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Gov. Palin: Watch Greta Van Susteren Video about Sudan


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Take a look at this video from Greta van Susteren about Sudan. We need to appreciate faith-based private charities like Samaritan’s Purse that offer hope. They continue to engage in tough, thankless tasks to provide for those who face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Thank God for these charitable people who have such big hearts to serve, and remember we can all help by contributing time and money to worthy private organizations that successfully help mankind.

— Sarah Palin

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin/posts/10151690713003588.

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Gov. Palin: Bill Maher free to attack me, but not my child


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Bill Maher is free to attack me, but not my child, nor other innocent, beautiful people. And I’m not a Word Policeman, but when President Obama mocked people with special needs who participate in the Special Olympics, his words cut through the heart and reminded me how powerful mocking words are when aimed at the innocent.

— Sarah Palin

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin/posts/10151680499473588.

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On-Location Exclusive: Gov. Palin visits RV at Fox & Friends


NEW YORK, NY — Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today visited an RV in a brief outdoor segment at the close of today’s Fox & Friends segment, which was her premiere show since re-joining the network. She greeted two Alaskans, one from her hometown of Wasilla and the other from Skagway. Gov. Palin greeted me at the 59-second mark in the video. After she toured the RV, Gov. Palin returned to the studio to broadcast an internet after-show.

See the US for Palin Fox & Friends Pinterest Board for all videos and photos pertinent to today’s Fox and Friends segment.

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Palin to NRA: ‘Our leaders are in it for themselves, not the American people’


By Kevin Scholla

Sarah Palin NRA 2013 photo sarah-palin-nra-2013_zps2b9ef601.jpg

Gov. Palin waves to crowd just prior to speaking at NRA Annual Meeting in Houston. (Adrees Latif/Reuters)

The National Rifle Association has been vilified by a slanted media. The law abiding, patriotic group has been painted as the bad guy on the heels of Sandy Hook and other acts of violence. Leftist politicians have lied about the NRA and they’ve exploited children every step of the way to create a false narrative. If any group needed a boost it is the NRA. Well, that boost came in a big way Friday afternoon in Texas, grizzly style. The NRA’s annual convention kicked off in Houston and Governor Sarah Palin, who has fought for our Second Amendment like no one else, addressed the massive crowd.

This year’s NRA theme is “Stand and Fight”. How appropriate. Governor Palin has stood her ground against the attacks and has fought for gun owners without wavering.

SarahNET Radio was on hand for Palin’s remarks which led of with a well received “We are fighting the fight!”.

“Leaders are in it for themselves not for the American people,” Palin said wearing a ‘Women Hunt’ T-shirt. “Emotion is not leadership.” Palin gave a voice to what commonsense citizens have been thinking.

Palin pointed out that the same media that buried George W. Bush serves as a cheerleader for Barack Obama, who according to Palin “wrote the book on exploiting tragedy.”

Along with Obama, Palin also called out Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Dianne Feinstein for using unethical tactics. “It’s not just self serving,” Palin said. “It’s destructive and it must stop.”

Showing once again that she can use props to effectively deliver a message better than Carrot Top, Governor Palin whipped out a tin of smokeless tobacco when addressing the hypocrisy of New York City Mayor Bloomberg who wants it to be illegal to display legal tobacco products. The move was met with laughs and cheers, similar to the response the. Palin Big Gulp received at CPAC earlier this year. She joked that she swiped the dip from Todd. On Bloomberg Palin said he’s “bitterly clinging to the notion that government must control the people.”

Palin quoted John Adams and Maragert Thatcher and told the crowd we can learn lessons of freedom from them.

Things turned ultra-serious when Palin used the Kermit Gosnell case as an example of how sorely we lack integrity in the media. The Governor said there’s been nothing but silence while this “monstrous mass murderer” butched babies.

The battle for the Second Amendment is personal to Governor Palin. “This fight is about what kind of people we are,” Palin said. She added that she wants her son Trig to grow up in an exceptional country. The Second Amendment is a necessary component.

There’s no mistake about the heart and spirit of those who hold our Second Amendment dear. What drives Governor Palin is equally clear. “What keeps us reloading in this fight is the faces I see here today,” Palin said. “I love you guys.”

Governor Palin closed out her optimistic speech while those in attendance cheered and clapped. “Keep the faith,” Palin implored. “Stand up for our freedoms. God bless you all. God bless the United States of America”

Just weeks ago the liberal Toomey-Manchin gun control bill was shot down and then Friday, Sarah Palin assured us that we will continue to battle anyone who tries to pick apart our sacred right to bear arms. Great news for the NRA. Great news for liberty. Great news for America.

Cindy Cassidy contributed to this article.

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Not for Turning


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin/posts/172364976254381.

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Gov. Palin: Here’s a Feel Good Story from Wasilla High

Gov. Palin: Here’s a Feel Good Story from Wasilla High

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Here’s a feel good story from Wasilla High. Glacier is the son of my friend Jana. We were both pregnant at the same time when we worked together at City Hall when I was mayor and she worked in Parks & Recreation. My daughter Willow and her son Glacier were born just a few days apart. And a few days after Glacier was born, Jana told me he had Down syndrome. I didn’t even know what to say, nor could I imagine what life would be like for her. All I could say was God knew what He was doing when Glacier became part of her life. She grinned and agreed, and she has been an inspiration to me ever since. And now all these years later, our Wasilla Warriors just elected Glacier Prom King!


Click graphic to open video in new window.

Wasilla High School Prom Royalty

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin/posts/510050222385111.

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@AGUGrizzlies: The Return of Speaker @NancyPelosi #OhNoHeDidnt


The Democrats first concern in the 2014 midterms is regaining the House.

Therefore, lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama did some fundraising for his fellow comrades Democrats on Wednesday.

Yesterday, on the planet known as San Francisco in the quaint, moral, and totally normal city of San Francisco, lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama said:

I would love nothing better than an effective, loyal opposition that is willing to meet us halfway and move the country forward

But, I would be dishonest if I didn’t say that it would be a whole lot easier to govern if I had Nancy Pelosi as speaker.”

#OhNoHeDidnt !!!


As we all know: Nancy Pelosi is a Ding Bat

If the thought of Nancy Pelosi Part Deux makes you want to throw up a little in your mouth, we suggest that you register immediately with American Grizzlies United so something can be done to avoid this horrible situation from ever ever ever happening.

Get Involved


Since we seem to live in a country of perpetual election cycles there is no time like the present for offering up your name in service to help with our AGU ground teams in 2014.

American Grizzlies United believes that the 2014 election cycle will be even bigger than the 2010 election cycle.

Even with the low enthusiasm in the 2012 election cycle AGU managed to beat Karl Rove!

American Grizzlies United Roar! 66.2% Endorsement Success

Vs Karl Rove’s 1%

Let’s really come together now and get ready to send Common Sense, Constitutional Conservatives to DC to replace those who are not serving us well. (And to prevent Dingbat Part Deux)

Our work continues.

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@DrGinaLoudon Infiltrates Pop Culture On #WifeSwap, Turns Hollywood Nerd Herd Golden Calf to Holy Cow


The Hollywood Nerd Herd is flipping out. Their once sacred cow (golden calf?) of Pop Culture domination is under attack. The Hollywood Nerd Herd‘s golden calf is going up in smoke, being ground to a pulp, and being shoved down their self righteous throat.

Guess what? They don’t like it.

Hour by hour The Hollywood Nerd Herd uses television and Pop Culture to it’s full capacity. On a daily basis our society and national narratives are shaped via Pop Culture through televisions profound, though often times subtle, political detail.

Pop Culture is upstream of politics. If the permanent political class within the Democrat Media Complex thinks Common Sense, Constitutional Americans are going to fall in line, and let them solely control the world of Pop Culture, they are in for a big surprise.

Many conservatives are now boldly infiltrating the world of Pop Culture. We are no longer afraid of being called:

RAAACIST, Crazy, Dumb, Homophobic, Dangerous, Mean

By infiltrating Pop Culture, Dr. Gina Loudon and her husband former state senator John Loudon recently turned The Hollywood Nerd Herd‘s Golden Calf into a Holy Cow.

The Loudon’s courageously threw themselves into the Lions Den by fearlessly appearing on an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap…It doesn’t stop there.

The Loudons

The Producers of Celebrity Wife Swap decided to pair up the Conservative Christian Loudon Family with…wait for it…a POLYAMOROUS FAMILY.

Yes you are reading this correctly. Dr. Gina Loudon and her husband John Loudon had to swap lives for one week with a harem family consisting of one husband and several wives.

Of course The Hollywood Nerd Herd and the LSM will try to portray The Loudon’s as an oddity (read: Crazy Christians). The Hollywood Nerd Herd is counting on most Americans not being able to see through clever editing tricks, and unseen footage. The Hollywood Nerd Herd thinks most Americans are stupid and easily manipulated.

It will be interesting to see how The Hollywood Nerd Herd attempts to sugar coat and condone polygamy to make the normal loving Loudon family into the crazy Christians.

ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap airs Thursday March 28.

Here is Doc G’s response to her experience on Pop Culture infiltration.

Our work continues.


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Gov Palin at CPAC: Never Before Challenges So Big, Leaders So Small

Dispatch filed by Kevin Scholla, Pennsylvania State Coordinator, American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin, who was on location.

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — On the day before St. Patrick’s Day, Sarah Palin again demonstrated just how lucky we are to have her leading the fight for liberty. Speaking at CPAC 2013, former Alaska Governor Palin wowed a packed ballroom in Maryland defending freedom and touching on the issues conservatives and freedom loving Americans care so much about.

Gov. Palin said blaming guns and bullets for crimes in like saying “that fork made me fat.”

On background checks, Palin said to President Obama “we should’ve started with yours.”

She welcomed the left-wing media members saying they had the right to be in attendance.

Palin called out scripted politicians on both sides of the aisle. She challenged the GOP saying “We’re not here to re-brand the party, we’re here to rebuild the country.”

She said Obama is considered a good politician, which is like saying “Bernie Madoff was a good salesman.”

Palin hammered away at Obama’s lackluster record by highlighting the high prices of everything from gasoline to diapers.

The Governor didn’t mince words when commenting on Obama’s promise to be transparent. “Barack Obama, you lie,” said Palin.

Palin called on Obama to “Step away from the teleprompter and do your job!”

Palin mentioned Margaret Thatcher in her speech and encouraged Americans to keep faith. She defended our Constitution and our Second Amendment.

While waxing poetic about Christmas, Palin quipped that Todd got the rifle and “I got the rack.”

Perhaps the loudest cheers came when Palin whipped out a Big Gulp filled with soda pop. A clear shot at Mike “Nanny” Bloomberg and his failed attempt to ban large sugary drinks in New York City.

Palin told College Republicans to be “thinkin’ Sam Adams, not drinkin’ Sam Adams.”

The Governor called on CPAC attendees to leave no American behind and to share our message with all.

Palin said it’s time to put race and titles away. “There are only American issues,” she explained.

Palin blasted Karl Rove with a comment about not needing “architects”.

She told Washington politicians to get over themselves. “It’s not about you,” Palin said.

She touched on the drones issue and ripped Obama for canceling White House tours.

“If we have faith in We the People,” Palin told the crowd we will save our country.

As usual Palin spoke with passion, common sense, humor, and patriotism.

When Palin was initially introduced, Senator Ted Cruz, the keynote speaker for CPAC 2013, came out instead to say a few words about her. He drew laughs and applause when he said Palin drives the Left “batcrap crazy”.

The ballroom had a rock concert feel to it, as Palin’s comments were met with raucous cheers and enthusiastic chants. Governor Palin received multiple standing ovations during her remarks. Today’s speech from Governor Palin serves as yet another example of just how relevant and important she is in the conservative movement. Liberals are shuddering everywhere. The Mama Grizzly is alive and well and it appears her loudest roar is yet to come.

71 Frame Grabs by Ron Devito








































































Complete Video Transcript of Gov. Palin’s CPAC Address

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Gov Palin to Speak at CPAC 2013

Gov Palin to Speak at CPAC 2013


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will speak at this year’s CPAC gathering March 14 through 16, the American Conservative Union announced today in a press release. “We are pleased to again welcome Governor Sarah Palin to CPAC in March,” said ACU Chairman Al Cardenas. “Governor Palin electrified the crowd in 2012 and we are thrilled to welcome her back this year.”

Gov. Palin was the closing keynote speaker last year and she also received the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute’s 2012 Woman of the Year Award two hours prior to her speech.

H/T OP Ditch, Vets4Sarah for story lead.

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