lederhosen,

Your readers trust you. For all their cynicism about politics, they believe that you’re different: not just another Venice Beach know-it-all with odd Bohemian ideas and a commitment to misinforming regular Americans. You’ve used that trust to ask homemakers, retirees and small businessmen and women to believe the obsessive nonsense and Obama propaganda you write.

Last summer when The Undefeated opened you deliberately misinformed your readers with an article about the film opening to empty theaters.


On a per screen basis citizen activism helped The Undefeated hold it’s own against Harry Potter, The Transformers, and Winnie the Pooh.

Even the Los Angeles Times was so impressed by the ability to use practically no marketing money, they conceded:

This is a new model that is going to benefit the entire entertainment industry and audiences who want to see unique products

But this isn’t how you informed your trusted readers.

You wrote an article bragging that you spent the evening peeping on two teenagers making out in the back of an empty theater.

Only at the very end of your article did you inform your readers that this was a special midnight showing of the film prior to opening day.

Sure, you’ve written slightly true articles in the past. But you deliberately continue to mis-inform your trusted readers with half truths, distortions, and intentional perversions of reality.

Why would any reader trust you as a steward of honest information again?

Every single SarahPAC video is 100% related to fresh ideas and issues.

These fresh ideas and issue’s have inspired thousands of Americans to get involved in the political process and bring about real change.

In the 2010 election cycle alone concerned citizen activists inspired by Sarah Palin and the efforts of SarahPAC brought victory to over 67% of Governor Palin’s endorsed candidates.

Some of these include: 1 Secretary of State, 2 Attorney’s General, 6 Senators, 7 Governors, and 37 House Representatives.

That’s real change and that is why ordinary every day Americans are inspired by and donate to SarahPAC.

You lied to your readers by telling them that Sarah Palin went to Disney World on the donors dime. Failing to mention that Governor Palin was at the resort raising in excess of $900K for the Florida GOP (pretty impressive in a non election year) is misleading, dishonest, and deceptive to your readers.

FYI: with only $967.34 for lodging, that is a 1000% return on investment.

That is the truth. But you don’t seem to care about truth when it comes to your readers.

Did you think you’d get away with this just because the liberal media is curiously silent when unpopular movement writers shamelessly fleece the rank and file?

For the sake of your readers, please do not reply in writing.


Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United

American Grizzlies United Website: http://americangrizzlies.com/

Follow AGU on Twitter: @AGUGrizzlies

Follow O4P on Twitter: @O4Palin

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REMINDER: “The Undefeated” Television Premiere on Reelz

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

We are reminding you that “The Undefeated” will make its network television premiere on REELZ on Sunday, March 11 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. “The Undefeated” chronicles the rise from obscurity to national prominence of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Encore Presentations for “The Undefeated” on REELZ:

  • Monday, March 12 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT
  • Sunday, March 25 at 5:30pm ET/ 2:30pm PT

Please tune in to see the real Sarah Palin story. Check your local cable or Satellite provider for the REELZ network. Thanks so much for your continued support of Governor Palin.

For more information, please click here.



Paid for by SarahPAC
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Governor Palin’s Speech at CPAC


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivers the closing keynote speech at CPAC on February 11, 2012. This standard definition video is provided by SarahPAC.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

As published at SarahPAC: Governor Palin’s Speech at CPAC

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New SarahPAC Video: Always Proud


SarahPAC released a new video today as a tie in to the announcement that the One Nation Tour will be restarting soon.

Per SarahPAC’s email:

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

We are very happy to jump back on the bus for another leg of our “One Nation Tour”! We accept with gratefulness an invitation to meet folks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines this week. The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by highlighting our nation’s heart, history, and founding principles.

In a grossly weakened economy – especially when recovery is thwarted by today’s Obamanomics – prudent Americans make sensible decisions to live within their means. This includes seeking affordable participation in more community events, local patriotic parades, and traditional all-American venues like state fairs. State fairs hold a special place in our nation’s history and heritage, so my family is honored to highlight one of them on one stop along the One Nation Tour route – America’s historic Iowa State Fair! (I’m also excited to try some of that famous fried butter-on-a-stick, fried cheesecake-on-a-stick, fried twinkies, etc. I’ll enjoy them in honor of those who’d rather make us just “eat our peas”!)

Unlike next week’s Obama Bus Tour, taxpayers aren’t funding our tour, which is why we so appreciate your support in allowing us to be out there on the open road to visit with you to highlight small towns, big-hearted people, and the important role they play in our most exceptional nation.

You can participate with support for the “One Nation Tour” through SarahPAC.com and following virtually by bookmarking the SarahPAC website. We’ll have updates from the road as our Constitution-draped bus travels to shine a spotlight on more of our nation’s fine history. Watch this video and let the American road inspire you!

Thank you for your continued support of SarahPAC. Let’s stay committed to the worthy cause – restoring all that is good and strong and free in America!

Thank you sincerely,
Sarah Palin

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